tears from the compound eye

Tear Me Down (Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader)

Summary: “I love him.”
“I know you do. But baby girl, you can’t let it tear you apart like this.”

Words: 888

Warnings: angst

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You sat at the bar in the common room of the compound. You wiped the tears from your eyes as you sat with the whiskey in your hand. I just wanted to help him. Why won’t he let me in?

You heard foot steps approaching so you took the sleeve of your shirt and wiped the tears from your face. You turned and saw your dad walking towards you with a pained look in his eye.

“What is this, the fourth time this week that this man has reduced you to tears?” Tony said as he sat down next to you. You scoffed and downed the rest of the whiskey. You grabbed the decanter to pour yourself another before it’s snatched from your hands. “Ah, ah, ah. You know what they say…”

“Alcoholism runs in families, yeah yeah. I know.” You trace the rim of the glass with your fingers. You feel the tears start to well behind your eyes as you remember what brought you t bottle in the first place: Bucky Barnes.

“What did he do this time, darlin’,” your dad said as he placed a hand on your back and the decanter behind the counter.

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