tears in tour

what made me cry about jin’s solo performance during their second concert in chile was remembering that in the lyrics of awake, he wonders whether people will ever love him as much as they love the other members, and says he won’t fly as high as the rest of them because he isn’t capable enough…but i think all that was proved wrong when an entire arena full of people who didn’t speak korean passionately sang along to every word at the top of their lungs, and screamed so, so loud when he hit that high note flawlessly, a note he was struggling to hit only just weeks ago and i just….really felt how much people loved him, and i think he felt it too…i’m really glad he got that moment because he deserved it all 

Okay but like, what if we just launched DWSA tour ourselves? Take matters into our own hands. We don’t need no producers. We all know the entire choreo anyway. What’re they gonna do? Sue us? It’s not like they’re doing anything. They own nothing. DWSA Tour launches next week in my garage. Message me if you want in. I’ll bring donuts

Here’s a list of books and movies that have been alluded to in WINGS and You Never Walk Alone so far.


  • Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth (1919, Herman Hesse)
    Inspiration for the short films, MV and concept during WINGS era.
  • The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (1973, Ursula Le Guin)
    Inspiration for Spring Day.
  • The Owl Service (1967, Alan Garner)
    Subtle references for the concept photos for You Never Walk Alone and Short Film #2 LIE


  • The Chatroom (2010)
    Alluded to in Blood Sweat & Tears and the WINGS Tour Trailer
  • No Vacancy (2012)
    Alluded to in Spring Day
  • Snowpiercer (2013)
    Some of the lyrics and scenes from the MV are inspired by Snowpiercer. It’s about the remainder of humanity surviving on a train as there is a new ice age (caused by global warming).