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Tees, Teas, and Tease | Vernon

Genre: fluffity fluffball of fluff, some good ole fluff to cuddle to when you’re sick on a rainy day

Pairing: Vernon x Reader

Word count: 1095

Synopsis: Your resident doofus offered you a deal that you most definitely can turn down, but you can’t tell whether the fool is trying to get the boba unstuck out of his straw or whether you’re unwillingly carrying his excessive amount of shirts that look a little too good on him.

Based off of this prompt: 28. “And this is why we don’t hang out” from 40 Prompts here

A/N: Queuing a little pick-me-up for my smol child @justkpopjokes I’M SORRY YOU WANTED A SUPER SHORT BUT THIS ENDED UP SUPER LONG SLJFDFJ I hope this fulfills your fluffy needs!!! (enjoy some of your meant to be bias c;) get well soon bby!!!! <333333 Happy reading my children!!!

The smile that had been widely plastered on your face and danced on your lips threatened to fall as your friend furrowed her brows in guilt.

“I know how much you were looking forward to going, but my mom…”

You shook your head furiously, your hands held out mirroring your quick movements. “No, it’s fine! There’s always next time right? Whenever that may be…” She smiled with a touch of melancholy on the corners of her mouth. “I’m really sorry, Y/N. I promise to plan something else after all of this blows over. I gotta get going now!” She briefly embraces your slightly tense body and takes her leave, walking down the street to her sky blue Prius.

You turn the opposite direction, a slight sigh escaping your lips. Looks like I’ll use that doofus after all. You pulled out your device from your right back pocket and your thumbs begrudgingly moved on their own.

Is your offer still up?
A minute passes and your phone vibrates as the screen lights up.
Always ;) Meet me there in fifteen?
You sigh. What else have you got to lose?
I have no choice, do I? Don’t be late!

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Derek Morgan - Figlia

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Derek meets a mysterious woman he feels a connection with, but when he sees her again he is surprised that she’s the daughter of someone he works with. Will he able to get to know her better or will her father and work get in the way?

Requested by: @pollaluci

Pairing/s: Derek x Fem!Reader, David x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss

Warning: A couple of swear words and mentions of alcohol.

A/N: The title translates to Daughter. Italian is translated (thank you @pollaluci)

A/N/N: Thank you to @mo320 for being my beta!

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Worst Patient on the Enterprise

Pairing: Leonard McCoy/Reader

Summary: The title pretty much says it all. A fluffy fic revolving around Bones being known as “the worst patient on the Enterprise.” 

Word count: 1,845

You were woken up at three in the morning to a hacking cough. You weren’t particularly surprised since he’d been coughing ever since he’d traveled down to a new planet two days ago.

“Leonard,” you mumbled sleepily as you turned over opening your eyes a little to see him sitting up coughing.

His coughing stopped for a minute, but another fit came on before he could say anything. You reached over and rubbed his back as you sat up.

“Do you need to go to Med Bay?” you asked.

“I’m fine.” He shook his head as he got up and got a drink of water.

“That cough says otherwise. It’s getting worse.”

“It’s fine. It’s just a cough. Nothing I can’t handle.” He got back into bed and laid down.

You sighed as you laid back down. “Come here,” you gestured him closer until his head was resting on the bottom of your chest. “Please get an exam in the morning.” You rubbed his arm gently as you felt his breathing steady as he fell asleep, occasionally coughing in his sleep. You closed your eyes, your thumb continuing to rub his shoulder mindlessly as you drifted back to sleep.

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tea time for @winglysimmer. prompt: sex scene

this was levi’s first big role. it’d been years of headshots and failed agents until he finally got a low billed part in the most recent bond movie. he tried not to get excited–it wasn’t really his style to have any kind of enthusiasm in this industry. anything could be pulled out from under you at any moment, and even when you made it big, you could still fall hard.

but erwin smith. he was actually going to be working alongside erwin fucking smith. names didn’t light up in gold quite as much as his name. shine just as bright as the yellow of his perfectly styled hair. send women and men quivering and broken as much as he does. levi had his fair share of entertainment weekly magazines, full cover photos of half clothed and oiled smith shoved away in his nightstand drawer. he’d come enough times, whimpering into his wrist, thinking of big tanned hands locked into the grooves of his hips. a fantasy so much like a dream sometimes, that he’d sworn they could have been real.

he hesitated to call it an obsession. that would imply he had a problem. jerking off to celebrities wasn’t something you particularly talked about, but they were sex symbols and was of course a thing that happened. but he found himself following paparazzi twitters, following locations to see if he could come across smith in the open. see if he was as godlike as he was in the papers.

and now that he was sitting on set, clad in villainous attire of slicked back hair and a well tailored suit, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of erwin smith. couldn’t control his heartbeating so heavily through his neck that he tried to sedate it with a clench of his jaw.

smith’s bare ass, flexing with each thrust, the pits the muscles hollowing and catching the shadows of the hushed lighting. the shape of his muscles curving around bone, golden skin coated in a sheen of sweat. he made soft noises as he ground against the leading female, her dark brunette hair cascading to the pillow between his fingers as he held her head up to kiss him. the room was quiet except for the pantomiming of fake romance. 

and damn if levi shouldn’t have gotten an oscar for his spectacular ability to keep a straight face and a soft cock.

the director cuts the scene and erwin pulled away from the actress. unashamed, he padded off the set, his soft dick tucked away in a cock sock. he ran a hand through his hair to replace any stray strands as an assistant ran up to him to cover him in a robe and hand him a glass of water.

levi tried not to be star struck. tried to avert his gaze from this sex god he’d been following for his entire shitty career. this man that he couldn’t even believe he was sharing the same screen with for a whole entire minute. but he kept looking, and smith must have felt those grey eyes on him. they meet, grey and blue, and locked for what felt like ages, until smith started to walk toward him, glass of water empty and handed back to the assistant. and levi tried hard to find the next closest stage assistant to hide behind, his heart still pounding in his throat and up to his ears until his head felt like it was going to pop.

“hello.” smith said. he smelled like coconuts and cologne, and for some reason it worked really well for him.

levi didn’t look at him, ground his teeth until he finally could muster the words to respond. “hey.”

“i saw what you did earlier today. it was good stuff.”

“must have been thinking about ‘unnamed grunt A’. i’m ‘B’.”

smith laughed, and the smile that lingered was handsomely beautiful. “ah yes, i suppose i was mistaken.” he tilted his head and leaned forward. “but i think i’ve seen you before.”

levi shrunk away, still averting his eyes. “doubt it.”

“no… no… it was at ‘gilly’s’ wasn’t it.” smith smiled wider. “you know how to dance.”

levi’s eyes went wide. he focused them on the golden embroidered name on smith’s robe as he struggled with the words. gilly’s was his go to place–a west hollywood gay club that pampered to the super rich. he was not rich, but he was the kind of man that had other ways of getting through the bouncers. “i have no…”

“no. some people just dance through their booze. you dance through the music.” smith leaned back, his smile still etched on his face.

levi couldn’t hold the blush anymore. he shrunk away, his fingers curled up and played with the hem of his suit jacket. what was smith doing at a gay club? how had the paparazzi not gobbled that shit up? “like you’d be caught dead at gilly’s.” he croaked. 

“you helped my friend when they were pushed around by a drunk. i wanted to thank you at the time.”

“o-oh.” yep, that was him.

“i am glad that we’re able to meet like this. it was a pleasant surprise.”

“s-sure.” levi was losing it. every second his mask was cracking.

“what’s your name?”


“you can call me erwin.” he extended his hand, and levi took it. held it in his small one and tried not to imagine how much he had jacked off to the very thought of this, with the very hand he had offered to the man.


“erwin! get back on set. we gotta shoot that all again.”

erwin smiled. he removed his robe and stood completely naked besides his little cloth of modesty. levi’s nose flared. “it was nice meeting you.”

levi groaned, swallowed thickly, and nodded. “yeah.”

whoknows’ drabble masterlist

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* BOLD = more than 1 drabble

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Zayn leaving

Harry with Grimmy saved the decade… Niall with Grimmy was all I could have dreamed… I am sure Liam will be just as great but guys… guys… just imagine how it would be with Louis… just imagine the banter… the teasing… the tea spilling… the impress contest… the lowkey flirting… just… everything… for the love of everything… for all I have had to put up with in this fandom with this band… give me this one (1) thing

anonymous asked:

okay, i phrased that wrong, i admit. i said 'arguing' about being the older sibling, but i shouldve said something more like 'teasing each other'. alternatively, something that fits in a bit better maybe? is luke being all 'and this is Leia. shes my elder sister.' and then obi-wan's like 'well actually, shes younger than-' and luke just like 'nah shes leia shes the elder sister.'

No worries, anon, I get what you mean. It’s just that I don’t think teasing about who’s older really makes sense except in a culture where birth order actually matters, or at least did so historically.

On Tatooine, there’s really no importance assigned to birth order at all, so I can’t see Luke caring about it one way or the other, and therefore I can’t see a joke about it occurring to him.

Maybe it would to Leia, though I have my doubts, because Leia is generally immensely practical, and I think if she thought about it at all she’d be more likely to say that twins are twins, and knowing who’s older by a few minutes really doesn’t matter. Also, I think teasing about birth order is mainly something you do as kids, and if it continues as a joke between adults it’s usually because it’s a joke they’ve shared since childhood. Since Luke and Leia only meet as adults and are mostly just thrilled to realize they have a sibling…I just don’t really see it coming up.

anonymous asked:

imagine if nick had originally bought the hoodie for the missus (because he loves her more than he loves harry hehe) but harry steals it from her all the time for his workouts because he loves it

“You can’t keep stealing all of my hoodies just because you like them, Harry,” she grumbles from the bed, her voice muffled by the duvet that swallowed her as she stayed curled up on her side, head deciding that his pillow was much comfier than hers, “s’not fair that mine get all smelly from your sweat and yours stay perfectly clean in the wardrobe.”

“And now you know how I feel when you nick all my clothes,” he taunts back, a hint of playfulness in his tone as he adjusted the sleeves that hung over his hands, “’sides, this one is incredibly comfortable.”

“It’s comfortable, sure. It’s also mine. Nick brought that for me the other night and you’re going to get the soft insides all sweaty and gross,” and he can hear the frown in her voice, “new jumpers are the best because they’re soft and now it won’t be soft because you’ll get it all dirty and disgusting.”

“Oh, stop being so mean to me. Would you rather me go out and catch a cold? Then you can’t kiss me or have sex with me and you’ll have to look after me and feed me soup and make me toast and tea,” he teases, perching on the edge of his side of the bed, his trainers dropped down by his feet as he fell back against the mattress, resting his head against her duvet-covered thighs, “m’your husband. What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.”

“Except clothing that was brought for me,” she pushes the duvet away from her face and leans up on her elbow, “you’re annoying.” xx

kittycara-sketches  asked:

Would you rather date Niles or Rajhat?

i mean, i married him in one or two of my fates files :3

Give me two fictional characters and I’ll tell you which I’d rather date.

Almost Spilled Cocoa.

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Young!Remus Lupin X Reader

Prompts used:  8. “Tea is way better than cocoa,” &  36. “Join me for some cocoa, please?” {From My Autumn Writing Prompt List}

A/n: Let us take a second to love our smol baby Remi. Also, i combined my Cocoa Series with the Autumn prompts, which are currently both open to requests, so send em’ in!

You smiled, gleamed, even, just at the sight of Remus. He was cuddled up with blankets and his usual sweater, with hand-knitted fingerless gloves that protected his hands from the steaming hot mug he was grasping. On the table he clearly moved to be at his side was a kettle, and two other mugs, surely for any friend who wanted some Cocoa. Never tea, always cocoa - and he was supposed to be British.

“Join me for some cocoa, please?” he spoke, his voice gruff with the lack of use for who knows how long.

“I would, if it was only tea,” you teased, a smirk growing on your lips. “Tea is way better than cocoa.”

You could basically feel the disgruntlement radiating off of Remus. He shook his head in disappointment. “You clearly don’t have good taste.”

“How about this: I try your cocoa, and if it is better than tea, well, then you win, and I will admit I have bad taste,” you offered, walking closer to the table. Remus looked at you with weary eyes, as if you were lying to him.

“Okay.” He sat up, a total of three blankets falling to the side of him. He grabbed a mug with four beautifully colored leaves on the front, poured you a full cup of cocoa - almost to the rim - and handed it to you with care.

“It’s delicious,” you admitted, immediately taking another sip. You didn’t know chocolate could be this strong, yet so milky at the same time. “I truly do have bad taste, if I like this.”

“What?” He tilted his head, frustration clear on his features, while you were trying to hold back a laugh. If you did, you would probably end up spilling most of it - which would be such a waste.

“I said I would admit I have bad taste if I liked it, and I like it, more than tea, actually. I must have awful taste…”

“You could be in Slytherin.”

The Always taglist: @hecates-garden@missweasley899

Just ask if you want to be added!



Sam is an amazing artist and person and friend, and I feel so lucky to know her? Seriously - check her out and adore her with me. And wish her happy late brithday! @nerdzewordart

Anyways, here’s your present as promised!! Another part of the Conchell Hogwarts AU (with a splash of solangelo!!) 

Division, despite how much his housemates tended to favor the subject, had to be one of Mitchell’s least favorite subjects. It was a ridiculously complicated subject, one Mitchell wasn’t even sure he fully believed in, with a severe O.W.L. exam and a classroom in the middle of nowhere. It’s only saving graces were the professor - Professor Dare, although she usually insisted on her first name considering the minimal age gap - and his classmates.

But it was when both of these factors worked against his favor - that’s when he dreaded the class the most.

Rachel gestured towards the board as she explained the simple assignment, and Mitchell’s eyes ran down the board looking for his own name. In her swirly, cursive handwriting, a floating piece of chalk was just finishing up writing out the partner assignments. At the bottom, Mitchell found his name next to one he wasn’t exactly hoping for, and sighed. Might as well make the best of it.

Sebastian shot him an apologetic grin as he shifted closer to his partner - who happened to be the exact classmate he’d been making eyes at the entire class period.  If Sebastian ever learned to weld his annoyingly persistent good luck for actual use, the boy would be damn near invincible. 

Mitchell gathered his books and made his way over to the other side of the room, brushing back Katie - a Gryffindor girl in his year - as he crossed the uneven stone flooring.

He waved over to Will - a fellow Hufflepuff - as the blond boy edged closer to infamously sarcastic Nico di Angelo. Nico only scowled, ignoring the boy completely, and glared down at his book, messing with the emerald tie slung around his neck. Good luck to him, then.

He found his partner, strangely frozen in his seat, and settled for a soft, welcoming smile.

Mitchell set his book in the empty space Katie had just vacated, and took a moment to run his hand through his hair. After rushing up the circular staircase - after Sebastian had nearly made them late again - it was probably a mess.

He took his seat, soft smile in place. “Partners?”

Connor had been staring at him since the moment he arrived, and took a moment to visibly swallow. “Uh. Yeah. Yes. I mean, sure, totally.”

Mitchell gave him another small smile - hopefully reassuring, as the boy seemed to be a bit on edge - and took the seat next to the other boy.

The small tea set - dinged up and slightly chipped from years of use - was already in place, steaming and awaiting from where Rachel had probably set it up before class. Mitchell poured out their two cups, careful not to spill any of it on either of them. Gods knew he didn’t need to be in the bad pocket of a Stoll Brother - he could hardly handle being in an neutral position.

Yeah, he was still a bit upset about their castle wide prank last week. Strawberry pie was an innocent commodity, and had no reason to be such a casualty, no matter what Sebastian claimed.

“Sugar?” Connor was already passing over two sugar cubes, and a small leaf of mint. That was exactly how he took it.

Mitchell blinked in surprise, “Oh, thank you.” He stirred the sugar in, watching - a bit in slight disgust - as Connor added several sugar cubes to his own cup. It was nearly sludge. Mitchell suppressed a shudder.

He turned his attention back to his own cup, inhaling the steam, his eyes fluttering shut. It was a pleasant blend - strawberry, it seemed, a flavor Mitchell tended to favor. He vaguely wondered where Rachel had gotten it.

“You’re muggleborn, right?” Mitchell asked curiously, attempting to make some conversation, taking a slow sip. It was a bit too hot, but nothing unbearable.

Connor nodded, still a bit stiff. “Uh, yeah. Um, Travis and I.”

Mitchell nodded in interest. “That’s cool. My dad’s a muggle, but I mostly lived with some relatives on my mom’s side for the summers.” His face took a thoughtful look, “I always wondered about my muggle side, what it’s like and such.”

“I can show you,” was Connor’s quick - a bit too quick - and immediate response. He cleared his throat after a moment. “I mean, if you ever want to, um, go see muggle London or something I, uh, know it pretty well. My mom’s lives up there, has a nice flat.”

“Wow,” Mitchell’s voice took on an edge of teasing, “already meeting the parents? You work quick, Stoll.” He fluttered his eyelashes, a wide grin on his face. “At least treat me to dinner first.”  

“Haaaaa,” Connor dragged out the word, his face frozen in a stiff grin. “You’re…funny.”

Mitchell took another sip of his tea, the teasing glint still in his eyes. “Not nearly as funny,” he emphasized the word, still wincing at the thought of his old robes, “as the prank you and Travis pulled yesterday.” He squinted at his nails - he could almost still see the goo - the goo that had exploded over most of the Hogwarts student body last night at dinner - clinging to the sides of his ceuticals. “Hufflepuff was hit particularly hard, I noticed.”  

“That was…an accident,” Connor’s voice was a barely concealed lie. Mitchell briefly wondered what one of them did to the pair, and if they should be expecting more.

Despite the common thought, Hufflepuffs weren’t ones for taking a fight lying down, and his housemates had been dying for some action.

Mitchell hummed, ignoring the lie, his finger coming up to his chin. “It would have been better if you managed to hit the Slytherins.” He shot a glance over to where Sebastian was leaning in close to a grinning Ravenclaw girl, briefly imagining the other boy coated in the thick, blue-green goo that had overtaken the hall only a night prior. “Would have been hilarious to see.”

Connor paused at that, his hand hovering in mid-air holding the cup close to his lips. He sighed after a moment, a motion of regret. “It was suppose to,” he admitted, “but the cannons weren’t strong enough to launch the enhanced tablets across the hall.”

Mitchell blinked, a bit surprise. “Oh, you used magic and muggle technology? That’s…actually pretty cool.”

Connor almost beamed at that, “Yeah? You think so?”

“Yeah, totally,” Mitchell smiled, and then Connor smiled, and they shared a moment then, a pleasant one in the middle of a dusty classroom, surrounded by classmates and spiderwebs and tea and an eccentric teacher. Connor had a really nice smile - straight teeth on display, deep dimples grooving into his cheeks.

Mitchell tipped back the last of his tea, not really acknowledging it as a distraction, and instead made a face at the clumped up tea grounds and sugar at the bottom. Beside him, Connor’s eyes were edging out of moon-eye level, and into total, complete adornment. Not that Mitchell noticed.

Rachel called their attention back to the front of the classroom, explaining they would take turns reading each other’s tea leaves to the class. Mitchell sighed - despite the small class size, he still hated having to present to them.

They went around the room, after briefly peeking into each other’s cups but finding no immediate, obvious images, and soon it was Mitchell’s turn, as he pulled the small cup and his textbook closer to him.

“Mitchell?” Rachel prompted, a soft, dreamy smile on her face. “Can you decipher Connor’s leaves?”

Mitchell squinted into the small pool of tea leafs at the bottom of the cup. “I think that’s a spade?” He flipped the page in his book, matching up the grainy symbol to the picture. Huh. It was nearly identical - that was good. The clearer the picture, the stronger and longer lasting of the fortune told, at least from what Rachel had lectured on the day previous.

“Good fortune,” Mitchell read off for the other boy, “Whatever you’re working on - maybe a project or something? - you’re going to have good luck with it.”

Connor made a choking sound, his hands clenched on the table.

Mitchell gave him a curious look, “Are you okay?” He blinked a few times at his textbook, “I mean, that’s good, right? The book says it’s supposed to be good fortune.”

He swallowed in the face of Mitchell’s curious, concerned look. “No, uh, I mean that’s good. That’s great.” He nodded, his gaze steady on the table in front of him.

“Okay…” Mitchell trailed off, unsure of the other boy’s strange mood. He cleared his throat, tipping his head towards the other boy. “Your turn?”

Connor fumbled with the small glass for a second, a rare color filling his cheeks at the small bit of laughter from the other students - Katie’s high bark of a laugh in particular - and peered down in the cup.

“I think…” He glanced down into the open textbook in his lap, “Maybe, uh, a circle? It kind of looks like a blob…”

Rachel, from over the boy’s shoulder, peered down in the cup. After a moment, she lit up.

“Why, that’s a heart!” Rachel grinned at him, poking him in the shoulder. “Looks like lover boy’s gonna find a sweetheart real soon.”

Mitchell grinned, rolling his eyes. “Gods know I need one,” he joked, not really understanding the color blooming on Connor’s cheeks. Was he feeling okay? Maybe he should go see Madam Pomfrey.

Rachel clapped her hands together, looking happy. “Alright, next!” She turned her attention to the next table, her grin widening just a bit. “Will, care to go first?”

The blond boy gave her a sharp, affirmative nod before glancing down to the cup cradled in his hand.

He bit his lip, narrowing his eyes as he stared down in Nico’s small cup. “I think he has a…sun, maybe? So like,” He glanced down into his textbook briefly, “he’s going to find a great happiness soon.” He shot a beaming smile towards the other boy, “That’s good!”

Nico’s cheeks were filled with a bit of color - rare for the usually deathly pale boy. “Whatever, it’s all fake anyways.” He muttered, pulling Will’s cup towards him.

“What do you see?” Will grinned excitedly, leaning in so he was looking over the other boy’s shoulder. Nico didn’t pull away.

A look of concentration took over Nico’s face as he focused on the leaves. After a few moments, he sighed, “I don’t see anything.”

“Looks like a skull,” Rachel remarked, tilting the cup to the side. They both jumped at the girl’s sudden presence behind them, Nico looking a bit pissed off, Will hesitant.

Will frowned, “Isn’t that bad?”

“Not necessarily,” She reassured him, her eyes flickering towards the other boy at his table. “The symbols, while usually have general meanings, are flexible with meaning for each person. This could mean something symbolic for you, or perhaps something with a bit more physical meaning.”

“So, I basically have a lot of skulls in my future?” Will’s face took a thoughtful look, “I do want to be a doctor. Maybe something with that?”

Rachel hummed with amusement, “Maybe.”

Even from his place at a different table, Mitchell could see the heavy, shiny ring on di Angelo’s finger as the other boy fiddled with it. His skull ring.

Mitchell hid a smile in his hand. Sometimes they were so obvious, it nearly pained him.

From his side, Connor was fidgeting. He shot the other boy a curious look, moving to gather his books together. The class was nearly over, and Mitchell had to get to the other side of the castle in the short passing period.

Rachel began her dismissals - warning everyone to grab their rain jackets for tomorrow despite the perfect weather prediction - and everyone moved to leave. Mitchell quickly stuffed his satchel full and stood.  

Connor, who had been watching with slightly-wide eyes as Mitchell and his classmates packed up, stumbled to his feet just as Mitchell was beginning to turn away.

“Hogsmeade,” Connor choked out, his hand flashing out to grip the edge of Mitchell’s robes. “I - you - I mean, Hogsmeade?”

Mitchell blinked, giving the other boy a surprised look. “Oh, uh, I think there’s a trip going this weekend, if that’s what you’re asking? You might want to ask McGonagall.”

“No, I -” Connor bit his lip, his hand still fisted around a section of Mitchell’s robes. “I mean, um. Do you, uh, want to go to Hogsmeade. With me.”


Mitchell’s eyes flittered in surprise, his mouth parting a bit.

Connor was nervous.

“Like for a….” Mitchell trailed off.

“A date. It would be, uh, a date.” Connor clarified, his voice wobbling.

“With me?” Mitchell was still a bit dumbfounded. He didn’t even know Connor liked him, and he usually pretty good with these sorts of things.

“You with, yes.” Connor was looking more nervous by the minute.

Mitchell couldn’t do anything but nod, a bit numb.

Connor’s face immediately broke into a wide, beaming grin. “That’s great! I mean, that’s really cool. Um,” In the face of the other boy’s quick excitement, Mitchell felt himself relax a bit. “Do you like, anywhere you want to go? Your pick!”

“Madam Puddifoot’s?” Mitchell teased, coming back to himself. The Stoll Brothers were infamously drawn away from the popular tea shop. Vaguely, Mitchell wondered if they were banned from the store. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Connor didn’t even blink, “Anywhere you want,” he replied breathlessly earnest. “We can walk there together? Around five?”

Mitchell had to suppress a smile at Connor’s immediate agreement. “Actually, how about the Three Broomsticks?” He nudged the other boy’s hip with his own, “A bit more comfortable?”

“Sounds amazing,” Connor breathed out, his hand finally slowly releasing Mitchell’s robe.

And…it kind of did.

Sebastian, waiting impatiently in the doorway, knocked his knuckles against the doorway, drawing their attention towards him.

He raised an eyebrow, “Coming lover boy? Or should I leave you and boytoy here and tell McGoogles you’re missing class to get some dick?”

And just….fuck Sebastian. Mitchell was going to murder him.

Mitchell gave him a dangerous stretch of lips, tilting his head slightly. “Be there in a second, Sebastian.”

His cheeks flaming, he briefly turned back to the other boy to say goodbye only to be surprised that Connor….was in nearly the same position of harsh, reddened cheeks.

“I’ll see you later,” Connor quickly got out, the words all pressed together and nearly incomprehensible.

“I’ll…see you later,” he agreed, a coy smile taking place on his face. Connor, already a bit lightheaded, nearly fainted at the sight. “See you Saturday.” 

And with that, he left. 

And with that, Connor was left standing after him, staring after him. 

And in the background, rolling her eyes, Katie Gardner shared a quick high-five with Professor Dare. 


killerfangirl3  asked:

I really need just Morality having a tea party with his stuffed animals and one of them be stich. So when one day Mo invites some one else to the tea party. They speak to stich in a joking manner. But since Thomas does an amazing stich impression stich can actually speak.

“Why did I agree to this?” Logan groaned sitting at the small table with his knees above the table and on a chair too small. At least he didn’t get the one with the arm rest.

“Because its great!  You’ve never had a tea party before  so I’m giving you one!!” Morality insisted. Logan sighed, not really wanting to do this, but curious about  it’s appeal.

“So what do I do? Sit here and wait for Chuckles to give me the tea?” Logan asked pointing to a overly grinning teddy bear.

“He’s actually Mx Emory.” Morality said pouring water into a small pink plastic cup before handing it to a stuffed Stitch.

The stitch stuffed animal creeped Logan out a bit. He wasn’t sure why, but he did. Normally he found stitch bearable, but for now it just felt… strange.

“-And that’s how it came to be!”  Morality said. Logan glanced over at Morality confused. he was used to Morality rambling, but he didn’t realize he had been talking.


“That’s how it worked!”

“Oh uh cool!” Logan said sneaking another glance at stich. Okay, he was adorable but he was also kind of creeping him out.

”Here’s your “tea!″ its actually just water, but we didn’t have any tea. Plus I don’t usually like drink tea, but I do like pretending its tea!” Morality handed Logan his tea. Logan took it and decided to try to pretend he was at a tea party (although he had no idea what would happen.)

“Well this is good tea! how is everyobody’s tea?” Logan teased before taking a sip.

“Fine, thank you.” Sitch asked. Logan chocked on his water.

“Wh-what??” Logan was a bit confused.

“I say it’s good. Thank you” stitch replied, but he didn’t move.

“wha-?” Logan was startled and Morality just continued as if nothing had happened.

“uh- how-” Logan felt hesitant. he didn’t like feeling this way. Surprises were not sometime he enjoyed.

“I am Sitich. From “Leo & Stitch” Thomas knows how to speak me, so I can talk.”

“Huh, uh okay?” Logan didn’t know how to handle this.

“Don’t worry, Stitch doesn’t bite!” Morality said smiling

“That’s because I can’t move.” Stitch pointed out. now it was Moralitys turn to cough out his “tea.”

Logan smiled. Maybe tea parties and Stitch weren’t so bad after all.

zoo animals (the mill stories)


Notes: Part 2 of The Mill Stories:

Liv, Aaron and Rob watch a movie on the couch on a Friday night.

This one is for @jenisnotherenow. She prompted Liv watching Aaron and Rob cuddles and I ran with it a bit. I hope you still like it!


It’s weird and they’re at it again. The ‘half sofa cuddle’ as she likes to call it.

She should be used to it by now but there’s also something kind of fascinating about it, like watching animals at a zoo. It’s how she feels sometimes; that pane of glass often feels so thick and impenetrable. Living with two blokes who are gross in their love is something she gets teased a little bit at school for but it doesn’t mean shit - they don’t see what she sees.

Yeah, it’s obvious her brother is not the conventional caregiver. He’s crap at ironing and once accidentally dyed one of her pale blue jumpers into a splotchy navy mess but he also makes a killer bacon butty and gives the best hugs. Robert’s the same; he’s an idiot. He’s also terrible at plenty of stuff including, you know, being normal but then he’ll sit for as long as she needs him to when school work is hard or will protect the people he loves with the kind of ferocity you should be scared of.

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