All Mine Now [Teaser #1]

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Murphy x Reader | Connor x Stacey | 18+ Only | NSFW |

Request: “Okay so I had this idea that maybe you and your friend are drinking at the bar for the first time and Murphy is heart eyes because you were drop dead gorgeous and seemed to not only be able to handle drinking but also fought off a guy that was bothering you and your friend. When your friend goes home with some cute guy Connor tells him to talk to you and stuff and you guys go home and have some freaky deaky time lol maybe some cuddles and he asks you out on a date in the morning??”

Summary: The reader catches Murphy’s eye at a bar and her friend Stacey picks up a liking to Connor. The two get friendly with the guys when someone at the bar makes a move on the reader. Murphy and Connor teach them a lesson and smutty smuttiness ensues


You glance nervously back over to Stacey who is swaying and dancing with the bottle in her hands, knowing that the man she desired was staring her down as she did her show for him. The man had turned fully around so that Stacey was now dancing in front of him and in between his legs as he glared her body down.

Stacey looks at you and winks, before throwing the bottle into her lips once more, taking a chug, and handing it over to you.

You laugh at her boldness and tip the bottle up to your lips taking another gulp of courage. You wanted this and he seemed to want you too, stop over thinking everything! You tell yourself as you down the liquid, hoping it will shut off the part of you who was scared to ask for what you wanted, what you needed. You pull the bottle away from your lips and sway a little as the alcohol courses through you.

You hear the two men behind you laughing and whistling. Suddenly, you feel a big hand slap and grab your ass. You feel a big body behind you and beer covered breath in your ear.

“What I wouldn’t do to this sweet ass of yours, honey.” He said as his body leered dangerously close to yours.

Your drunken mind doesn’t react right away, but soon you feel anger rising up inside of you. You turn around, forcing his hand off your body, and push him away from you with all your might. You stumble back a little but you feel your mystery man’s hands gentle grab your hips. You give yourself only a second to enjoy it before turning your eyes back to the drunken asshole in front of you.

“Get the fuck off me you fucking loser!! You put your hands on me again and…”

“…And what??” He mocked you, looking at his friend mimicking your response.

You were so angry you felt tears staring to for, you blinked them away, no way in hell men like that should get to see you cry. You looked at him and spat at his feet, unable to do or say anything else, without breaking down in a tearful rage. You hated men like him and there were way too many of them.

Your mystery man looked down at you and saw your reaction, his jaw tightened and he moved his lips to your ear, “Sit down lass, ya hear?” He growled lowly, causing shivers to explode onto your skin.

You nod and let him pull you back and up onto his barstool, he secures your body onto it, running his hands to your hips to make sure you wouldn’t fall when he let go. You look down at him and watch as he sweetly makes sure your body is safe. He stares up at you so softly for a moment, making you smile and your heart start to race, nearly forgetting the situation and losing yourself in his eyes again.

He pats your thighs and then looks behind you at the other man, “What do you say we teach these lads a lesson?” Your man said, taking a shot of whiskey from the bar and slamming it down. The other man nodded, also taking a shot, before slamming his feet to the floor, he grabbed Stacey by the waist and roughly pulled her to the side, slamming his body into hers for a second, making her giggle in excitement. She hopped on his barstool and dangled her legs, leaning her hands into the stool as she leaned forward, excited for the show.

You both watch the two men stare at each other, nod in agreement, and then turn around and walk over to the two drunken assholes.

“Now we’re all for havin’ a good time fellas, but we simply can’t ignore your transgression.” Your man said, confidence oozing out of his mouth.

“Right brother, we simply can’t. Ya see lads. That woman, that gorgeous creature over there…” The other man pointed at you

You feel your face flush and you look down embarrassed.

“Yeah, that’s right!” You feel Stacey’s hand on your shoulder, pulling you back. You fall into her and look at her and laugh in disbelief. You lean forward again as the man continues…

“Ya see she is gonna be my brother’s and you puttin’ your hands on her like that…” The man raised his arms in the air and shook his head in surrender, as if he had no choice.

You lick your lips as you watch your man step forward in unison with his brother, until both of them had the other two up against the wall behind them. Your man glared the asshole down just inches from his face, “Connor’s right. You fucking touched the wrong woman asshole. You ever touch her again and I’ll kill you.” He spat out with anger pumping through his veins.

You felt yourself getting so fucking hot for him as you watch this play out, there was something so dangerous about him, but it turned you on.

The man suddenly pushed your man back and tried to punch him. Murphy docked, stood back up and punches him right in the face. Simultaneously, the man named Connor pushed into the friend and forced him to run at him in defense. Connor’s tongue jut out as he smiled, giddy, raising his fists up and punching at the man. It took him two swift hit and the man was groaning on the floor.

Your man suddenly swung his body around the asshole’s body until he had him in a headlock, bracing the man’s neck in his hands; he pushed on it roughly making the man cry out in pain.

“You and your friend better get the fuck outta here. I don’t ever want to see you around here every again, ya hear?” Your man spewed rage into the now frightened man’s ear.

The man nodded swiftly, “Okay. Okay man! I’m sorry!”

Suddenly, he forced the man’s feet forward and he walks the man over to you, keeping him still a far distance away.

Your man stared into your eyes as he nudged his nose up and growled the man’s ear, “Tell her that.”

The man looked you in the eye and then swiftly looked away, “I’m sorry.” He said softly as his eyes stared at the ground.

“Oh for fuck’s sake! Why don’t ya be a man about it? Look her in the eye and tell her you’re fucking sorry!” Your mystery man scolded his cowardice and forced his body forward for emphasis.

The man looked you in the eye and say loudly, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Shouldn’t have done what exactly?” Your man pushed at him.

The man stared into your eyes and grit his teeth, “I’m sorry I grabbed you.” Your man pushed his wrists back further making him cry out in pain, “I’m sorry I grabbed your ass!” He finally said what your man apparently wanted to hear.

Your man chuckled into the man’s ear and then licked his lips staring back at you, roaming your body up and down, “Don’t blame ya for the urge brother… But like I said, that gorgeous body is all mine. He nudged his nose up at you and stared into your eyes lustfully, even in spite of the situation before you. You couldn’t believe how turned on you were getting by all of this, who the fuck was this guy?? You rubbed your legs together and stared back at him, licking your lips, and running your hands up and down your thighs.

Your mystery man groaned and then looked back over at the man in his grip, he gripped him tightly until he cried out again and then swiftly pushed him to the floor alongside his friend. They both stared up at him frightened and unsure of what to do.

Your man’s eyes went dark and anger filled him again, “What’d I say? Get the fuck out!!” He shouted impatiently.

The two men nodded and crawled up to the feet and ran out the door.

“Mother FUCK ers! Fuck! Shit!” You watched the angered old bartender walk over and lock the front door of the bar before walking off to the back entrance of the bar and walking out, knowing the boys would close up.

You are breathing heavily and your heart is racing for so many different reasons as your brain tries to make sense of what just happened. Your eyes lock back over to the man you had just watched fight for you and all logic or thought of anything but him disappeared.

You felt your legs open further on the bar stool and you leaning in toward him and you watched him walk toward you like a sleek jungle cat, with eyes that pierced through you. He walks into your body and swiftly moves his hands to the sides of your face, he stares down at your lips and smiles before staring into your eyes, “The name’s Murphy.”

He looks back down at your lips and takes them in, slowly sucking on your upper lip before using his tongue to trace it back and forth. You moan happily and open your mouth to him, inviting him inside…

To Be Continued…


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