tears of joy obviously

Klance back on Earth headcanons

(I told you all a lot of headcanons would be happening tonight…(to be fair it was in the tags of the last post…) but anyway here is some more klance because haha, I flipping love them crap! Anyway I hope these are good!)

.When they first return to Earth Lance obviously sees his family.
.Many tears and joy and just everything good on so many levels!
.Eventually Lance introduces Keith (they had been dating for awhile now in space as well as on Earth)
.Everyone is so welcoming and kind to him it is quite sweet!
.The littler siblings ask SO many questions!
.It is pretty adorable though!
.The older siblings ask less…
.Again everyone is very welcoming and kind!
.Lance on Earth as well is constantly pointing out that him and Keith are dating and it is an ongoing joke with his family now…
.They eventually move in together and THEY GET A BEANBAG!
.By Keith’s request…
.He had always wanted a bean bag and he finally got one!
.From Lance!
.It was even red how cute.
.However…due to Lance always sitting in it and stealing it Keith got him a blue one as well so they have matching bean bags.
.Neither of them can cook unfortunately…so takeout is a common occurrence…
.However Lance is trying to learn!
.(he doesn’t admit that he had the chance to learn how to cook form his family…but he wasn’t interested at all…)
.This proved bad for his younger siblings…
.But anyway he is learning!
.And Lance’s discovery of how much Keith loves reality TV is amazing and funny yet also horrifying…
.The real housewives of basically anywhere is a giant one…
.Like Keith will go on rants about how someone did this, or someone did that…
.While also saying that he doesn’t really care about It and that it is ‘so bad that it’s good’
.Sure thing Keith, sure thing.
They also go to the beach a lot!
.Lance loves it and Keith loves Lance so…
.They will often also get icecream which is nice!
.Lance always gets Mango and vanilla (strange combination but ya'know it works!)
.And Keith will always get mint and strawberry (again another strange combo but it tastes good)
.I am going to say that one time they take a trip to Australia and get cold rock because it is amazing! (Trust me if you haven’t had it you need to cold rock is SO good!)
.And with cold rock they always both get gummy bears…with everything it is mutual the gummy bears are the best!
.Another things that they have a lot are bath bombs (thanks to Lance!)
.Keith was…very skeptical of first of them but now they are amazing!
.And all the different types and they look so nice and smell so nice!
.The relaxation of not having to save the universe is nice…
.They also eventually get a dog!
.A golden Retriever called spoon!
.(Seriously don’t ask why it is called spoon…)
.But spoon is a very good dog!
.the end…I guess…


The Good Kind of Heartache

Rating: everyone
Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where he talks about his girlfriend (the reader) in an interview (as requested by anonymous)
Y/N = your name
Chris’ POV: 

I was getting comfortable in the chair that I was seated on, waiting patiently for the interviewer to make their way over to the interviewing room. She approached, greeted me, shook my hand, and sat down. Eventually, we were both wired with microphones and ready to go. 

The cameras started to film and the interviewer said, “Hey everyone, we have a special guest to interview today, here on MTV! The one and only, Chris Evans!” I smiled. “So Chris, tell us, are you excited to hear what people think of your new film, Before We Go?“ 

“Yeah, I am. Being my first film to direct, it was hard to act as well as direct. There was a lot of pressure at the start of filming because of this, but after a short period of time, we finally got the hang of it. I have to thank every crew member that helped produce the film, because I think that it was the sense of togetherness that actually put the film together.“ 

She nodded, listening to every word. She then asked me, "How was having Alice Eve as your co-star? Would you like to work with her in the future?" 

"Alice was great, she’s a talented actress. I think it would be pretty nice if I could act with her again." 

"So…has someone special stolen your heart yet?" 

I hesitated. Was I ready to tell people about Y/N and I’s relationship? I paused briefly, but decided to answer. "Well…uh, yeah. Y/N and I have been in a relationship for a year. We started dating when she finished filming for one of the TV shows she stars in." 

"Would you care to tell us more about Y/N?” The interviewer pressed on. 

“I can honestly say that she stole my heart. She’s different from other women, and that’s what I love about her. She’s beautiful, and I just…I can’t stop thinking about her. It gives me heartache!” I chuckled. 

“The good kind, right?” The interviewer laughed. 

“Undoubtedly, the good kind of heartache. I don’t know if I would have found someone to spend the rest of my life with if I hadn’t met Y/N. And that’s what I plan on doing,” I said and smiled. 

“So are we saying that Y/N is your wife-to-be?" 

"Well…I just need to find the right time." 

She turned to the camera and said, "Captain America is taken, ladies! One lucky woman has the key to his heart!" 

*Your POV ~ A couple of hours later, at the apartment that you and Chris shared* 

You had seen the interview on TV. It brought tears to your eyes. Tears of joy, obviously. He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. The rest of your lives….together!

And now you were just waiting for him to come home. 5 minutes later, you heard a knock on the door. You went to the door and unbolted it, opening it to see him stood before you. 

"Hey, honey,” he said, walking in and wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I love you so much, baby,” you told him, quite simply. By now, you were both stood by the closed door, entwined in each other’s arms, gazing into each other’s eyes. “I love you too,” he whispered before he kissed you. 

“I saw the interview,” you said, leading him by the hand into the living room. He discarded of his shoes and coat, and sat down on the couch. 

“You did?” He smiled. 

“Mmhmm,” you hummed, sitting down next to him. 

“Are you sure that you want to do that?" 

"Want to do what?” He smirked, knowingly. 

“Spend the rest of your life with me,” you said, grinning. 

“Of course I do, I’m certain I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” No more words were exchanged. You pulled him into a kiss, and the rest of the night was spent cuddling on the couch with a side dish of occasional kisses, with the one you loved.

anonymous asked:

Imagin, just fuckin IMAGINE, Orochimaru in a wedding dress. Like Ryuuishi was having none of this married shit but Orochi was just well FINE THEN, ill do it I GUESS. And he is the most serious diva man in a wedding dress 'bride' in the history of ever and shit all of Oto FUCKIN KNOWS that husband has like MAYBE a day to live cause black widow Orochi has shit to do. But the ceremony IS tasteful and lovely, even if the groom started to cry. Tears of joy, obviously.

Oh my god, bridezilla Orochimaru. Fuckin, he has the most beautiful and tasteful decorations, everything is perfect right down to the fucking weather itself. Even Orochimaru looks more androgynous and beautiful than ever, decked out in fine silks and tasteful jewels, refusing to use a set list of pronouns and just skipping all over the place.

By god, Ryuishi is fuckin moved, and she knows the ceremony is a farce, but she still ends up shedding an appropriate 4-5 tears in silence, because holy fuck, everything is so pretty. She gives Orochimaru away, and before she does, she leans up to kiss his cheek and call him a glorious psychopath. 

Orochimaru gliding around like the cat that got the cream the entire day. How could he not? The entire day is a celebration for him/her/them…and the partner, but to a lesser extent. Mostly Orochimaru. He gets wedding gifts from EVERBODY. Cutting edge technology from his peers, fine robes and delicacies from politicians, weapons from the ninja, and strangely enough, an incredibly nice kitchen set from Ryuishi.

( Kakashi-”Why did you give him a kitchen set?”

Ryuishi- “Look, where I come from, obviously people give very different gifts at weddings.”

Zabuza- “People didn’t give kitchen sets as gift in weddings in Kiri.”

Kisame- “Yah, traditionally, you gave armor and weapons or food. You know, for obvious reasons.”

Ryuishi- “How is any of that obvious???”)

People who bitch about the Church scene...

Until you have been personally hassled by the Westboro Baptist Church, you can not understand the true and fantastic GLORY that is the Church Scene from Kingsman. So, don’t judge and stop complaining about something you obviously don’t understand. 

I was literally in tears of joy the first time I watch that scene…and every time since.


Here we are. These are my four photo op from the JIBCON5. 

Ok, let’s make this clear: I was dying. He acted like a real goofy big brother, taking my wrists in his hands, cuddling me and saying sweet things. I was on the verge of tears (of joy obviously). He made me smile and when he swept me into his arms I just… l leaned forward and rested my head against his chest. I clearly remember thinking “I don’t care how the photo will come out, just let me stay here for a while”

I don’t have words for these two photos. I’m incredibly jealous about them ‘cause I keep playing in my head the exact moment I walked into that room and he was there hugging and smiling at the other fans. I was trembling and I had tears in my eyes. My mind sort of blacked out for a moment or two and the only thought that I had was “keep breathing, keep breathing or you’re gonna faint, you idiot”. I walked in front of him, stretched out my hand and stuttered some sort of greeting. He took one look at my face, I don’t know what kind of expression I had but a big smile lighted up his whole face. It was like watching into the sun. Dear God this man… I said that I was nervous and he just took me in his arms saying something like “there’s no need to be nervous, c'mere sweet”. I was lucky. I was really really lucky, 'cause the first shot the photographer told us the photo has come out blurry and we had to re-take it (more time pressed against him, yay!), and then one person in the room accidentally turned off the light while we were taking the second shot. I’ll never forget his arms tight around my shoulders and his laugh in my ear. I could feel it deep in my bones. He’s an amazing person. Sweet, gentle and considerate. He’s a shy prince.

Well, what can I say about him? He’s one of the best. He’s able to make you feel beautiful, important and happy. 'Cause he’s spontaneous and he loves being with fans, he doesn’t care about rules. He just look at you with those big beautiful blue eyes and you lose yourself in a deep sea of emotions. He’s just a big teddy bear and I love him.

don’t repost. thank you.

Preference #2: Luke Hemmings ~ You get hate from fans, so he makes a video addressing the situation.

A/N: this contains swear words.

You sat at the computer looking through your twitter mentions, yet again fans had been sending you hate. You scrolled slowly reading every single message that appeared before your eyes…

@T/N: @Y/T/N oh my god you’re seriously ugly I can’t even believe Luke is with you.
@T/N: @Y/T/N is just a fat bitch! I hate her.
@T/N: @Y/T/N needs to get cancer and die.
@T/N: I wish Luke would dump @Y/T/N already, she isn’t good enough.
@T/N: @Y/T/N you suck!
@Hater1: I actually want to kill @Y/T/N
@Hater2: yes @Hater1 let’s kill that stupid ugly bitch.

Tears fell from your eyes as you saw they wanted to kill you. It seemed non of the fans wanted you to be with Luke, but you loved him and he loved you. You just couldn’t understand why the fans couldn’t be happy for the two of you. “Hey I’m home” Luke said as he walked through the door. “Hey” you mumbled back whipping the tears from your eyes but it was too late Luke had seen them. “What’s wrong?” He asked placing his arm around you “look” you muttered pointing to the screen. Luke read through them and sighed “I’m sorry” he said. You shook your head “it isn’t your fault, I… I just need to be alone”. You said before grabbing your jacket and leaving Luke alone in the house. You walked to the park and sat under an oak tree thinking about life. An hour passed and then your phone beeped, it was a twitter notification that said you had been mentioned in a tweet. You sighed thinking it was more hate but you clicked anyway and instead of a hater it was a tweet from Luke that told everyone to watch… You clicked on the link and were redirected to YouTube and a video of Luke started to play.

“Okay guys so I’ve noticed my girlfriend Y/N has been getting a lot of hate. People asking why I am with her, saying she’s ugly and fat and a bitch. And the most disgusting thing of all people saying she should get cancer and die, and saying they want to kill her. This is unacceptable. I’m in love with her, she’s beautiful… She has beautiful eyes, a beautiful face, a beautiful personality and most of all a beautiful heart. She supports me through everything. Whenever I’m down she can always cheer me up. Whenever I’m on tour or away from her for a long time I miss her like crazy my heart hurts… My heart actually hurts. I love her laugh, I love the way she crinkles her nose when she’s trying to be cute, I love her smile. I love her hugs, I love the way she stands on tip toes to kiss me. I love everything about her, and by hurting her you hurt me. I want you guys to stop sending her hate because she doesn’t deserve it she is an amazing person. You guys aren’t real fans if you don’t respect my decisions and my girlfriend. Y/N I love you so much, and I’m never letting you go!” Then the video ended, you whipped the tears from your eyes. Obviously this time they were tears of joy rather than sadness.

You picked yourself up off of the floor and ran back home. You ran as fast as you can then once you got home you flung the door open and ran into the living room where Luke was sitting. You ran straight over to him and hugged him planting a kiss on his soft lips. “I love you Luke Hemmings” you beamed. “I love you too Y/F/N Y/L/N” he replied.

Those are not tears of joy. Obviously. Guan Shan’s sweating like hell and all that. He’s still terrified of He Tian and it doesn’t seem like he has some sort of romantic feelings for him yet. He definitely wasn’t waiting for He Tian to kiss him (like some people say) and he is not happy about this. Idk this ship has a lot of potential and I’m not giving up on it but Guan Shan’s well-being is important to me. So I’m just uncomfortable with how this turned out.

Amnesia Part 7 (Luke Hemmings fic)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 
Part 6

We took our time walking home, I was wrapped up in Luke’s arm and I never want to leave it. We were content with being together; we talked about the old days again but this time I joined in, laughing at how embarrassing and silly we were/are. How did I forget him?

“You did an amazing job at recreating those moment.” I say.

“It was nothing really.” He shrugs.

“Don’t down play it.” I hit him playfully. “It was really sweet and I know I would never have been able to pull it off it the tables where reversed.”

“Yes you would.”

“How do you know?” I look up at him.

“Because you would be surprised what you can do if it means you might lose the one you love.” He smiles.

“I love you so much! You aren’t just the best boyfriend ever you are a good person! I think that’s really important.” I kiss his cheek. “Luke Robert Hemmings you are perfection.”

“Perfection doesn’t exist.”

“If it did, it would be you then.”

“Come on let’s get home. You’re being too nice to me its scary.”

We walk though the door; I rub my hands together restoring heat to them. “Shall we tell them the good news?” I ask.

“You can tell them.” Luke takes my coat off hanging it off a hook.

“How was your date? Was it magical? Did you kiss?” Michael spiels off like an excited kitten.

“Michael, I never kiss and tell.” I wink.

“So you did?” Calum joins in looking expectantly at Luke. Who just zips his lips and throws away the key.

“You guys are no fun.” Ash huffs.

“By the way I never skinny dipped you assholes.” I state. “Stop trying to blame your shenanigans on me Mr. Hood.” I point my finger at him.

“How…? You remember.” Cal shouts.

All three of them jump up from their seats and attack me with hugs and kiss me.

“We have missed you so much. Not that the new you was horrible we liked her she was less abusive to us but its great to have you you back.” Michael rambles.

“I love you too Michael, at least I think that is what you are trying to say.” I laugh.

The next day after I went to the doctors and got the all clear, I rang my mam to tell her the good news. She was delighted; I even think I heard her cry (tears of joy obviously.) She said she would be coming to visit me in the next couple of weeks and she wasn’t taking no for an answer. I was so excited to she her, sometimes a girl just need her mother.

“(Y/N), we are going for a walk.” Luke unexpectedly says.

“Luke, I remember it’s okay.”

“I have one more day planned and I don’t want to waste it.”

We drive this time to a dock. There are fairy lights and lanterns along its length.

“Wow, this is beautiful. Did you do all this?” I ask with my mouth gapping.

“Well I made the guys help me.”

“I don’t remember ever doing anything like this.” I start to panic; maybe my memory wasn’t full back.

“Relax, this is the first time we have ever done anything like this.” He leads me to the edge of the wooden dock. “I had this planned before everything happened but then you lost your memory and I had to delay my plans.”

“What are you talking about?”

He gets down on one knee, it isn’t until he pulls out a small black box do I realise what is happening.

“I know we are young and people will think we are foolish but I don’t care. I love you and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Nearly losing you only made my feelings stronger, I didn’t even know it was possible to love someone this much but you have proven me wrong. (Y/N) (Y/L/N) you may drive me crazy sometime and I now I drive you crazy but do you think we could be drive each other crazy for the rest of our lives? I guess what I’m asking is will you marry me?” he gives me a hopeful look, even giving me puppy dog eyes.

“You don’t need to look at me like that. Yes!” I jump with joy.

“Yes?” he actually seems shocked.

“Yes of course! I love you!” he picks me up, spinning me around kissing me. He places the ring on my finger.

“I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” He pecks my forehead.


This is the last part of this fic. I hope you all liked it:)