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if we're talking astronomy geek neil, imagine neil getting SUPER into space stuff when he takes an astronomy class as an elective and one night andrew sets up a telescope on the roof as a surprise so he can look at the stars bc he likes making his bf happy. doesn't even say anything, they just go up there and there it is in all its magnificent glory and neil doesn't say anything but his eyes are sparkling.


  • the obsession starts on the roof
  • neil is looking up at the stars and realises that during his life on the run, he hasn’t had time to learn any of the names of the stars, so he points to a cluster and asks andrew if he knows if it has a name
  • andrew, who read a book about it once for class and retained everything answers: “that’s cygnus”
  • “huh. and what’s that one then?”
  • “ursa minor”
  • and neil is just fascinated because he’s never really stopped to think about it and these shiny things are literally fucking huge glowing plasma-balls
  • space is badass and neil can appreciate 
  • so he reads up on constellations and when they go up to the roof, neil will just sit there and mutter under his breath all the constellations he can see
  • (andrew tells himself it’s not strangely endearing)
  • eventually neil becomes as bad as kevin is with history facts
    • “hey andrew, do you know that we’re on a collision course with andromeda? andrew, it’s travelling towards us at 250,000 miles an hour” “go the fuck to sleep, neil.”
    • “if we were astronauts we wouldn’t be so small, do you know astronauts can grow 3% taller in space?”
    • “black holes man. fuck black holes.”
  • neil has google alerts on for meteor showers bc ?? it’s literally flaming space rocks giving you a free lights show who doesn’t want to see that
    • we don’t kiss our boyfriends under the stars, we kiss them under meteor showers like men
  • neil definitely has a hard on for the aurora borealis and he definitely pesters andrew to drive them to spots where they’re most likely to see it 
  • andrew gets neil a telescope for christmas like a really fucking expensive one but ofc it means nothing 
    • “you’re straining your eyesight without it and you look stupid in glasses.”
    • “i look hot in glasses”
    • “just take the gift and shut up.”

can i just say, i’m really really proud of mark? he’s only 17 and he’s already being looked up to by singers and celebrities much older than him and based on the preview for snowball project you can tell he’s having so much fun and being so happy on the show making music and having the opportunity to make new friends. i’m very happy for him and i’m glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves, this boy is pure gold


talking about benny and graffiti pete parallels with @smoltinypumpkinchild somehow turned into vanessa singing enough, which was a fun idea, and usnavi singing inutil about sonny which was A LOT LESS FUN

I’m watching the first Harry Potter movie for the first time and I started fucking crying laughing for 20 minutes because of how stupid the fat child looked when he ran down the stairs


Oh, for sure!! His name is Loki and he’s my 3 year old baby boy! I love him SO much and I told him you love him, too! Sorry the pictures have me in them, he doesn’t like to leave my side even tho his vest is off rn :v

Yeah, moving from a tiny town to a loud, hustling city is tough. This is a good change, tho. Hopefully Loki likes it here, too! If he grabs anymore cicadas, I’ll try to get you a picture before he spits them out! He’s real good about not killing any bugs!

i love him so much oh my god im going to cry. oh my god. look at his face. thats the face of a total sweetheart dhgfjhgfj thank you so much Elaina for blessing me with pictures of Loki on this day this is. the best thing that has happened to me oh my god look at hiM i love him so much t h a n k y o u


YA LIT MEME // Favorite Charater // Cassel Sharpe // Curse Workers

Lie until even you believe it - that’s the real secret of lying.

no offnece bc im like really grateful for all the solo 1d material i’ve been getting like truly i dont take it for granted pero bicth! i miss ot4 together wtf i just saw liam at the ema’s and lemme tell u i fucking burst into tears!!!!! when will i see my boys together at the same show again???! where is my lads h o l i d a y?? WHERE IS BABY HONEY @HARRY RELEASE IT!! wheres the mcdonals footage when will these demons get back its been 700 days and my soul is withering away

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HC:: Since Dan STILL SPEAKS A BIT FRENCH, whenever he does Arin falls more in love with him despite not knowing what the hell he's saying and usually nights are spent with Dan whispering "je t'aime" (I love you) and "tu es belle" (you are beautiful) and other sweet phrases as they drift off to sleep and every now and then Dan refers to Arin as "mon amour" (my love) and Arin tries to remember words to tell Dan <3

I teared up a lil omg can u imagine?? Like maybe dan starts saying “I love you” in French before either of them confess?? and other sweet phrases like “you mean the world to me” and “never leave my side”. arin doesn’t understand a damn thing and spends hours trying to translate

and then when he finally understands he just whispers “I love you too” to dan in Japanese (since arin speaks some Japanese) and dan just stares blankly at him

until arin smiles and says “I turned the tables on you, huh? can you guess what that means, lover boy?”

and dan absolutely melts and starts blubbering in French, and arin just smooches the cutiepie

From then on they say sweet things in their respective foreign language, and while neither quite knows what the others saying their warm eyes and loving looks speaks more than words ever could

(gosh this got sappy I’m emotional at 12 am)

• send me your egobang headcanons •

Darkling (Cover)
Darkling (Cover)

short cover of (most of) die antwoord’s “darkling”, this song always makes me cry so i had to cut out the first verse cuz u could tell i was tearing up lol!!! (sorry bout the low quality i just decided to record with my laptop) xoxo 

just a little baby girl, didnt ask to get born into this crazy world
sometimes i get sad because, i didnt even know who my mommy was
maybe i was born bad, maybe i need help
cuz sometimes i get sad and i wanna kill myself
but when I sing my mommas lullaby
i dont wanna die but i dont know why
my mommy didnt want me

toemaar toemaar baba, moenie huil nie
mamma moet nou weggaan maar moenie worry nie
al is jy arm, of al is jy ryk
die here sal vir ewig en altyd na jou kyk

When you and the squad pose for prom portraits


im thinking of them writing together at 1:31am with no one else around and no distractions, just the two of them and the music, writing lyrics like “you need to be well” and “i’ll wait for you”. then them practising the stage together, and filming the vcr, and feeling so excited and proud to show their work to the fans.

then suddenly everything goes wrong because jaebum is injured and they know he wont be able to perform. maybe youngjae considers not doing the stage at all, but it’s jaebum that encourages him to go out there and do it anyway. for both of them.

the fact that youngjae stood on the stage by himself, without his leader who he so often leans on and looks to for support, and sung their song. he had to look at that empty chair, knowing that this song was made BY and FOR the two of them and that jaebum should be on that stage with him. he couldn’t finish the song because he was crying, and repeatedly spoke about how sorry they both were. and then when jaebum came onto the stage he immediately asked if youngjae did well.

and again at the second concert, youngjae apologised at the end of the song for crying and showed his concern when jaebum came out. he was very emotional for the whole concert, especially at the message from his parents and was comforted by jackson.

IN CONCLUSION: im sad this because it’s their song, and they really deserved to be up there singing it together. i’m so proud of youngjae for being strong and brave to go up there and do it alone. i can’t wait to see them finally perform it together at a future concert, as it was meant to be ;_;



No more fears, no more doubts.