i burned my mattress in the backyard,
the tomb for all of the love that we made.
i watched the flames swallow all of the secrets we once shared,
our late nights, our laughter, our tears.  
the fire devoured everything that our love once stood for.
in the smoke the sparks looked like stars,
and i swear they began to spell out your name
i felt my throat get tight
as if you were closing your first around it,
but i just blamed it on the smoke.
and in front of me i watched everything i thought we were,
everything i thought we would be
turn to ashes.
—  “mattress” k.m.k
170919 BTS’ Tweet

오늘은 DNA와 봄날과 피땀눈물과 불타와 아니쥬 런 쩔어 등등등을 전부 프로듀싱하신 우리 갓독 @pddogg 형의 생일입니다 사랑해요 형 🎂💕

Today, (he who) produced (the tracks) DNA, Spring Day, Blood Sweat & Tears, Fire, I Need U, Run, Dope and so on and on it’s our God-Dogg @pddogg hyung’s birthday. I love you hyung 🎂💕

Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans

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This post will be updated in case better quality fancams get shared online

  • America: okay, here’s another question: what would you do if the building is on fire?
  • Germany: call the ambulance, get everyone to a safe location, then try to cover the smoke from entering the room.
  • France: make sure my hair doesn’t frizz-up, and blame the fire on England.
  • Italy: … cry?
  • Japan: use Italy-kun’s tears to put out the fire?
  • Romano: sleep the problem away.
  • Prussia: look awesome for the news crew!
  • China: make food if the fire’s during lunchtime.
  • Canada: slowly…walk away-
  • Russia: play with fire~~
  • England: …good God how are we still alive????

i’ve decided that since i read probably way too much fic i’m going to start a huge-ass rec list of my favourites. ones marked with a are my ultimate faves, ones marked with a * are WIPs and i’ve written little notes next to the fics that really left an impression on me. i will be adding to this list as i read new fics! 

categories under the cut: post-canon / canon divergence / AUs / one-shots / PWP

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VENEZUELA. Caracas. April 6, 2017. A demonstrator protects himself after a tear gas canister fired by police riot crashed against his skateboard during a protest. Tens of thousands of demonstrators shut down Venezuela’s capital on Thursday, blocking the city’s main artery to protest what they call an attempted coup by the socialist administration.

Photograph: Fernando Llano/AP

170919 BTS_twt’s Tweet

오늘은 DNA와 봄날과 피땀눈물과 불타와 아니쥬 런 쩔어 등등등을 전부 프로듀싱하신 우리 갓독 @pddogg 형의 생일입니다 사랑해요 형 🎂💕

Today is God Dog, who has produced all of DNA, Spring Day, Blood Sweat & Tears, FIRE, I NEED U, Run, DOPE, etc etc etc., @pddogg hyung’s birthday. I love you hyung 🎂💕

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
© Please take credit when taking out


(From left to right: Suga, V, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Rap Monster, J-Hope)

BTS (방탄소년단),also known as Bulletproff Boy Scouts (not anymore tho) or Beyond The Scene, is a boy group created by the Agency “Big Hit Entertainment” on June 13th 2013.
Their Fandom Name is A.R.M.Y aka Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.
Their official colors are Silver and Black.
The group consists of 7 members: Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook ,  V and Jimin
Some of their famous songs are:
Blood Sweat & Tears, Not Today, Danger, Fire, Save Me, War Of Hormone, Etc…

Now for the members:

Rap Monster:

Stage Name // Rap Monster (랩몬스터)
Real Name // Kim Nam Joon (김남준)
Also known as // RM, Monnie, God of destruction, daddy- wait what
Birth Date // 12 September, 1994
Role // Lider, Rapper  (dance monster lololol jk).
Height // 181cm (daddy long legs)
Weight // 64kg
Zodiac Sign // Virgo
Pets // 🐶

- He is the only one who can talk English like a pro (u got no jams)
- He was an underground rapper
- He studied in New Zealand
- He shares a room with V
- In twitter he usually uploads photos of some of the aesthtic outfits he wears using the hashtag KimDaily (in korean lol) or he shares songs with the hashtag RMusic.

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Stage Name // Suga (슈가)
Real Name // Min Yoon Gi (민윤기)
Also Known As // Min Suga, My husband- wait what, SG
Birth Date // 9 March, 1993
Role // Rapper
Height // 174 cm
Weight // 57kg
Zodiac Sign // Piscis
Pets // 🐶

- He played basketball in a team
- He loves Kumamon
- He usually sleeps a lot during the day, because he works overnight.
- He has his own mixtape “AGUST D” yo that shit is fire check it out
- He looks grumpy and done with everyone’s shit on the outside but on the inside he is the purest fluff ball protect

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Stage Name // J-Hope (제이홉)
Real Name // Jung Ho Seok (정호석)
Also Known As // Hobi, You hope, Ur angel :):), Sunshine, JH
Birth Date // 18 February, 1994
Role // Main Dancer, Rapper
Height // 177cm
Weight // 59kg
Zodiac Sign // Aquarius
Pets // 🐶

- He is like, the happy virus of the group, our sunshine yaknow
- He has a digital single of soundcloud (still waiting for Hixtape tho)
- He usually does alot of aegyo on cameras, but he is not like that in real life
- He dances likE A GOD
- ummm he is a little precious sunshine protect

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Stage Name // Jin (진)
Real Name // Kim Seok Jin (김석진)
Also Known As // Third Guy From The Left, Car Door Guy, Worldwide Handsome, Eomma Jin, Jinnie, J
Birth Date // 4 December, 1992 (he is the oldest)
Role // Visual, Vocal
Height // 179cm
Weight // 60kg
Zodiac Sign // Sagitarius
Pets // 🐶, Namjoo- wait what

- He loves Mario
- He loves pink
- He is the mom of the group
- Google Jin’s laugh you’ll die of laughter lmao
- He cooks like a pro

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Stage Name // Jimin (지민)
Real Name // Park Ji Min (박지민)
Also known as // Chim Chim, Christian Chim Chim, Mochi, JM
Birth Date // 13 October 1995 (21 years old)
Role // Vocal, Dancer
Height // 173cm
Weight // 60kg
Zodiac Signs // Libra
Pets // he had one but he passed away :(

- He is a smol bean protect
- He can go from “hello sir nice to meet you” to “ur daughter calls me daddy too” REAL QUICK
- but still he is a soft ball
- He dances like a god
- His smile is angelic

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Stage Name // Jungkook (정국)
Real Name // Jeon Jungkook (전정국)
Also nown as // Jungkookie, kookie, golden maknae, maknae, Nochu, JK
Birth Date // 1 September 1997
Role // Vocal, Dancer, Rapper (before)
Height // 179mc
Weight // 61kg
Zodiac Sign // Virgo
Pets // 🐶

- He is the golden maknae because he can do everything
- He loves overwatch and Charlie Puth
- He doesen’t like being called “oppa”
- I mean he rude, the amount of disrespect is immense but he still a baby pls protec
- I think (we all do lol) he has a white tee shirt collection

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Stage Name // V (뷔)
Real Name // Kim Tae Hyung (김태형)
Also Known as // Tae, TaeTae
Birth Date // 30 December 1995
Role // Visual, Vocal
Height // 178cm
Weight // 58kg
Zodiac Sign // Capricorn
Pets // 🐶🐱

- everytime looks more r00d like stop with the tooongue
- He is cute af
- But also alot of disrespec
- He is extra (sometimes)
- Claims to be Vincent Van Gogh

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