Because, artists are brave.
—  The 7 year old I babysit after I asked her why she wants to be an artist. She was flipping through my sketch book and told be she wanted to be an artist too. I nearly cried. I was rendered speechless; the countless times I’ve been told by strangers that my chosen path was invalid was struck down by the words of this 7 year old. So here, for all you artists who are being, or who have ever been invalidated before. You are brave. 

‘’I’ve already tried my best… this is the only way’’

‘’I won’t do it until you come out!’’

‘’You wanna let it destroy this world?!’’’

‘’Absurd! hurry up and come out!’’



‘’Elie only you can save the world!’’

‘’I don’t want!’’


‘’You said everyone must take care…no one is allowed to die… you said after this great war, you would find a place to stay with me!’’

‘’I did… but this is the only way’’

‘’A world without Haru…. i don’t want it!’’

‘’Elie, don’t say something ridiculous, remember all those who died for this moment, are they sacrifices going to be in vain?!’’

‘’I know…. but…. but… i only have you in my mind at this moment…’’

‘’That’s why you must do it, we met in this world, everything we shared along the journey, bit by bit, are you wiling to sacrifice those memories? let’s protect this world, Elie’’

‘’Haru… I love you!’’

‘’I love you too… Elie!’’

Mashima really knows how to break a heart, i just cried a sea.

Have you ever read rave master?