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After a week of insane amounts of work and studying that no one should ever have to endure, I’m about 1/3 through season 2’s chapter 6 of “Wayward Hearts”.

After finding out Sam was immune to a demonic virus on a recent hunt, more questions are coming to light. Tensions rise as secrets are finally revealed after months of burden. The hunters have to decide where to go from here as Sam’s patience for finding out his and Riley’s fates is growing thin. There’s darkness ahead and they know it. The question is, what lies in wait?

Make sure you’re all caught up on the series before I release the new chapter probably tomorrow. Love you all! Please add yourself to the tag list if you’d like to be notified of anything Wayward Hearts related. The link is in my bio :)

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Code Sourcing

So, I’m working on some medicinal teas for Sun&Moon stuff and one of the potions/teas that had always been planned was one that caused miscarriages. Grim reality of things is that either A) it happen, or B) it was made to happen. Regardless of any political view/opinions on birth control and everything associated with it, I’m looking for some help with coding things together.

I’m basically going to take a drink/potion item I’ve already made and am trying to combine it with functions from Chris Hatch’s pregnancy controllers. I’m not having much success so if anyone feels like they can lend me a hand, give me a shout out or shoot me a message.

Hearts Awaken: Teaser of the chapter I

“If I wanted him to die, I would have let him die, even with your gun in my temple. The death of a pale face wouldn’t keep me awake. I’m just returning one favor for another favor”.

“It’s lucky I took a shower yesterday, I didn’t expect a nice woman to kiss my leg”.

“Lucky Seonghwa has nice legs”.

“Can we keep her? She already proved that she knows about poisons, having her would prevent me from hearing Mingi cry and inherit the crap he calls treasures to imaginary girlfriends”.

“Oh no, San. The last time it was a possum, which by the way you suffocated when you fell asleep, now do you want to adopt a girl? The answer is no”.

“But she knows about poisons!”.

“I like her eyes”.


“They are a mixture of hatred, resignation, courage and scarce peace; when mixed it results in a beautiful color”.

“Hey, girl, you can choose to stay on this piece of land forgotten by the devil himself and live frustrated every day that your owner keeps breathing and didn’t die with his saliva. Or you can join us, be useful and join stay until we consider you disposable or run away from us, without a bullet hitting you; whichever comes first. What do you say?”

Notes: What do you think about this? Do you smell the tragic and angst? Thank you so much for your support with likes and commentaries, it really helps me because I was thinking that maybe this story sucks, but your reactions means a lot for me, thanks. 

See you soon!