tears of the proud city fan

To the Fireflies guy,

It’s incredible, that after every sad day, an Owl City song is still one of the only things that can put on smile on my face.That when heartbreak and unwanted change come my way, all I need to do is turn on an Adam Young song and a smile will suddenly reappear. For the six years that I’ve been a fan, Adam has never failed to be there for me. As though an Owl City song can simply wipe away the tears. And for that, I simply need to thank you, sweet Adam, for being such a wonderful and caring man and giving my life a sparkling glowing light for every sad night I’ve pass alone. Happy Birthday, Adam Young. I’m proud to call you my role model. Thank you for all the lessons that you’ve taught me through the years. To be forever young and to see beautiful things in absolutely everything. I see you in the paper air planes on my walls and in the flowers I pick on my way home. You’re a part of my carefree twirls to music at 2 in the morning and in the twinkles that shine in my eyes when I laugh. There was a time in my life where you were the one that taught me to be happy. Thank you Adam, for so much.