Okay, this just came across my dash, and I just wanted to speak out my personal opinion about a fact that is nagging my quite a while. Jeremy’s/Sherlock’s hair during the years in Granada!Holmes.

These two pictures are a good example and good to compare the two ways Jeremy wore his longer hair during the years. The below picture is from season 1 and the above picture is as I guess around 5 (?).

I love the way he had it in season 1, it was combed back without looking all that greasy and for me that’s Sherlock Holmes hairstyle. It suited Jeremy so perfect.

But from season to season, I have the feeling they used more and more grease, especially in season 6 and 7, it just looked horrible in combination with Jeremy’s increase of weight (because of the medicine he had to take against his heart failure).

And I always had the feeling the make up became even more strange. Maybe it’s just the tonal values here, but honestly I don’t think so, the make up turned from a normal skincolour to a pale grey.

I only wanted to point it out, I don’t know who was responsible for make up and hairstyle and if it was Granada or Jeremy himself, and it doesn’t matter in the end, because his acting will always be brilliant but these two points just killing me when I watch season 6 and 7 - and I barley do because I can’t bare to wideness the process of a dying actor (it simply breaks my heart) and this two points are underlining it so painfully.

Sorry for babbling out all this, but I just had to write it down. Maybe it is just me.