tears in my eyes


Disney’s “Let it Go” with Vivaldi’s Winter. 


“Anita Sarkeesian is not a brave warrior for women, fearlessly paving the way for a theoretical future that is less "misogynistic” and “sexist.” Nor is she a delicate wallflower in need of close protection. She is an intellectually dishonest professional malcontent, who has misrepresented criticism and rejection of her work in order to garner pity and sympathy—and for financial gain. Worse, she is a bully with an extremist ideological agenda who picks on some of the most marginalised and misunderstood people in society. 

Nowhere is this better or more simply illustrated than in the difference between her theory and practice: women in video games must, for Sarkeesian, be strong, independent heroines who rescue themselves from dragons, rapists and all manner of supernatural perils; while, in the real world, even a social media message is enough to have a feminist agitator crying foul and appealing for support from the police, the FBI and the media, each of them classic expressions of male power. “Damsels in distress” are only acceptable, it seems, when the damsel in question is an authoritarian feminist pot-stirrer.“ (x)

Bless you, Milo. Bless you.

-the italian one