tears danielle

anonymous asked:

why do i feel like connor franta is like a version of dan that dropped the edge lord status? that last connor's video i see as something dan would make in the future, idk why

anon this ask just made me all soft because i just watched his last video, and  it is so cute. it’s just him talking about how he got his nails painted (matte black because he wanted to be different asdgfhgl ) , how life’s been treating him so very good lately , his fears, the things he’s working on, with the softest filter and i 100% can see Dan making something like this in the near future, maybe on danisnotinteresting. just him, and,, maaan

1000% something i see dan doing and i don’t know why it makes me feel so so soft but it does. both dan and connor have come so so far and developed so much. i’m so proud of both of them ❤️