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poc!potterweek event: (day six - marauders era) 

each breath was harder to get out as the realization that j a m e s was gone. it was a concept sirius had never thought he would ever have to live through, and now that it was here he wished he could have left with his best mate. his entire world vanished, and now there left nothing. it was the end of the marauders, end of their era.    


Yessir, That’s Our Baby - S8 E15


Karasuno stage play actors ( *´艸`*)✨


10/10 : Happy birthday, Naruto! ♥

I’m Naruto Uzumaki! What I like is ramen, especially the Ichiraku Ramen. What I dislike is the three minute wait after you pour in the boiling water. My hobbies are eating ramen. And my dream…is to be the greatest Hokage! That way, people will stop disrespecting me and start treating me like I’m somebody. Someone important!!


Don’t say a word. I know what happened. And I know why you did it. How you’re feeling right now…I think I know. So don’t be anxious. I won’t ever run away.


Chihayafuru Week Day 7 / Bonus: Favorite Scene + Red

Chihaya sees Oumi Jingu for the first time. [Ch. 20]

When I started reading the manga around 2 years ago, this was the first scene that really moved me. I loved how the color of the shrine connects to her card as well as standing in front of the place meant that Chihaya’s slowly getting closer to her dream. IT’S. JUST. SO. BEAUTIFUL.

Although I do think that the anime did a great job in presenting this scene, I still choose the manga over it due to a very minor detail. ;)