Life is behind and in front of me
My tears whisper the song
That you need to sing
To get to know real me
We know eachother long time ago
But I cant hear your heartbeat

Ive got many guests here
But they dont really know me
They think they are in
But they are standing at the door
And waiting for the tea
And its vainly

I wont tell my secrets
I make them see
What they want to see
It seems like Im crazy
But sometimes I want it
Am I a good actor

I play an evil who I want to be
But I dont have enough power to feel
S I just make me to be saved
By saint hemlock
That Ive just started to get to know
In this little worthless moment

I would cry but why should I
My hemlock is enough strong
No more tears are needed
To forget everything
That Ive ever wanted
I hit them in the dust

Untill someone comes (nobody)
And gets over the door
And gives me that tea
Gift to a hob from a hob
Tear thats fallen in the dust
Makes life easy

It will be my destiny
Cause its important
Not to let anyone in
Not even your love
Otherwise walls will fall down
And the world will be yours

The world thats a big onus
And you dont have place to hide
You are the misery
You are refuge
And you are always thinking about
Was it he right choise

Let noone over the door
Not even your love
And hide your heart
Into the dust
From that you were born
Burk it

Let noone over the door
Not even your love
Your tears whisper the song
That you need to sing
To make others away
Who could make your walls falling down

Adam Somogyi

fall to do list:

make cream soups (pumpkin, cauliflower, mushroom, carrot….)

find the best present for W name day

eat fruits: pear, grape, apple,fig…

enjoy the last sun rays

make some fall diy, decor

find a job :P

burn cadles

collect chestnuts

drink spicy teas

do some fall makeup, nails

drink greens smoothies

listen fall music

play board games, card games with W

walking in the river side/ forest

hot chocholate

go to the Oázis