tears on new year's eve

“Please don‘t cry on New Year‘s Eve“

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Each person is cuddled up with their own partner, meanwhile you‘re all on your own with a glass of red wine in your hand, seated on the single sofa at your parent‘s house, where everyone has gathered to celebrate the new year. Josh could‘t make, since he was still on the ‘Emotional Roadshow‘ World Tour, meaning you two will not spend the first seconds of 2017 together. 

Slowly, your family starts to make their way outside to have a better view of the fireworks. In a split second, there‘re only five minutes left of 2016. The thought of standing all on your own, while everybody else around you expresses their love to each other as soon as the the clock hits 00:00 isn‘t frankly pleasant, so you decide to observe the fireworks from the balcony of your old bedroom and make your way upstairs, leaving the alcoholic beverage on the table. You lean against the door frame while listening to the sound of people counting down, beginning at ten. 

Flashbacks of the past New Years Eves with Josh occupy your thoughts and hot streaks of tears slowly roll down your cheek. Out of sudden you feel two pairs of muscly arms sneaking around your waist, pressing your body against their chest.

“Please don‘t cry on New Year‘s Eve“ the person says resting their chin on your shoulder.

In a flash you turn around to no one other than your boyfriend who you thought was on the other side of the world. “You‘re here“ you mumble into Josh‘s shoulder with happy tears streaming down your face. “I couldn‘t stand the idea of not spending the first seconds of 2017 kissing you“

Other writings

  • Aries: Tearing up the dance floor to start 2016 off with some fresh moves
  • Taurus: Accidentally sleeps through it
  • Cancer: Excitedly staying up with Pisces
  • Leo: Sipping champagne while lowkey judging everyone
  • Virgo: Gets their New Year's kiss at midnight
  • Libra: The one kissing Virgo
  • Scorpio: Has had one too many drinks and is calling people out about what they did this year
  • Sagittarius: Yells "Happy New Year!" louder than EVERYONE
  • Capricorn: Getting everyone to shut up for the countdown bc they are SO READY for 2015 to end
  • Aquarius: Telling anyone who will listen what their New Year's resolutions are
  • Pisces: Staying up with Cancer but misses it rIGHT as the clock strikes midnight
Pentatonix singing on New Years Rockin Eve

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