Newt Imagine #20: Kids

Okay so this one does not take place in the glade. But I still hope you like it! Also this is the 20th imagine! What a time to celebrate! Also I’m so sorry it’s posted so late! I had writers block😔

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Warnings: Kisses, fluff, and a little smut (ya nasties😘)

Y/D/N- Your Daughters Name

Y/N’s Point of View

I open my eyes to see Newt staring back at me, “Good morning, baby.”

“Morning, Newt.” I smile back.

I had found out I was two weeks pregnant, and I wanted to surprise my husband with the big news, but I didn’t know how.

I peck his lips and get up to go to work. But before I can even sit up, I puke all over the blankets.

“Y/N!” He yells getting off the bed and going into the bathroom.

I just sit there on the bed puking and hurling last nights dinner.

Newt ran back out with a trash can and fixed me to where I was sitting at the edge of the bed throwing chunks into the can. Then Newt picks up the blankets and takes them to the laundry room, and came back with a towel.

After I finished, Newt went downstairs to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water, “Here you go, love.”

“Thanks, Newt.” I smile weakly.

“Are you okay, baby girl?” He asked rubbing my back, sitting next to me.

“Y-Yeah. I’m fine.” I stutter.

“Are you sure, darling? You don’t look so well. Want me to stay?”

“No. I’ll be fine. I promise.” I say looking at him.

Then I feel another one come up, turning to the trash.

“Y/N. I’m staying home. There is no way your staying like this all by yourself. I’ll call in sick.” He stands up and grabs his phone.

“It’s okay, Newt. I’ll be fine. Please go to work.” I say avoiding direct eye contact, as I took a sip of water and wiped my mouth with the towel.

“Y/N. Your not telling me something.” He says sitting back down ending the call. “Why don’t you want me to stay home, Y/N?”

“Because… I’m pregnant.” I whisper.

“You’re WHAT?” He exclaimed. A small smile playing on his lips.

"I’m pregnant, Newt! We-we’re pregnant.” I smiled, tears running down my cheeks.

He looked deep into my eyes, cupped my face and kissed my lips. I flutter my eyes closed and melt into the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck, smiling into the kiss.

-Nine months later-

"Agh!” I yelled in massive pain.

“Just a little more, Y/N! Your doing great. Push. Push.” I hear the nurse say.

I look to Newt and there he was smiling back at me, “You’re doing so good, baby girl.” He said squeezing my hand for reassurance. Then…

There it was. The most beautiful sound I could ever hear. The baby had been crying.

“Congratulations, Newt and Y/N. Say hello to your beautiful baby girl.” The nurse said wrapping the tiny baby in a pink blanket.

Newt and I looked at her. Then we looked at each other. He smiled at me and I smiled back, then turned to see the nurse holding our little bundle of joy.

“Want to hold her, Y/N?” He asks.

I just nod speechless. At the first touch, I felt the tiniest of sparks. I was holding onto my new life at this very moment. Newt leaned in, “She’s so beautiful.” He spoke softly, looking into her eyes.

“What should we name her?” I ask Newt.

“How about, Y/D/N?”

“I love it!”

Then we look back to our sleeping child, smiling. I feel Newt turn my face and kiss my lips, “I love you Y/N. You did great.”

“I love you too, Newt.”

The door opened, “Can we see her?” Minho asks with Thomas and Brenda right behind him.

I nod yes, and they all rush in. Newt shushes them and they all walk in quietly.

-Five years later-

“Mummy!” I hear Y/D/N yell.

I hear her footsteps walk into the kitchen, “Yes, Y/D/N?”

“When will Uncle Thomas and Aunt Brenda be here? I wanna go to the water park already!”

I giggle and squat to her level, “They’ll be here soon. Don’t worry. Now go get your stuff ready.” I smile at her.

She smiles back and runs off back up the stairs.

It was a Saturday morning in the Newton house, and Y/D/N was going to the water park with Thomas and Brenda and their son, Tommy. As for me and Newt, we were going to have some alone time the whole day.

Ever since Y/D/N was born we hadn’t had a day off to ourselves, and we really needed some ‘grown up’ time. So we asked Thomas and Brenda to take her to the water park with then and their son, who had been Y/D/N’s best friend.

Luckily they said yes, and today would be it.

While I was washing the last of the dishes, I heard Y/D/N and Newt walking down the stairs. Suddenly a knock came to the door.

“It’s them, it’s them!” Y/D/N yelled.

I turn off the faucet, dry my hands and walk over to Newt picking her up and opening the door.

“Hey Tommy, Brenda. Hey Junior.” Newt says putting Y/D/N down. Only for her to run to Tommy Jr.

“Hey guys.” I join him.

“Thanks for taking her to the park. She’s been talking about it all week.” Newt says.

“Yeah. Non stop actually.” I giggle.

“No problem. We’ll have her back by nine.” Brenda smiles.

Y/D/N gives us a hug and kiss and then leaves with them.

Newt’s Point of View

I closed the door, and wrap my arms around my lovely wife and pull her close, “We’ve got all day. Want to do something productive?”

“Like?” She smirks, twirling around to face me.

“Jumping on the bed, or fixing the bed, or having sex on the bed. Pick one.” I tell her.

“I have one number three please.” She giggles pressing her lips on mine, arms wiggling around my torso.

I grab her bum and give it a little squeeze and she squeals. She moves her arms around my neck, and she jumps, legs wrapping around me. She then kisses me once again, soon things heat up quickly.

I kick our door open and I walk in still kissing Y/N. I close the door behind us and lead her to our bed and fall on her, “Let’s make another baby.” I joke around.

She playfully rolls her eyes pulls me in for a heated passionate kiss. She unwraps her legs and pushes me off and starts to strip. I look at her hungrily and I do the same.

-Three weeks later-

I came home from work to see Y/N and Y/D/N sitting in the kitchen talking.

“Daddy!” Y/D/N yells, as she runs to me.

“How’s daddy’s little girl doing?”

“Good! Lots of reading and playtime!” She smiles widely.

“What about you, love? How was your day?”

“Good. In fact I have news for the both of you!” Y/N exclaims.

I put my daughter down and we both take a seat at the table.

“Today mommy went to the doctor, and she found out some really good news!” She pauses, “Mommy’s pregnant!”

My eyes widen and I get up, “No!” I say surprise smiling.

“Yes!” She smiles.

“How long, love?”

“Three weeks. I didn’t even know until I went today.” She says standing up.

I walk over to her and pick her up and twirl her around. I then put her down and hide my head in the crook of her neck and give her little kisses, like I always do.

Suddenly I hear running. I look up to see a sad Y/D/N sitting on the first step. She had this little pouty face and I look back to Y/N.

We both walk over to Y/D/N, “Honey, are okay?” I ask sitting next to her.

“No.” She says with that little British voice of hers.

“Y/D/N. Aren’t you glad? Your going to get a new brother or sister.” Y/N tries, kneeling in front of her.

“No. What if you love them more than me?” She squeals, flailing her small arms.

“Oh. Y/D/N.” I sigh picking her up and sitting her on my lap, “We will never love him or her more than you. Remember, we need to share the love, okay, baby?”

She nods yes and she wraps her small arms around mine and Y/N’s necks and smushed our faces together, smiling widely.

When Y/D/N went to bed, I walked into our room to see Y/N in bed reading a book. I smirk at how sexy she looked. Y/N always looked sexy reading a book. In face she always looked sexy doing anything. I strip out of my clothes and stay in my boxers, and jump on the bed, “Ready, baby girl?”

She closes her book and smirks back at me, “You bet I am.”

I kiss her soft lips passionately and pull her close, making my way for her neck.

Suddenly the door opens, and I stop.

“Mummy, daddy. I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you tonight?” Y/D/N pouts.

“Of course, Princess.” I smile.

Y/N opens the blanket to let Y/D/N in and soon the small child is fast asleep, right in between us.

“I love you, Y/D/N, and I love you, Y/N.” I smile at my very beautiful wife.

“I love you too, Newt.” She smiles back.

Then I turn off the lamp and we all go to sleep.

Note: I apologize for it being so very late. I had no clue on what to write, but I think this one came out pretty good! Okay bye💖

funny story

i once went on a date with a guy. it started of really fairytale-like, he “picked me up at 8” and everything, told me I looked pretty (my hair was baaad back then). anyway, we went to the movies to watch the hunger games 2 or something. i’m a bit of an emotional person, and I don’t like that because I’m afraid people think I’m a dramaqueen (i’m not making that up, i won second place in the “biggest dramaqueen award” 2014 yearbook), so i decided that no matter what, i wouldn’t cry. so there we were, watching the movie, me fighting back my tears. finally the lights went back on and I was so excited that i didnt cry. then, i heard a sobbing noise from the seat next to me. it was my date. tears running down his face. after a few weeks we decided we didn’t fit together. i see him walking down the street every now and then, the winner of the 2015’s biggest dramaqueen award

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s going to work anymore,” he said.
You’ll listen to those words, and you’re going to expect silent tears rolling down your cheeks, you’re going to expect a stab of pain that pierces through your heart, you’re going to expect your lips to get dry, your face to turn pale and a swirl of dizziness that makes you want to run and hide, and forget everything he had said. Instead of all that, you just stood there and felt numbness. You wanted to say, “I don’t understand”, but there’s a voice in your head that says, “Darling, I already know.”
Instead of breaking down, you my friend, will glance at that familiar face for one last time. In your mind, you will tell yourself that you will be ready for the sleepless nights and the “what if” thoughts. You will be ready to stop spending your 11:11 wishes on the possibilities you’ve had hoped to experience with him. You will be ready to stop missing the way he runs his fingers through your hair and how he tells you that you are the best person he has ever met. You will be ready to stop the midnight conversations, and forget every single goddamn moment you’ve had with him. You are so ready to do so, that you are not even trying to persuade him to change his mind, because you’ve known heartbreak like it’s your best friend, and I know that for you, it’s just another ending of a tragedy love story.
—  poemsfeeling (Instagram)

Karl Pilkington getting a champagne cork shot at his head


Submitted by: http://sarahjen90.tumblr.com/

Length: Long

I was alone in the hallway, watching nurses and doctors run back and fourth in the busy ICU. Behind me I could hear my mother’s sobs and my grandmother’s labored breathing.

She was finally leaving us, my grandmother. After her slow fight with cancer, this was finally the end.

I had gotten here before my mother. Held my grandmother’s hand before she slipped into unconsciousness. Neither of us had said a word, instead listening to my cousin making what seemed like endless calls to relatives out in the hall. She seemed fine with me having nothing to say, her eyes watching calmly as my cousin walked in and out of the room between calls. The room was almost peaceful, that is before my mother rushed in, tears and snot running down her face. That’s when I made my escape out to the chairs in the hallway.

“Your eyes are awfully dry for such a place, my dear,” a voice says from beside me.

My eyes snap up from the cold floor to be met with a pair of warm green eyes.

“I guess,” I shrug, curious as to when this woman had sat beside me. She looked as if she’d been here awhile, yet I hadn’t noticed her.

“I would think you’d be crying, as your mother is,” she motions a graceful hand to the doorway beside me.

I nod, because she’s right, yet I can not find the tears. “She’s been ready to go for awhile now,” is the best justification for my dry eyes that I can give. Which I suppose is better than the truth, that I truly have no emotion about what is occurring in the room behind me.

“That she has,” this random woman agrees. How does she know this? Or know my relation to the sobbing woman?

“Do I know you?” I ask, studying her features. She doesn’t look familiar. She’s stunning, with auburn hair, and welcoming green eyes. She reminds me of spring, and the promise of something more.

She laughs lightly, “Everyone knows me, Lexi.”

That clears nothing up, and my confusion is increased by the fact that she knows my name.

“I’m afraid I don’t,” I inform her. Maybe she’s famous, I wouldn’t know never caring to keep up with pop culture. But if she was, how would she know so much about my family?

“Oh, but Lexi you do. We met a few years ago, May 21, 2003 to be exact.” Her eyes are sharper now, mildly less pleasant than they were moments before.

I pause at the mention of the day I lost my father, how would I not remember someone I met on a day like that?

“I don’t remember meeting you,” I say, studying her features more and more. Slowly she’s becoming less soft, and more sharp edged.

“Well, we didn’t speak then, as we are now. And I’m sure you saw me rather differently at such a young age.” She shrugs, a careless shrug that has me wondering where her warmth went.

“But…” I start pausing as she looks past me. I follow her gaze to watch my cousin walking out of the room again. He’s once more talking on the phone. He gives me and the woman an odd look, nodding to me and ignoring her. Slowly he wanders off and I turn back to the woman.

It’s apparent my cousin did not recognize her either, so I’m sure she isn’t a family friend. “Who are you?”

She stands as she answers, “An end to things you know. A thing to love and hate. Something begged for and pleaded against. I am what some call a blessing, and others a curse.” With that she smiles at me, and walks into my grandmother’s room.

“Who was that creepy man?” My cousin whispers to me, hanging up his phone.

I glance at him confused, but before I can answer we hear my mother scream, and my grandmother’s monitor flat line.

Credits to: http://sarahjen90.tumblr.com/


Beautiful Ianto Jones video is Beautiful!