13 year old on a post: idk if u have heard of a band called panic! at the disco

me: *stares into the distance* *single tear runs down my face*

Suddenly, I saw you in an unexpected place. My world slowly stop moving and beats of my heart is the only thing that I heard and pain is all I’ve ever felt. Didn’t notice the tears run down on my face. The worst part is you hold his hand so tight while Looking at him with your sweetest smile, just the way you looked at me.

also during this rough fandom time at least we can always trust in jimins undying love + support of taehyung (and vice versa!)

like jimin is always there to help taehyung feel better and you can tell how much he genuinely loves taehyung and wants him to feel happy, safe and loved, jimin cares about taehyung so much its unreal, their friendship and their love for one another is a thing of beauty

they somehow always know when the other is upset or unhappy (esp in front of others where they cant really show it) and theyre always doing little things for each other to help take away the sadness, whether its jimin assuring taehyung 100% the reason hold me tight placed 2nd after i need u was because it was a super good song, or taehyung making sure jimin is eating well esp when he talks badly abt his own body, theyre literally always looking out for each other

jimin and taehyung actually love each other so much and its the reason i live

expectant dad!Calum would include
  • him passing out when you told him you were pregnant even though you’d been actively trying for a baby
  • leaving him to wake up from the kitchen floor with the pregnancy test on his chest so he can figure out what happened
  • tearing up with a huge calum smile on his face when he chokes out ‘we’re having a baby hood then?’
  • blocking calum from all of his social media accounts for weeks because you know fine well that he will spill the beans too early
  • sitting his and your parents down and making them watch the video of you both at the doctors that calum filmed on his phone
  • my baby’s having a baby’
  • buying too many vitamins for just one pregnant woman so now he’s practically running a drug cartel
  • the bump would finally be visible on your abdomen, first noticed when your husband would feel it under his hand one morning
  • ‘babe you need to wake up, someone has decided to shoooow’
  • putting up an instagram post with a picture of that stupid turtle babygrow he bought, with your due date and a love heart as the caption
  • reaching a certain stage in your pregnancy where seeing him, especially topless and laying in bed looking up baby names, turned you on
  • ‘cal, you know how you said you’d do anything for me and the baby?’
  • him having no problem helping you out with your sexual needs
  • ‘anything to keep my babies happy and healthy, right?’
  • Calum crying at e v e r y hospital appointment
  • keeping the gender a surprise, with him using that excuse to buy plenty custom made band onesies
  • blowing raspberries on your swollen belly in the hope that the baby will kick
  • ‘NOTHING GOES WITH HOOD, our child will be nameless’
  • finding it oddly sexy that you can eat the same amount of food he usually does and more
  • laying in bed talking about the future
  • ‘I hope our lil bean knows we love ‘em, cause they’re the best thing that’s happened to us’
  • him spending the afternoon in the nursery, sweating in the summer sun as he pieces together the complicated crib
  • realising its all worth it when he sees you singing one of his songs to the baby as you flick through a magazine in the living room, making passing comments on how ‘your daddy wrote this song for me’ and, ‘i’m sure he’d write one for you too one day’
  • the baby kicking ALL NIGHT against calum’s back because if you have to feel uncomfortable then dammit so should he
  • ‘i hate your child, calum hood’
  • you’re welcome’
  • calling the baby ‘lovebug’ or 'bean’
  • Thinking you’re a goddess with your new baby body
  • Calum going to sleep every night with the view of you curled up next to him, bump protected by your hand which flashes your wedding ring
  • I’m the luckiest man alive’
  • Nobody being surprised when Hood junior arrives exactly 9 months after your husbands birthday

On days where running sucks, I try to remember all of the reasons that keep me going. This crazy sport is a true test of patience, self-discipline, and heart.
When I feel down, I think of the races where my mom was waiting for me at the finish line, arms wide open, tears streaming down her face because she “had no idea I could run this fast”.
I think of the last 200 meters of my conference championship 10k, and my coach sprinting from one side of the track to the other screaming “Hannah, you’re gunna break them! You can do it!”
I think of hearing my name being called by the announcer as I moved into second place at Raleigh Relays.
I think of the 13 mile runs where I felt like I was flying, that were just me, my crazy mind, and the road.
I think of the feeling of getting my All-American medal put around my neck for the first time. I think about what it was like to hold it in my hands, and take pictures of me wearing it.
I think about the good times, but I think about the bad times too. It’s easy to do it because of all the good times. But remembering the days of mile repeats on the track under the hot summer sun are important too.
I remember collapsing onto the track after a terrible workout.
I remember tempo runs that felt arguably harder than racing a 10k.
I remember how badly and how many times I wanted to stop, but I didn’t.
I never quit.
And no matter what I achieve, or what accolades I earn, none will ever match the tremendous amount of pride I have in the fact that I built myself up to where I am now.
This was all me. I dedicated myself. I spent every single day of the past 3 years working towards this and I never gave up. And that is the greatest accomplishment of all.


Karl Pilkington getting a champagne cork shot at his head


Beautiful Ianto Jones video is Beautiful! 

Sweetness -A Sam Wilkinson Imagine- (Requested)

I looked at the positive test in my hand and I couldn’t believe it was really happening, I wasn’t afraid of being a mother but I knew that this would be an obstacle in Sam’s singing career.
I wanted the best for him because he was the person I loved the most in life, and I didn’t want him to stop doing what he liked because of an unplanned pregnancy.
Yeah, I was young too but I wasn’t a teenager anymore so I knew I would work my way out with a baby, because I was more than sure that I wanted to have this baby.
I tried to think for several hours about what could I do about this and the only option I had brought tears to my eyes knowing that it would still hurt Sam, but it was the best for him and his future.
I heard the front door open so I quickly washed my face cleaning the mascara running down my face.
Soon I heard steps outside the bathroom, into our room and when I opened the door I was greeted with a smiling Sam, a smile that soon faded away when he saw my serious and maybe even sad expression.
“Baby girl, what’s wrong?” He looked concerned at this point and I felt really bad about what I was going to do but there was no going back.
“We have to talk Sam.” I tried to smile at him, but all I did was bring tears into my eyes when I saw how pale he turned and how scared he looked.
We both sat on the edge of the bed and I took his hands into mines gently stroking my thumbs over his knuckles, knowing it was something that would make him calm down.
“Sam, I know you won’t take this well, but I think we should go on our sepparate ways.” A tear slipped from my eye but I quickly wiped it away before he could see it.
“Baby, tell me what I did wrong and I swear to God i’ll do everything to make it okay for you.” He got on his knees in front of me with his hands holding mines tightly.
“Sammy, i’m doind it for your career and your future. It’s the best for you and i’m doing it because I care and I love you.”
He closed his eyes while shaking his head in disapproval.
“It’s not the best for me for God’s sake! I love you and the best for me is being next to you. How the fuck do you think i’m supposed to be okay with what you’re telling me? If you would really care about me you wouldn’t be doing this.” His face was now red and tears were running down his face uncontrollably while he got up walking towards the wall that was in front of the bed.
I just stood in the same place crying my heart out and feeling like I couldn’t breathe.
“Fuck!” He threw his fist into the wall, and his knuckles immediatly started beeling, making me gasp.
I got up walking next to him, but he quickly walked out leaving me alone in the middle of the room feeling like everything around me was spinning.
I got my suitcase from under the bed and I started packing all of my clothes, while thinking about what just happened.
When I had all of my things packed I started walking down the stairs seing Sam on the couch with his head resting in his hands and he was sobbing.
It broke my heart seing him like this but I couldn’t change anything now.
When I was about to open the front door he got up walking towards me and cupping my face with his hands.
“Baby, you don’t have to do this, I love you with everything in me and I swear to God that if you leave you’ll rip my heart.” I couldn’t say anything because i knew that I would end up hurting him more.
More tears started streaming down his face when I didn’t say anything and I couldn’t stand seing him like this, a man who could always control his emotions basically breaking in front of me.
“I understand. But give me one kiss, one last kiss so i’ll remember the sweetness of your lips.” I couldn’t deny him what he wanted so I started leaning in until my lips were pressed to his in the most consuming and loving kiss we ever shared.


2 years have passed by since everything happened and I have now a beautiful little girl named Sabrina Elle who is 1 year old and she definetly is my pride and joy.
It was a heart pain seeing how every day she looked more like her daddy, but she was absoulutely mesmerizing.
I ended up thinking a lot about what would have happened if I told Sam the truth, and I regreted a bit not doing it but maybe it was for the best.
I was still living in LA, in a cute little apartament that was more than enough for me and my baby.
Today we were going grocery shopping so I got dressed before dressing little Sabrina.
When we were both ready I buckled her into her baby carseat and then I started driving.
When we finally got there I picked her up, because lately she didn’t want to go in her stroller anymore so I was happy with her walking a bit next to me.
We started walking around and getting all the things we needed placing them in a cart.
I was trying to reach a higher shelf for some cereal so I had to let go of Sabrina’s hand.
I was still struggling to get the box when I heard some giggling behind me and I knew it was my baby. When I turned around I saw some boys playing with her and a smile grew on my face.
I looked a bit closer at the two boy and I recognized them, Sam and Nate. My heart stopped in that right moment and I didn’t know what to do anymore.
I saw Sam picking her up and walking towards me so i quickly turned around with my back towards them.
“Um miss I think this cute little baby girl is yours.” He tapped my shoulder but I froze in place and I felt like I wasn’t able to move.
I heard Sabrina calling me, because it was one of the little things she knew to say “mommy”, so that’s when I turned around and I saw Sam’s face drain of color when he saw me.
“Y/N?” He said that barely above a whisper and my heart sped up when I heard him saying my name.
“Yes Sam, it’s me.” I tried to show a small smile while I was looking at him hold Sabrina.
In that moment I felt like he wold be an amazing daddy and my heart melted at the sight.
Nate left us alone so we could talk, because damn we had a lot of things to talk about.
“Is she my daughter?” I didn’t expect him to realize it that quickly but I couldn’t deny it so I just nodded my head and when I did so he looked at Sabrina with such an adoration in his eyes.
“She’s my baby.” I could see now tears in his eyes as he looked at me again.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” I felt a lump in my throat and I knew that any second tears would start streaming down my face.
“I didn’t want it to get in the middle of your growing career and your lifestyle.” He started stroking her short hair while looking deeply into her eyes.
“You know I would have gave up on everything only to be able to hold her and call her mine.” He wiped away the tears that stained his face and then he placed a soft kiss on her forehead.
“I’m sorry.” I could barely get that out before tears started running down my face and I couldn’t control my sobs.
He came closer to me pulling me into a tight hug with my head resting on his chest.
When I looked up I could see Sabrina looking at us smiling and I couldn’t help but smile a bit too.
I knew the everything was going to be alright now, and I felt some kind of relief.
I looked at Sam again and he started leaning in until our lips met into a sweet and gentle kiss.
“After these 2 years I still remembered the sweetness of your lips.”

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Do you know what dying
feels like?
Like this: your thumb
running circles on my hand. Your
nails dragging up my
back. Every thrust, every
Like this, you see: your
fingers tucking a strand of
hair behind my ear. Your chest
catching the tears running down
my face and your
teeth grazing my earlobe when
you hold me closer in
the night.
Like this, do you understand: every
moment with you. Every flicker
of every heartbeat I put
my hand over. Every breath on
my neck and every time you
pause, just for a moment, just
one as you kiss my
forehead and exhale into
me and this, this
is death.
—  MEA CULPA, Venetta O.