tears i tell u

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When you and the squad pose for prom portraits

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Mavis stares down Angus before giving him a thumbs up, a smile on her face. "I never thought you of all people had a type at all, congrats on finding yourself kiddo." Mookie and Angus once Mavis turns away bolt from the house and hide at there secret fort. (the Basement at Taako's Bakery) they go into the pillow fort there and are panicking because did they trick Mavis? Does she know the truth? Luckily a Case comes by and they can work and not think about it.

YES finally we get more than just a mention of aged up!mavis

she’d be like ‘so mookie……..why didnt u tell ur favorite sister about ur bf’ but mookies still overwhelmed from everything happening so he doesnt answer so she keeps thinking theyre actually together

and in the pillow fort, theyre both super embarrassed and basically yelling into the void together but then they make eye contact finally and just start chuckling and grows into roaring laughter until theyre rolling on the ground w tears in the eyes at just the absurdity of it all

when theyre working on the case theyll get random calls from merle asking if they want lilies or orchids for the wedding and to just check up on his ‘favorite 2 sons’

taekook fic (two-shot!!!)

Title: don’t let your love go to waste
Length: 18+k words (lmao what how did that happen)
Pairing: taekook!!
Summary: taehyung and jungkook meet on omegle. (college!au + some life after college)


imagine those nights when hermann and newt just lay in bed in silence. theyre not quite asleep yet, just taking in how their eyes arent strained by light. how solid the other feels in their arms, how that grounds them. how each others warmth is seeping into their pajamas and how hermanns soft breath soaks into newts neck. just reveling in the presence of each other, together, alive