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“American horror story season 7 tease!”

Fun facts we know:
•Billie Lourd and Billy Eichner have join the cast
•Evan peters and Sarah Paulson will return
•it’s based “loosely” on the 2016 US election
•neither Hilary or Trump are going to be characters.
•it will be connected to season 4 freak show
•said to premiere between October to September

~more to come~

She’s Mine [Teaser]

(Ah hell, either I am a tease or I am feeling generous. Here is a request I have been working on.)

Summary: Season 1 Era. Before the pilot and before Merle is left on the roof. Daryl and his brother Merle keep to the outskirts of the camp, Reader is interested in Daryl and starts to try and act friendly toward him, only to end up dealing with Merle hitting on her and trying to grab on her. Daryl finally has enough and tells Merle off. Smut ensues. Daryl claims her.


His harsh eyes looked up your body, slower than usual, making them to yours and piercing into your soul, “What is it, sunshine?” He asked with attitude.

He was used to people being guarded with him and Merle, so he always had that shield up.

You put your hands on your hips and looked down at all the split wood at his feet and nodded your head up at him, “Just thought maybe you’d want some help.”

You stare at him boldly and smile sweetly, letting him know your intentions were true.

Daryl huffed and stepped back a little, surprised by your offer; no one ever offered to help him around here, they were all scared of him. But Y/N he noticed had never been afraid of him. In fact, he had caught her staring at him more than a few times since she had joined the group. It made him nervous when your eyes scanned his body. It made him feel things he’d rather not feel. He admitted only to himself that at night when everyone else was asleep and Merle had finally passed out safely that he thought of only her when he would give himself release. Daryl would only admit to himself how bad he really wanted her and now here she was so close to him, offering to help.

Daryl nodded his head back toward you and hardened his eyes even more, as if you could read his thought, “Alright darlin’ have at it.”

You smiled brighter and felt butterflies explode inside your stomach, you nearly got so lost in his eyes that as you went to walk forward you tripped on a stick on the ground, and nearly fell over. You caught yourself and put your hand over your face as you laugh, embarrassed as hell that your clutzy nature had betrayed you in front of the one man  you didn’t want to look like a fool in front of.

Daryl smirked a little, giving you the smallest smile you had ever seen. But for him, that was pretty big.

You shake it off and walk down toward him, bending down to pick up an arm full of logs that were ready on the ground.

As you gathered the pieces into your hands you heard a long, slow whistle, “Damn, girl! Thanks for the show!”

Shit. You had forgotten completely about Merle and of course you were bending over right in front of him.

You quickly shot upright and turned around and glared at him as you walked over to stack the logs on the pig pile you had built up. Merle just laughed easily and wiggled his eyebrow, winking at you.

You turn back around and notice Daryl glaring at his brother, clenching his jaw shut, his hard eyes nodded over to you as if to apologize.

You shrugged and smiled sweetly at him for his concern.

You smirk and turn around toward Merle, and nearly right in front of Daryl, you bend down again, this time facing your ass toward Daryl. You wiggle it slowly as is slightly rubs up against the side of his leg, while you pick up more logs. You wiggle your way back up, putting on a show for Daryl and telling Merle off all at once. You stand back up and glare at Merle, before sweetly leaning your body back slightly onto Daryl’s

“Some women want a real man, Merle.” You say and walk confidently back over to the pile, to add to it.

Daryl’s jaw went tight and his cock was instantly hard when you bent down rubbing against him. Was Y/N fucking serious?? What the hell did that mean? He asked himself inside his head, thoughts of her crying out to him returning to his head. But, that was just the fantasy he had inside. It couldn’t possibly happen, could it?

Daryl’s confused face turned hard again, trying to maintain the appearance of composure when all he wanted was to be all over you, in every way.

His eyes snapped to Merle’s when he heard his brother chuckle. He clenched his jaw tighter when he saw Merle’s eyes roaming your body up and down, slowly checking out every inch of what he wanted to be his.

“I’ll show ya a real man, darlin’.” Merle took a swig of his beer and grabbed himself.

You rolled your eyes and made your way back over to Daryl, picking up another load, allowing Daryl to stare at your ass again. You saw the look in his eye, he was enjoying it, and you fucking loved that!

You pick up another armful, stand, and scoff over to Merle, “Go have another beer. You’re delusional if you think I’m ever gonna give it up to a guy like you.”

Merle suddenly arose to his feet and walked over, putting his face in yours, trying to show his dominance.

Your body tensed up and you were taken aback for a second, long enough to show Merle he had gotten to you.

He licked his lips and stared down at yours, “I think that pretty little mouth of yours could do some damage. I’d love to shove my cock inside that mouth.” His finger came up and he rubbed your lips roughly.

You stepped back, quickly, trying to get away. You tripped again, this time on Daryl’s boot, knocking you back into his chest and body. You gasp in shock as you feel him behind you.

He wrapped his arm instinctually around you as you fell, wrapping his arms around your stomach and waist. His arms lingered as you felt him grab at you roughly a minute, before letting go once you had regained your footing.

He stood inches from your body as he glared his brother down, “Fuck off, Merle. She’s just tryin’ to help. Why you gotta always be startin shit?! Leave her be!” Daryl complained, glaring down Merle.

Merle’s head suddenly tilted back as he made a full hearted laugh escape his lips. He snapped his eyes back to you and then to his brother, “Sure thing little brother.”

He backs away with his hands in the air, laughing, “I’m just tryin’ to have a little fun. A fine piece of ass like that? Ya gotta try, right?”

Daryl rolled his eyes and clenched his jaw shut as he watched his brother back away.

“I think I will go get that beer.” Merle looked you up and down and winked at you before turning around and heading off to stir trouble somewhere else in the camp.

Your body relaxed as you watched Merle finally fuck off, you sigh deeply, your sense of safety returning to you. Suddenly, you feel a hand on the small of your back and your body tenses again, this time for another reason, Daryl. You feel electricity shoot through every cell of your body and you lean back into it as he rubs under your skin a little.

“Sorry. He’s a dick.” Daryl says, trying to concentrate on his words, but all he can focus on his hand on your body and the fact that you are allowing him to roam it.

You lean further back into his body, leaning your entire body onto his, forcing his hand even further up your t-shirt. You close your eyes and smile as you lean your head on his shoulder.

Daryl’s eyes were wide and wild as he stared down at your face and your body leaning into his. Was this real? He wondered.

You are so lost in the way his touch makes you feel you completely forget where you are and the fact that it is the middle of the day. You reach behind you and grab his other hand, pulling it up to your stomach and placing it underneath the fabric, encouraging him to travel onward across your body.

Daryl starts to slowly swirl his hand around it, testing your waters, as he brings his other hand to your front, gripping at your stomach and hips, pulling your body into his.

You moan happily when you feel his hard, throbbing cock pressing against your ass, he was just as into this as you.

You open your eyes and look up at him, smiling as you watch him stare your body down, watching his hands work on you. He stares over into your eyes, questions flooding through his mind. His breathing became heavy as he tried to control himself, his hand going as slow as painstakingly possible.

You nod your head up in agreement, “What do you say when go into your tent and have a little mid-day fun?” You asked boldly, asking him for exactly what you wanted from him.


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