I don’t think it’s weird and apparently it isn’t that uncommon because I do have the same thing. Like when I get very scared (or even impressed) I automatically get tears in my eyes too. Can’t control it either.  But I don’t “cry” per se, it’s just tears in the eyes.

I’m done with letting floods of tears roll down my cheeks.
Waiting for you to come around and to see what you’re losing.
I’m done caring for someone who isn’t capable of acting the same way towards me.
Honey, I’m moving on.
And So She Wept

She wept.
As her tears gently rolled off her cheeks.
As she looked up to an empty sky.
As she tried to part the clouds in her mind.
She wept and she asked “why?”
She wept and heaved and was told of love.
Oh how she tried and tried.
But it was not her, this cloudy blur
It was something else inside.
So on she wept and tried to drown It
But It continued to follow.
She wept for now, and when and how.
She even wept from tomorrow.
Yet in her weeping and salted eyes
She failed to see what was left behind
A trial of roses and gentle buds.
Sprouting from her tears and rising up.
The love she’s left.
The love she is.
The love she will forever be.
Yet on she wept.
The promise I’ve kept,
Was to love her eternally.