tears of dreamers

LOOK AT MY BABIES! Look at how they RISE and face adversity! Look at how they have grown into the bravest of MEN, the type of men we sing our national anthem about. This is the Home of the Brave, this is HIS home.
What is his crime? Being top ten percent of his class? Graduating with honors? Being a leader and a scholar? Being published in the New York Times as a teenager?
What a privilege it is to see them grow, what a privilege it is to stand up FOR them and WITH them.
Y'all repost this. Let them see. MAKE THEM SEE.

Okay I know a few don’t like Dreamer - especially ThunderBlink shippers, and I do ship ThunderBlink, (after she used her powers on Clarice. She had to do it but it was wrong and she should’ve showed my compassion but it seems like that hatchet has been buried) - but I don’t know how you would not like her after today’s episode. The screaming “no” she let out when Clarice was caught; sacrificing herself for Lauren and Andy… I stg if they kill her off just when she started to show how good and awesome he is…

While I’m on the topic I hope ship wars and opinions on characters don’t tear this Fandom apart. Such an amazing show with amazing messages of minority live mattering and such - which insanely powerful female/male/POC characters. This Fandom doesn’t need to end up like a Fandom from a CW show.