tears in tape

When the bough breaks,
the child becomes an adult,
and we all fall down through a rabbit hole
of mediocre friendships
and disappointing days.
Alice never stopped
to watch the unpaid bills floating besides her
listen to the screams of neighbors bursting through thin apartment walls
as she fell.
She cried over pastries and exit strategies
as we shed tears over the eviction notice taped to our door.

Done [Damian Wayne x Reader]

Requested by anon: “For the angst prompts can you do 18 and 2 with Damian“

Prompt 2: “I don’t need you. I don’t need any of you.”
Prompt 18: “I don’t love you. I never have.”

A/n: Here is another angst request! Hope you guys like it.
And like always Damian is like 16, he’s older.


It had been a long night for everyone. Patrol had not gone as smoothly as it usually does, it felt like every criminal in Gotham decided to make any appearance. From small time mugger to super villain. When the batfam came home, you, Babs, and Alfred were there to greet them. Everyone was pretty beat up and Bruce was not happy with how Damian had been acting while out there.

The three of you had seen and heard Bruce’s scolding over the coms. Along with seeing Damian’s recklessness and disregard on security cams. Currently Damian was giving his father the silent treatment. You’d glance over at him as you helped patch up Tim, who had a large gash on his shoulder. While Alfred was sewing up a bullet graze on Steph’s leg.

Tying off the stitches, you grabbed the gauze and placed it over the stitches. “There that should do.” Saying while tearing a piece of medical tape and taping the gaze down. “Thanks [F/n]” Tim thanked you before climbing off the table and pulling on a shirt.

You looked around at the members of the batfamily. Dick was stitching himself up because he had a small gash on his forearm. Jason was holding an icepack to his eye, bandages wrapped around his torso from where you had stitched up two bullet wounds earlier. Steph was still getting stitched up by Alfred. Bruce sat at the batcomputer looking around at his kids, same as you. Cass only had sustained a few bumps and bruises. Finally your eyes landed on Damain.

He sat with his arms crossed, holding an ice pack to his broken nose. You knew first hand how stubborn he is, being your boyfriend and all. Alfred finished up stitching up Steph and that’s when Bruce decided to address what happened.

He stood from his seat, “Okay, shall we reflect on what happened out there tonight?” Bruce asked while looking around the room. You glanced at him but continued to put away the medical supplies. The room stayed silent, “Alright, Barbara pull up security footage please.” Asking as he sent a glare at Damian.

Barbara followed directions and pulled up footage from a robbery Bruce and Damian had dropped in to stop. Damian didn’t follow a single one of Bruce’s orders and it almost resulted in the security guard in the bank getting injured by one of the gun wielding men. Though Bruce saved the man before anything could happen. When the video ended everyone looked to Damian, “Well Damian? Care to explain what happened?” Bruce crossed his arms.

“What happened was you got in my way!” He countered, hands clenched into fists. Everyone’s jaws about dropped. “Excuse me young man?”

“God I’m not a kid anymore father! I could’ve handled that.” He yelled, making everyone turn to Bruce. Though Dick was the one to speak up, “Damian, you’re acting like you’re still 11. Stop!” He scolded, usually if anyone could get through to him, it was Dick.

Damian’s glare only turned to him. “Tt, you’re one to talk Grayson.”

“Damian!” You yelled at him, “For christ sake, just sit down and listen to them.” Saying while slamming a drawer closed. You love Damian but when he acts like a child it makes you angry, especially when he disrespects his family. He turned to you before crossing his arms again.

“As I was saying, you can’t just go in like a bat out of hell. Do you realize how close that man came to death, because YOU were reckless.” Bruce continued. “Going in guns blazing never stopped Todd.” He defended as Jason just shook is head at the younger Wayne. “That’s my fighting style and I know how to use it. There’s a strategy behind it, it’s not being reckless. Plus I know when to use it and when not to.” Jason crossed his arms, having set the ice pack aside. Of which you walked over and placed it back in his hand, sending him a look that told him to keep icing that eye.

Damian scoffed, not just at what Jason said but the way you both interacted. You’d become an important person to the family and had grown close to all of them.

“I am capable of taking care of things myself. You keep babying me.” Damian claimed, still growing more angry. “It’s not babying, it’s being an adult and knowing when and how to act. You’re still too impulsive Damian.” Bruce’s tone was deep and intimidating, but Damian didn’t even flinch.

Damian growled, “I am more than mature enough! I don’t need you. I don’t need any of you.” Looking around at all of the members of his family. “Damian” You said softly, placing a hand on his shoulder. Trying to get him to calm down.

Though he turned and hit your hand away. “And you! I guess it’s a good thing that you’re so close with Todd and Drake because I don’t love you. I never have.” His eyes were full of anger and jealousy as he stared at you. “What?” you whimpered. “You heard me!”

“Damian!” Dick yelled at him. Though the next sound heard was the contact of skin as your hand connected with his cheek. “How dare you! I’ve done nothing but supported you and helped your family and you say something like I’m flirting with your brothers! They’re right you are a child and I can’t take it anymore. Fuck you Damian, I’m finished with your immature and childlike behavior. I guess it works out that you claim not to love me because I never want to see you again.” Yelling, as tears stung your eyes, before turning your back on him and storming out of the cave.

“[F/n] wait!” Steph yelled, getting up to follow you with a limp. Cass and Babs joining her to stop you. Leaving Damian there with his brothers, father, and Alfred. “You really are an idiot” Jason said as Damian turned to him. “Jason” Bruce scolded.

“No, it’s about time someone tell him like it is. He crossed a line there. [F/n] was the best thing to ever happen to you and you just fucked it all up. Accusing us of flirting, [F/n] loved you dammit. Honestly.” Jason scolded, hating having seen you hurt. They all considered you a sister at this point.

“Jason’s right. Damian you were out of line.” Dick spoke next, staring at his little brother. Gaze less scrutinizing than Jason’s but it still wasn’t comforting. “[F/n] did nothing but care for you and put up with everything you’ve done. You need to apologize before you lose her for good.” Tim added, before exchanging a glance with Dick and Jason. They all stood up completely and headed out of the cave to see if you were still there.

Damian only looked at Bruce and Alfred who gave him disappointed looks before following the boys. Leaving him to reflect on his own actions. ‘What kind of idiot am I? I know they’re right, but why can’t I just get a grip? I shouldn’t have yelled at [F/n] like that, I love her and I told her I didn’t, what kind of boyfriend am I? She was just trying to help. I’m such an idiot, Todd was right.’ He thought before turning and running up to the Manor.

Finding everyone in the living room, all with somber expressions. “Is she gone?” he asked, regret eminent in his tone. Everyone in the room turned to him. “Yeah, and she cut ties to all of us. Saying that it just made leaving harder if she knew she’d be coming back for us and not you. Hope your happy.” Steph said, sending a glare at him. She had especially grown close to you.

Damian hung his head in shame, he didn’t mean for this to happen. But it did, and now you’re gone. For good. 

miafuckingsucks  asked:

1, 14, 15 for the Drabble thing <3

1.The skirt is supposed to be this short.

JJ and Garcia had been the first to notice the new addition to your wardrobe when you entered the conference room that morning.

“Since when did you start wearing skirts to work?” JJ teased, taking the opportunity since it was just the three of you in the room at the moment.

“And ones that could be considered so scandalous?” Garcia joined in as she prepped the files for the rest of the team members.

“This skirt would only be considered scandalous back in ‘The Scarlet Letter’ times,” you laughed incredulously at your friend’s comments, “And besides, I thought it was cute and would mix up what I usually wear to work.”

“It is very cute,” Garcia confirmed, coming to where you stood and handing you a case file, “And very short.”

Throwing your head back and groaning, you chuckled softly, “The skirt it supposed to be this short!”

Tilting your head back down, you noticed that Spencer had come to enter the conference room, and when his eyes settled on the hot topic of your previous conversation, he swallowed harshly.

JJ and Garcia also noticed this and shared a knowing look between each other as Spencer took his usual seat right next to your usual seat.

“See something you like, Spencer?” Garcia whispered to the blushing man as she handed him a file while you took a seat next to him.

Rolling your eyes, you whispered a silent thank you to the universe when Hotch walked in and immediately began briefing the team.

At one point, Hotch turned his attention to Rossi and you felt Spencer’s hand come to rest on your knee.

“I do like your skirt,” his voice just loud enough for only you to hear.

“Thank you,” your own voice no louder.

“Do you think anyone would notice if we were a little late boarding the plane?” Spencer asked, trailing his hand ever so slightly up your thigh.

“Not at all.”

You prayed that no one noticed the smile you had to bite back or the hickey that would soon come to appear on your neck.

14. Take. It. Off.

“Please tell me that was the last box,” you huffed, taking a seat on the floor next to one of the many cardboard moving boxes placed sporadically around Spencer’s living room.

Nostalgia had struck Spencer after returning from a visit to Las Vegas to see his mother last week, prompting him to bring up the boxes of memories he kept stored in the basement of his apartment.

“There’s only one more,” Spencer assured, sliding a box labeled ‘photo albums’ out of the pathway you had created towards the door, “I’ll go get it and then we can start going through them.”

Humming in agreement, you scanned the boxes that were settled around you, wondering which one Spencer would want to open first when he returned.

Just to your right, the simple Sharpie label of ‘CHESS’ caught your attention the most. Imagining that it was most likely full of vintage chess boards that Spencer had collected over the years, you figured that was a good box to start with.

Standing up from your previous position and tearing back the tape that sealed it shut, you were pleasantly surprised to see a golden baseball hat residing at the top. Picking it up, a smile grew across your lips upon reading the black lettering of “Las Vegas Chess Champion 1989”. The thought of a little eight-year-old Spencer wearing the hat atop a mess of his untamed curls made you giggle before adorning the hat yourself.

As you began to carefully remove the chess boards that the hat had been on top of, you heard Spencer re-enter the apartment and close the door behind him.

“Babe, did you see a box mark—” Spencer stopped in the middle of his question upon seeing the familiar tone of yellow, “Where did you find that?”

“In this box with your chess boards,” your smile drooped, having expected him to be far more excited when seeing the relic.

“I thought I got rid of that,” Spencer swiftly set the box in his hands down and made a move towards you, “Please, take it off.”

“Why would you want to get rid of it?” you dodged his attempt to remove the hat from your head.

“Y/N, please,” Spencer ignored your question, the tone of his voice growing desperate, “Take. It. Off.

Before you had the chance to respond, Spencer was quick to close the space between you and wrap one arm around you while his free successfully snatched the hat from your head.

Squealing with laughter, you attempted to reach your arm just as high as Spencer’s to retrieve the hat back but settled back onto your feet when you realized your efforts were pointless.

“Alright, fine,” you feigned defeat, placing your forehead against his chest “But, Spence, why did you want to get rid of it in the first place?”

Lowering his extended arm to drop the hat on the sofa besides him, Spencer sighed, “The day after I won the chess tournament, I wore that hat to school, thinking that I was so cool,” his voice drifted off, “And well, we both know how uncool the rest of the high school already thought I was…”  

Your heart dropped at Spencer’s explanation for the embarrassment he had in regards to the baseball hat. Even if he had grown past the bullying he had experienced in school, it was obvious that some pain continued to linger.

Glancing down at the hat that was now by your leg, you smiled sadly before picking it up and placing it on Spencer’s head, right where it belonged.

“Well, if it’s any consolation, I bet you looked just as cool then as you do right now.”

And for the first time ever while wearing that hat, Spencer felt proud.

15. Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.

There were a million other places you would have rather been then an overcrowded bar right now. Most nights, you would be partaking in shots with Prentiss or singing a horrible rendition of some Journey song with Garcia and Morgan; but between the silent treatment that Spencer was giving you and the creepy stare you were receiving from a man at the bar, you had had enough of the night.

Pushing your way through the hoard of people on the dance floor, you made your way over to the spot of the bar where Morgan and JJ were stood, both of them ceasing their conversation at your arrival.

“Spencer still refusing to talk to you?” JJ asked sympathetically, being able to see the dejection that still resided on your face from the previous argument that the two of you had.

“Not a single word,” you shook your head, glancing back to see that Spencer was still sitting at the booth you had all chosen when you arrived, his eyes trained on the drink in front of him.

“So I’m just gonna head out,” you motioned towards the exit of the bar, receiving understanding nods from both of the agents.

“You go home and relax,” Morgan stepped forward to give you a hug, “I’m going to try and talk some sense into that boyfriend of yours.”

Lightly laughing for the first time in hours, you bid them both a good night before making your way back through the crowd of people and out of the bars overwhelming atmosphere.

Taking a deep breath of the fresh night air and reaching for your car keys in your purse, the sound of the door slamming caught your attention.

“Hey, there,” the voice was unrecognizable, but when you turned around, you were met with the man who had been staring at you since you entered the bar.

“Hi?” your response came out more as a question than a statement.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you left without the guy you came with,” his breath reeked with vodka as he came to stand closer to you, “And I thought maybe you’d be into leaving with me instead.”

Taking a step back, you scoffed at the complete stranger, “I’m not, at all.”

Sudden anger flashed across the man’s glazed eyes, “Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.

Even if you were a trained FBI agent, the man’s threat made your heart race and your palms go clammy.  

“Take one more step near her and I will not hesitate to shoot you,” Spencer’s voice rang clear and authoritative through the tense air, taking both you and the man by surprise.

“You don’t even have a gun,” the drunk man snarled, unmoved from his position near you.

Moving the jacket of his suit to reveal that he was in fact still carrying, Spencer spit venom in his words, “Back away from her, now.”

No longer willing to continue harassing you or run the chance of getting shot, the man was quick to practically run past you, in the complete opposite direction of Spencer.

A shaky sigh of relief had barely left your mouth before Spencer had pulled you into his arms, his own body shaking with fear at the idea of what could’ve happened if he had not come to apologize to you.

“Thank you,” you whispered against his chest, “I thought you were mad at me, I didn’t think you would come after me.”

Shaking his head, Spencer tipped his finger under your chin and made you look at him, “I will always come after you, I can’t lose you.”

Pressing a kiss against your forehead, Spencer pulled you into him once more, not yet willing to let you go.

|| Hybrid!Au || Jaebum 1-3 ||

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

Summary: After the emotional way Yugyeom was taken away from you. The company noticed a change in how Yugyeom acted before he met you. To perfect the Hybrids, they decide to send you another Hybrid. The package that came to your door named ‘GOT2IJ’.  

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a itty bitty prompt of maybe the big three finding an old tape of Tony, when he was young and a punk playing in a band, blown away by his singing voice. That we all know RDJ has in real life. XXXX

I read old tape and I’m doing old tape and these boys won’t know what hit them.


Finding the tape had been a complete accident. They had been in a middle of raiding the old stacks of ‘ancient’ boxes that Tony had unlovingly stashed away in the deepest and most hidden closet to ever exist to search for the elusive pictures of baby Tony that they knew existed somewhere. Tony had refused to hand them over or revealed their locations and had forbidden Rhodey from offering any of his own pictures of teen Tony during their time at MIT.

Not easily diverted the three decided if Tony wasn’t going to offer them willingly, they would go on a massive hunt for them, all secretly of course. They couldn’t risk Tony burning them as a last retort. After some careful inquiring and a bribe or two they managed to learn about the stacks of boxes that haven’t been touched in years and the possible locations for it. Believing the closet to be the most obvious they quickly went through a treasure hunt to find it and were rewarded with four cardboard boxes covered in dust and taped shut. Steve and Bucky didn’t even bother to find a sharp object to cut through the tape, tearing it open with their hands.

They were positive Tony would’ve swoon from the sight had he been there to see it.

The first box didn’t give them anything worth the effort. The second box was no better. The third at least had some old Captain America merchandise, masks and action figures that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time and gave them something to tease Tony about. The fourth box, however, was a gold mine. Inside were chains and belts and thick leather bracelets with spikes and even a pair of boots that seemed to go up to the knees. The find in itself was enough to make them coo and aww at the idea of Tony wearing what was referred to as ‘punk’ style, but it was the two items hidden under the boots that had shifted enough after Steve yanked the box out of Bucky’s arm that that had them itching to hear what was recorded.

It was an old tape and a cassette player. On the tape the words “not worth it” was written on it in chicken scratch that didn’t belong to Tony. The player, to their surprise, still worked and whirred to life, clicking open after Bucky had pressed a button on it. The three exchanged looks, agreeing it was now or never and understanding what they were getting themselves into.

They placed the player in the middle and carefully inserted the tape, fearful that one rough move would cause the entire thing to combust. T’Challa was silent assigned as the button presser and started the tape. They were instantly assaulted by the sounds of a very loud crowd in the distant. People were screaming and cheering and chanting words they couldn’t distinguish. For seconds it continued like this until eventually a voice was heard loud and clear, yet still somewhat obscured.

“You better be grateful for this, Tones. I swear I saw this chick with more piercings than bracelets and she had bracelets covering her entire arm. There needs to be a limit there.”

The three gaped at hearing the voice that could only belong to James Rhodes. It was clear he was the one recording the tape, but what in the world was he doing in an environment he obviously didn’t want to be at?

Another moment of screaming. “Finally, you’re coming up.”

The crowd, in what seemed as an impossible feat, hushed down to murmurs and stomps. The three held their breath, waiting for what was to happen. It had to be something big, considering it was recorded by Rhodey and was hidden in a box instead of thrown away so it had sentimental value.

None of them were ready for what was actually on the tape.

It started off powerful and rough and slowly grew and grew, overtaking the murmurs and causing the speakers of the player to tremble slightly.

Steve, Bucky and T’Challa all saw each other’s mouths drop when they realized… Tony was singing.

Tony’s starting note continued to rise until eventually it broke as he reached his peak and began his vocals, fast and confident and it drove the crowd crazy. They cheered again and there were faint noises of hard things hitting the floor that sounded suspiciously of bodies doing so. Possibly fainting, they concluded. Had they not been in so much shock themselves they probably would have fainted on the spot as well because, holy shit.

“Louder, Tones! Bring the roof down!” They heard Rhodey scream.

Steve and Bucky scrambled to grab the player, wanting it closer. They struggled, bit and kicked and put up a heck of a fight only to have T’Challa snatch the player right out of their hands and hold it above them.

Tony released another note, one that really did cause them to clutch their chest and lie on the floor as they no longer could support themselves.

“Shit,” Bucky whispered while staring at the ceiling.

“Agreed,” T’Challa began questioning his life.

“We need to find Tony,” Steve managed and while the three nodded to the plan none of them made the effort to move and search for their genius.

Instead, when the recording stopped, “Play it again.”

They lost track of how long they were in that closet for, but after Tony found them hours later, rag dolls on the ground and clutching the player for dear life, they decided they didn’t care. It was all worth it.

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Seemed fitting to include this right here

This Unspoken Thing (4/4)

Emma and Killian were kinda enemies. Now they are kinda friends, but there is this unspoken thing between them. A pull and a want that they haven’t yet given a name to. And stubborn Emma Swan just wont admit it…

Also on AO3/FF.NET

Bed rest was boring. She had decided this after the fifth hour of her confinement. Emma had already read every cheesy magazine in the apartment and was already over watching re-runs of Judge Judy. She had taken up residence on the couch, only making the effort to move when nature called.

It was excruciating.

She’d always thought that she preferred her own company, but now she was having to re evaluate that. Bail bonds meant a lot of time alone. Still, even when she was on a job she always had Leroy calling her from the office. Or Killian. They would text, usually, jibing each other and passing back little jokes and taunting barbs.

Sitting by herself for hours while her brother either slept or worked was slowly beginning to drive her crazy. And there was far, far too much time to think.

Thankfully, the swelling around her ankle had mostly subsided within a few days and she began to try and move around a little more, though still with the cautious movements of a newborn foal. She clung to the crutches as she stumbled from piece of furniture to piece of furniture . The nurse’s stern warning about aggravating the injury had stuck in her head.

As did the way she had batted her eyelids at Killian.

It annoyed her, the way women fawned at him. It was evident just about every time they were in a public place together: the looks, the whispers. It was so superficial. He was just a guy, she reminded herself - on the numerous occasions over those two weeks when her mind wandered to thinking about him. (While at the same time batting away the urge to text him. A little bit of sparring would probably cheer her up. And give him completely the wrong idea.)

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The Best Songs on TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY


Colin & Caroline - More Than Gravity
The Japanese House - Cool Blue
Olympic Ayres - Magic
Vance Joy - Mess is Mine
The Moth & The Flame - Young & Unafraid
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart


M83 - Reunion
Woodkid - Run Boy Run


The Kills - Doing it to Death
Cold Showers - Whatever You Want
Meadows - The Only Boy Awake


CTZNSHIP - Everything Always


Lord Huron - The Night We Met
Hunger - Amused


Lost Under Heaven - The Great Longing
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam - In a Black Out


The Call - The Walls Came Down


Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam - A Thousand Times


Roman Remains - The Killing Moon (covered by Echo & The Bunnymen)


Ultravox - Vienna
Selena Gomez - Only You
Angel Olsen - Windows
Bob Mould - See a Little Light


For a costume with a cutout that wouldn’t work irl, like Rose Quartz or Rainbow Quartz from Steven Universe, I really wanted an actual cutput and not a skin-colored overlay, so I made a wire hanger frame for it and wrapped the fabric around it to keep up the structural integrity of the leotard. The frame should be as small as you can get away with so it doesn’t stab you in the stomach when you sit and the overlap of the ends of the wire should be at a straight edge, not a point to avoid poking and tearing, and wrapped in duct tape.

(From a person with little sewing skills but a lot of spatial skills)

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a part 2 to the fix where Betty is a teacher and jughead comes home to Riverdale?? I loved it so much! Maybe where Betty helps him unpack while they reminisce on all the good times they had in high school?

Sure! Let me give it a try!

Betty giggled as she crossed her legs, the oversized sweatpants she had borrowed from Jughead were so warm she could definitely live in them.

“I think this is my new favorite look, sweatpants and sundresses. I should have gone into fashion like Veronica.” She wiggled her toes that were peeking out from the long pants. Jughead looked up from the box he was unpacking and smiled, while she had definitely grown into a drop dead, gorgeous woman, it made his heart ache to see that there was still the silly teenage girl who’s giggles were as contagious as they come, bubbling on the surface.

“Okay!” She clapped her hands “let’s get started!” Her hands reached for the first box she saw, tearing the tape off and peeking inside. Jughead moved to her when he heard her gasp softly “oh” she whispered.

Peering inside the brown box Jughead realized what she was looking at, it was his Riverdale Box.

“It’s our memories” she whispered again, this time in a far away voice as she lifted the yearbook, flipping to the dog eared page.
There in the middle of the page was a candid shot of Betty and Jughead curled up on the Blue and Gold couch, the words “CLASS COUPLE”
Stuck out and Betty looked up at Jughead giggling

“I can’t remember who was more angry, Veronica or Cheryl”

Jughead nodded, dropping an arm over her shoulders as they both sat on the couch, dragging the box with them
“Well it was definitely unexpected, we all thought that title would go to Archie and Ronnie. Cheryl didn’t even have a boyfriend so I still don’t see why she was upset.” He shrugged, fingering the page and smiling.

Betty nodded, gently placing the year book back in the box and pulling out a faded newspaper, she instantly clutched Jugheads arms

“The very first edition of the Blue and Gold! I have this framed in my apartment!” She smiled as she flipped through the old pages “football, barbaric or American tradition- an expose by Jughead Jones” she nudged him and he laughed heartily

“Some of my finest work.”

This time Jughead dug in the box and pulled out an object wrapped up in a tissue. He slowly unfolded it and immediately blushed

“Is that…..?” Betty started, reaching to grab it from him, but he held it out of her reach.

“It is!” She beamed “those are the candles from your sixteenth birthday cake!! I thought you hated that birthday!” She turned to him with curious eyes.

“It was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me, no matter how much of a jerk I was about it. It meant the world to me” he shrugged shyly, placing the candle back in the box as Betty stared at him, a different look now in her eyes. He shifted and grabbed the next thing, pulling them out and smiling proudly.

“Aha! Would you look at these bad boys!” He held his suspenders up with pride and threw them over his shoulder.

Betty giggled
“I used to love those suspenders. Remember that night at sweet water when I…” she trailed off, blushing bright red.

Jughead moved closer to her and brushed a hand over her arm
“You wore my suspenders and nothing else, that was the first time we..” this time it was his turn to trail off, both of them going quiet as the flood of memories washed over them. Betty shivered and jughead cleared his throat

“Best night of my life.” He whispered. Betty nodded bringing her palm up to his cheek.

“Mine too.” Her fingers stroked his cheek and she smiled softly “we’ve grown up, things have changed” she said sadly, her eyes still boring into his.

“But something’s stay the same” he answered, his eyes catching something in the box and reaching down to pull it out

It was a picture taken by Kevin, the couple was squeezed together in a booth at pops, staring at each other with nothing but love in their eyes, a dollop of whip cream on Jugheads nose and Betty’s nose crinkled in laughter as her fingers were splayed on his cheek.

“We were so young. We were so in love.” She smiled dreamily at the picture, tracing her fingers over the frame.

“I still am.” He said steadily, drawing her attention away from the photo, her eyes looking up to him

“It’s been so long. how can you still make me feel like this.” She whispered.

“I love you.” He said simply, clutching her hands and pulling her closer to him “I love you so much Betty Cooper”

Tears were leaking from both their eyes as Betty jumped on Jughead, her legs straddling him as his lips attacked hers, years of pent up love, pent up passion, spilling into each other.

Jughead lifted her slowly, carrying her bridal style into the bedroom

“Don’t let go” he whispered, his voice breaking the way it did in that classroom so many years ago.

Looking up at him with watery eyes she pressed a kiss to his lips

“I won’t”