tears of joy obviously

Update: Happy Birthday!

• Hey guys! It’s my birthday! I woke up, started writing, and found out that my writers block is gone! I’m so excited it’s like my birthday wish came true.

• Anyways, I’m going to finish Frisky Part 2 and get that up for you peeps.

• Thanks for being so patient with me and giving me such sweet words. I love you all and wish you guys a good week!

Those are not tears of joy. Obviously. Guan Shan’s sweating like hell and all that. He’s still terrified of He Tian and it doesn’t seem like he has some sort of romantic feelings for him yet. He definitely wasn’t waiting for He Tian to kiss him (like some people say) and he is not happy about this. Idk this ship has a lot of potential and I’m not giving up on it but Guan Shan’s well-being is important to me. So I’m just uncomfortable with how this turned out.