tearz naboo

I Wonder..

Sometimes I wonder if any of this is real, sometimes I wonder how you really feel.

I wonder if I even want to know, I hope its how I do because I couldn’t let you go.

I wonder how much the truth will hurt me, I wonder if all of this is even worth it, then I wonder how did u get so perfect, so beautiful that u make this talkative writer speak so wordless.

I know you wonder too if I mean what I say, I wonder how can i make your pain go away.

I wonder will I find true love or be stuck in this matrix of bad luck and broken dreams. I know everything isn’t what it seems but it feels right so it has to be real life, right? 

I wonder.

So we’re dropping a tape on New Years of all unreleased songs when we went as “White Flag”. Funny thing this is our first and last tape as White Flag. But don’t worry as the Lotus Republic we have plenty of great songs and stories to share with our fans, brand new music coming very soon. I really believe 2014 will be a good year for us. Hopefully you’re around to watch the growth. Happy Christmas Eve.