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When I watched the Cooking with Finn Wolfhard video

Me: who let Finn have a knife??

*but then he like gently cuts a hole in the cake and isn’t able to even open the pepto*

Me: oh, yeah that’s why.

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Hey it's Jaehyo Anon again !! I haven't watched Weekly Idol yet but just by seeing the scs and the translated dialogues from twitter I feel so bad for Jaehyo. I haven't been a BBC for long so idk if this has always been like this, but seeing that he doesn't see himself as a close friend with Jiho (and probably the others too?) makes me so sad :(

He obviously has anxiety. The only thing we can do for him is support and reassure him. Encourage him that taking medication for his anxiety is perfectly fine and something he might need to do. I’m honestly happy that he has members that will lift him up and talk about him. That yes Jiho was stressing out that Jaehyo forgot his lines but then started to dance when Jaehyo tried again. 

I mean he also lost all that weight and stuff because he thinks BBCs will love him more if he has a 6 pack. Did it in such an unhealthy way too with starving himself. He use to do 2 am streams with us which I think he lonely and then fall asleep in the stream because he felt better and wasn’t as upset. Night time is when you think of the worse things and they just build up until you can’t sleep. When he use to do V apps he would spend the whole day with us until things messed up and he was forced to stop. 

Jaehyo is our little duckling friend that needs to be reassured, loved, and at this point feel like he needs someone to be around him to make him feel better and why he still in the dorm and did his streams with us. It’s nothing we can really change about him and it is worrisome but all we can do is love him like Block B loves him. I whole heartily loved his all day streams. Being with him and even when it was silent it was nice. I wasn’t there with him but in a way I was and I would stay up all night with him again if he ever does it again. Honestly I want him to do it again. I want him to do it regularly because I like going on trips with him and seeing what he up to and what he likes to do with his off time.

All jokes aside… I’m really proud of JunMyeon. He’s really out there proving everyone that he can do anything. I’ve seen him coming out of his shell slowly through the years. It feels so good to see him doing things nobody expected him to do. He’s a tiny box full of surprises, and even tho he makes my anxiety rise like a fucking rocket, I can’t wait for him to surprise me again.


the frames from that gif that kept screwing up

[Kenny] Is it wor..king?

[Kenny] Yep! Great!

[Kenny] Hey! I’m Kenny McCormick and I’m about to go to my good friend’s house, Craig.

[Kenny] I’m planning a surprise, a series that I hope will score some interest here on Tumblr.

[Kenny] I’m about to go to Craig’s house,

[Kenny] even texted him in advance! (Here’s a screenshot)

[Kenny] The reason why, the whole surprise?

[Kenny] Heh, because I scored this at the thrift shop! And I plan to do those paranormal- talk with thdead video series!

[Kenny] Y’know, the one’s that blow up on Youtube and shit! Except this time around my videos are gonna be 100% real!

[Kenny] Because I’m pretty sure that this town really is haun-


[Kenny] F-fuck, they’re home already?

[Kenny] OK! I gotta go but I’ll be up all night to read any questions from you strangers.

[Kenny] But I got to get ready and head out to Craig’s.

[Kenny] Kenny signing off!

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“stammi vicino”

every time I hear the stammi vicino melody, I start to cry actual tears which is why I refuse to download it on my phone


breathtaking 🌅