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The “baking” or “cooking” trend is nothing new in the make up world, in fact, It has been used in the drag queen community for years now. I think this technique’s popularity real hit mainstream after Kim K. released those pictures of her make up artist’s contouring process where he seems to bake her make up. At any rate, it is not a difficult process if you are willing to have some down time. Give it a try and find your best wait time and balance of powder and concealer so you don’t get that caked on look.

I bake my foundation but not in the same way. I apply my foundation and let it sit for 30 minutes or so before I apply (regular amount) of matte powder to the typical areas. Then before I leave home I lightly brush the make up to remove excess product and keep it blended. Make up tends to always look better after it has time to self blend and oxidize so I don’t apply setting spray to my whole look until right before I leave the house.

*** also step 5 part 1 should say “extra powder” not access powder I am sorry***


When you know you are going to sweat there is no point for a full face look. It’s just a waste of time and money *deep sigh* but you can still have some make up fun even in the blazing heat. I truly believe that these 5 products can be your summer saviors to get you through it all! Little effort but maximum payoff :) 

* I was going to put a brow product in here but that is more of a preference product than a staple. I think either a brow pomade has the most stay power and you can chose how much or how little you want to use