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Screencaps from PERSONA5 the Animation Teaser PV

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6) click “open in openvpn”
7) under autologin file click “+”
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10) enjoy the pv

it works on my iphone so it should work for everyone, any problem let me know!

Slow Damage: Teaser PV Text Decode

I took some time to decode the words in the Slow Damage Teaser PV which I presume they are hints of characterizations and context so sharing here just for reference when the real thing is released :3

Character 1

・透かし見る面影: transparent shadow; possibly mask, thin layer of deception.
・消し去れない罪: Sins/Guilt that will never be erasable.
・ただひたすらに隠す:[to] hide [something] in a rush.
・深き慈愛:Profound affection.
・まごうことなき憐憫:Unconditioned mercy.
・破かれる沉默:Disturbed silence.
・絡めとられる決意:Determination to be involved [most likely with protagonist].
・拭えない嫌悪感:A sense of disgust that cannot be wiped out.
・憂鬱に沈む:Sink in melancholy/depression

Character 2

・抑えきれない衝動:Unrestrained impulse.
・暴かない快感:Pleasure on the loose; unstoppable pleasure.
・果てなき暴力:Endless violence.
・突き詰めて改造:Build & Rebuild.
・秘められた芸術性:Hidden aesthetic.

Character 3

・着る:Wear; to put on.
・自分ではない皮:Skin that doesn’t belong to one; or not being self.
・消された過去:A past that will not disappear/not erasable.
・演じる事実:A fake/acted out truth.
・徹底対峙:Thorough confrontation.
・自覚せぬ同族嫌悪:Unnoticed hatred towards own tribe/family.
・途切れぬ執念:Continuous obsession.
・血への憎悪:Hatred towards [own/someone else’s] blood.

> “I want you to save me.” OR “Do you want to be saved?” (I need the context to know what this really means ;;)

「誰に」: By who?
「俺に?」: By me?

It looks like we’re in a bloody, twisted, undoubtedly slowly damaging ride with N+C once again~! Also, I need to know more about the protagonist already, at least the name :’)


“I need help" 

"Whose help?" 

"My own?”

Slow Damage Teaser PV


Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card-hen TV anime teaser PV. Premieres January 7th, 2018.