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EXO-CBX - ‘GIRLS’ Album Teaser Medley



#VIXX 4th Mini Album #桃源境 (#도원경)
‘Highlight Medley’
#VIXX_桃源境 #빅스_도원경


Teaser ->  All songs “Eclipse” album. 


✻ EXO-CBX Japan Debut -Mini Album ‘GIRLS’ Teaser Medley



LABOUM(라붐) 2nd MINI ALBUM “MISS THIS KISS” Highlight medley


Purple Highlight Medley

Okay, so the teasers won’t be released at 12PM KST. I personally thought they would be because that’s the only way you could release all 13 individual teaser before the 22nd. 

What I speculate is that at 12AM KST, the next member’s teaser will be released, alongside the 3rd member. That’s the only way to ensure all 13 individual teasers is released by the date of the comeback ((with a few days to spare for highlight medley and mv teasers)).

Which means that starting 12 May midnight (KST), teasers for two (2) members will be released instead of just one (1). This will continue for the following days until the individual teasers for all 13 members has been released and then, the other teasers like the highlight medley and such will follow suit.

The comeback date is 22nd May (KST) but I’m still not sure if it’s midnight or midday because there’s been changes in the music chart system recently. To make sure the album get charted, the album might be released during the day ((around 12-6PM KST)).

- Admin Leen

List and Links to Completed Fics, Volume 2

As always, warnings apply. Happy reading!


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A Dream Within a Dream - Teaser Chapter

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유키스(U-KISS) 11th mini album ‘STALKER’_highlight medley



when are only13 going to realize that Super Junior hates them?

their chanting has ruined performances. Siwon has told them to shut up. Leeteuk has made his feelings pretty clear. Donghae and Eunhyuk intentionally included him, of all members, in their solo efforts. When they got to design their own super show, who did they feature heavily? Henry and Zhou Mi. and Heechul? he can and will rip you apart.

face it. not only are you ugly little warts with no real priorities, but the people you’re so obsessed with can’t even stand you. they loathe you. and the fandom is better off without you.

( and why is it ok to hear a bit of a song in a teaser medley, but not the background of a fancam? especially when most of us have watched it on youtube???)

[LYRICS/TRANS] BAP :: First Sensibility Medley Teaser

Please do not repost the translations (including on Twitter) or translate without permission!
I just wrote down the parts for the English as well. o3o

1. B.A.P

May I have your attention please?
The king is back!

2. 1004 (Angel)

어디론가 나를 떠나버린 천사 같은 너
I need you

You’re like an angel that’s left me.
I need you.

3. 쉽죠 (Easy)

너를 잊을 거란 말은 너무 쉽죠
너를 잊을 거는 내가 너무 밉죠

It’s easy for me to say that I’ll forget you.
I hate the thought of forgetting you.

4. SPY

이제부터 딴 데 보지마 
오늘 밤은 난 너의 S P Y

Don’t look anywhere else now.
Tonight I’m your S P Y.

5. Check On

To all my brothers, check on!
To all my ladies, check on!
You know what it is.

6. Shady Lady

Oh, shady lady lady lady.
신경 안 써도 꾸미지 않아도 예뻐

Oh, shady lady lady lady.
You’re pretty even if you don’t pay attention or dress up.

7. Lovesick

난 너 없이 You’re my lovesick
니가 없어서 난 oh

Without you, you’re my lovesickness.
Without you, I… oh.

8. Bang x2

Bang x2 다 뛰어봐
Bang x2 다 미쳐봐
Bang x2 we gon party hard
Bang x2 다 Bang x2
Bang x2

Bang x2 Everyone jump!
Bang x2 Everyone go crazy!
Bang x2 we gon party hard!
Bang x2 Everyone bang x2
Bang x2

9. S.N.S

Sexy. Special. Girl, tweet me your mention.
Sexy. Special. Hey girl, tweet me your mention.
Sexy. Special. She’s mine, baby.

10. Body & Soul

닿을 수가 없던 곳에 이제는 점점 다 와봐
나 벌써 멈출 수 없어
내 이름을 더 불러줘

Slowly I’m reaching all the places I never could reach before.
I can’t stop already.
Please call my name some more.

11. Save

이런 미친 사랑이 싫어 please save
Save me, oh save me. And be careful, I’m like fire.

I hate this sort of crazy love, please save…
Save me, oh save me. And be careful, I’m like fire.

12. B.A.B.Y

나 하루라도 널 못 보면 미칠 것 같아
니 곁의 꽃 같아 (??)
오랫동안 잡아왔던 내 맘 보여줄게

I feel like I’ll go crazy if I can’t see you for even one day.
I’m like a flower by your side.
Let me show you the feelings for you that I’ve had all this time.

13. With You

Forever with you, with you with you with you.
니 곁에 있을게 언제까지나
Forever with you, with you with you with you.
넌 혼자가 아냐 내 손을 잡아
함께 있을게
With you with you

Forever with you, with you with you with you.
I’ll stay by your side forever.
Forever with you, with you with you with you.
You’re not alone, take my hand,
I’ll stay with you.
With you, with you…


[TEASER] VIXX - “HADES” Highlight Medley