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X- Black Heads

X- Start a Skincare Routine 

X- Lets talk about ACNE 

X- Cellulite and Stretch Marks 

X- Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

X- Facial Mask 

X- Applying Foundation Basics 

X- Dissecting The Cleanser Isle  

X- DIY Skin Boosting 

X- Cleanser for Every Face 

X- Moisturizer For Everyone  

X- How To: Go To The Dermatologist 

X- DIY Foundation 

X- DIY Serum 

X- Before You Sleep Checklist 

X- Make Up Remover 

X- How To Properly Wash Your Face 

X- Oily Skin 

X- Map Your Facial Acne 

X- Activated Coal and it’s Benefits 

X- Shaving Your Face

X- Natural Alternative to Beaded Cleansers 

X- DIY Make Up Pads 

X- Turmeric Mask 

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At BSD  // February 11th, 2016

Lottie wore this flannel, this bomber jacket and these socks (please give me credit) all from Topshop, these Adidas sneakers, this ring and this bracelet both from Pandora and this SkinnyDip case.