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Well, it’s nearly 0200 here and after much troubleshooting, installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling, it seems my Intuos has finally become obsolete. As a result, I can’t do any digital art until I scrounge up a replacement. It had a good run though! Almost 10 years! 

That being said, here’s a composite of a bunch of the art I’ve been doodlin’ up during the last few months while moving and training. Teaser panels for upcoming SVI updates, sticker designs for the upcoming convention, and a sketch of Morette just for fun.

With moving having sapped my budget for the near term, I’m finally going to open up donations for anyone who wants to offset the cost of a new Intuos Tablet. I even added a link to the main blog page for it! Will see about setting up some kind of video-based pencil art stream tomorrow afternoon as well to gin up more contributions. Recieved enough to cover half the cost of the tablet! Thanks so much everyone!


a cargo boat crashed up on the rocks next to the city. its contents spilled into the frozen waters, there seemed to be no one to retrieve them. 



I was delivered this really cool invitation to the launch event of the new webseries “V. Morgan is Dead” brought to us by SmokeBomb & Shift2, and I am really intrigued and excited!

Watch the teaser trailer of V.Morgan is Dead 

More information about the show

I don’t know more than any of you, but I can’t wait to see the first episodes!

The Black Cube of Darkness

I’m soooooo excited for this Monday the 16th’s Wander Over Yonder episode “The Black Cube” that I needed to post a couple of teaser storyboard panels.  This episode was written by Wander’s amazing story editor Frank Angones @suspendersofdisbelief and based off a song by the equally amazing Andy Bean @noveltymusicservices.  Opportunities like this episode don’t come along very often and I hope everyone likes it even an once as much as I loved working on it!  


Hey tumblr~!

WHOA! Look at these teaser panels for issue 4!

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday and the new year is treating you well! 

Issue four of Zodiac Starforce is OFFICIALLY wrapped and will be released in February! Thank you for all your patience on this issue. I promise it’s worth it. It’s SO GOOD! 

I will keep everyone updated about pre-orders and previews! I can’t wait for you all to read it!

Also don’t forget the compiled trade paper back is available for pre-order on amazon! The extras in the book are like a whole other book. It’s going to be incredible!  

Your support means the world to us. Keep spreading the word and love of Zodiac Starforce all over the galaxy! 



Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Between kicking absolute butt in my classes, hittin the gym, and playing Overwatch with friends, haven’t had much time or motivation to work on SVI. I’ve got the next part aaaaalmost complete, will try to finish it tomorrow after work and move onto part 42, which should be a lot of fun. 

In the meantime, here’s a completed panel teaser for those of you who haven’t already seen it in the Watch Me Work stream!


Battle for Zendikar.

October 2.

This year.


“Setlock_official” on instagram is a fan-account!

Even if they claim to have “official information”, just look at their pictures (a blurry pic of BC and a stroller… really?). This is just a fan account that keeps their posts ambigous to make them look like official annoucements, which they are not.

There is a reasonable probability that they will show some sort of teaser at the Sherlock panel on San Diego Comic Con on July 9th, because they did it in 2013 with TSoT. This is a fandom theory. And that is what sherlock_official bases their “announcements” on - nothing more.

Robo!STEEEB is feeling a little unsure of himself after that glitch from the last teaser panel. A glitch that was triggered by what he thought sounded like muffled / distant screams.

I decided it might be neat if their H.U.D.s displayed sound waves anytime they spoke out loud. I dunno how accurate my sound waves are, but I tried.

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