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Ask My Top 3s
  • 1: Top 3 heroes/protagonists
  • 2: Top 3 villains/antagonists
  • 3: Top 3 supporting characters
  • 4: Top 3 background characters or side characters
  • 5: Top 3 romantic relationships between characters
  • 6: Top 3 friendships between characters
  • 7: Top 3 fictional families
  • 8: Top 3 fictional parents
  • 9: Top 3 fictional siblings
  • 10: Top 3 child characters
  • 11: Top 3 elderly characters
  • 12: Top 3 fictional animals/pets
  • 13: Top 3 fictional locations
  • 14: Top 3 fictional gadgets/devices
  • 15: Top 3 character backstories
  • 16: Top 3 characters who die
  • 17: Top 3 non-human characters
  • 18: Top 3 fictional worlds/universes
  • 19: Top 3 animated series
  • 20: Top 3 live-action series
  • 21: Top 3 animated movies
  • 22: Top 3 live-action movies
  • 23: Top 3 books
  • 24: Top 3 comics/webcomics
  • 25: Top 3 series/movies/books from my childhood
  • 26: Top 3 obscure series/movies/books I recommend
  • 27: Top 3 musicals or plays
  • 28: Top 3 songs from musicals
  • 29: Top 3 funny moments in fiction
  • 30: Top 3 tearjerking moments in fiction
  • 31: Top 3 heartwarming moments in fiction
  • 32: Top 3 scary moments in fiction
  • 33: Top 3 awesome moments in fiction
A Look At Stuff You Probably Never Heard Of: Drawn to Life

Today is a day dedicated to all you artists out there! Whether you do it professionally or just as a side-hobby, this is for you. Today is National Drawing Day. So to celebrate such I day, I bring you Drawn to Life.

Drawn to Life was an E-rated game released for the Nintendo DS, developed by 5th Cell (the same company behind the Scribblenauts series) and published by THQ. It was initially released in North America on September 10, 2007 and was eventually released on Australia 10 days later and in Europe 1 day after that. It eventually saw a release in Korea and Japan on January 15, 2008 and December 5, 2008, respectively.

This game takes place in a world in which the main race are fox-like creatures known as Raposa, who were drawn by “The Creator”, who also drew the world and everything in it. But The Creator abandoned the world some time ago. The game itself starts with Mari, the daughter of the Mayor, praying to The Creator to bring them a hero to save their village. The only ones remaining are Mari, her father, and her best friend, Jowee. All other Raposa have left since something known as the Shadow. The Shadow (and many other issues) were caused by a corrupted Raposa named Wilfre, who tore pages from the Book of Creation. So you, as The Creator, create a Hero (you mainly play as The Hero) to reclaim the lost pages, find and rescue the lost Raposa, repel the Shadow, and stop Wilfre.

The game is played in 2D and follows the typical action-adventure platformer style. You can run, jump, jump down, slide, and attack. Your main enemies are cute creatures called Baki, which function like Goombas, walking around while not actively trying to harm you. That being said, they can be defeated by jumping on them or attacking them. There are also times where you’ll come across places covered in Shadow Goo. Places with Shadow Goo will keep respawning Shadow Creatures, which actually make an effort to attack you, until it’s removed, which can be done by wiping the area with the stylus. Your goal in each level is to simply reach the end, all while searching for the pages of the Book of Creation, as well as find the lost Raposa

In the Raposa Village, you move in an isometric style where you’re able to talk to the Raposa, shop for items, go to a level, or just look around. The more pages and Raposa you find, the more the Village will start to grow.

Throughout the game, you are required to draw things, ranging from a sword to a platform to jump on, to even crops. Of course, this also includes the Hero. However, you can change your drawings just by visiting the Mayor’s Office at the center of the Village, which also includes changing your Hero’s appearance.

If there are two places the game shines, it’s the music and visuals. First, the music is often very soothing, appropriate for such a laid-back game. But they can get epic, such as during the final fight against Wilfre. And for the visuals? Well, if the smoothness and perfect animation of the sprites seems familiar, that’s because they were done by none other than Paul Robertson, the same guy behind the sprites of the Scott Pilgrim vs The World game and the person who animated Giffany and the Fight Fighters from Gravity Falls. So it goes without saying that they’re good.

Not to mention that this game also has a few voice clips. Nothing major, just the Raposa having voice clips, such as occasionally hearing “Wapo!” or “Opa?”. Though Mari gets her own voice clip in the form of “Um…” And it only plays for Mari when she’s thinking.

So, it’s time for my Final Recommendation:
Never Let Go Of It||Get It||Hold Onto It||Try It||Consider It||Stay Away From It

This game is beyond beautiful! Beautiful music, beautiful visuals, cute characters, and even a serious plot with a few tearjerker moments. Now, the game isn’t perfect, mainly with the controls feeling somewhat stiff. That can especially come to bite you in the ass during the fight against Wilfre, but that can also give you some trouble with platforming.

However, the good points certainly outweigh the bad, especially since it found a way for both artists and non-artists to both enjoy a game. You can draw things, or choose from pre-set designs. And even if you don’t consider yourself an artist and still want to draw, then go for it. And thankfully, the drawing only comes into play at a few moments and you aren’t required to be great at it. Just what’s satisfactory to you.

It might also interest you to know that this is one of the few DS games to have actual singing in the credits. The song in question is called The End and is sung by David J Franco and Hayley Chipman. The former being the game’s music and sound designer.

I should also mention that the game has many parallels to Christianity, but honestly, they’re only there if you think about it. It’s not that easy to notice in this game, but it gives a little more obvious in the sequel: Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

anonymous asked:

Could you compile some touching deep and really tearjerking BatCat moments please? I really hate it when some say its only based on lust. Thanks.

I was wondering if I was ever going to get asked about this. My favorite misconception about Batman and Catwoman is that they don’t really have feelings for each other or that Catwoman is only interested in the Batman and not Bruce, which is false. But I’m not just going to post panels: this deserve a full blown meta.

But don’t worry there will be plently of touching, deep, and tear jerky moments .

Bruce and Selina have been going pretty strong since the 1980s and dated for years on and off without her ever knowing that Bruce was Batman. Even in some of their off time Selina still wanted to be in a relationship with Bruce after they had broken up and even had dreams about marrying him. 

Even the Pre-Flashpoint era Bruce and Selina are shown having somewhat of a long-term relationship, without Selina knowing that Bruce was Batman, but Bruce was fully aware that she was Catwoman. 

Even though Catwoman didn’t know Batman’s real identity, she still knew him very well. During Knightfall Catwoman was the very first person to realize that Jean-Paul wasn’t the real Batman, and called him out on it. 

Probably one of the most definitive moments in their relationship came when Batman finally made the decision, on his own, to tell Catwoman his real identity. Why? Because he loved her and trusted her and wanted their relationship to work out. It didn’t in the end of that story, but their relationship continued to grow and develop over several years and across many different comic books. 

Catwoman is  often shown to care very much about Bruce’s humanity and has expressed a lot of frustration when he tries to downplay it. She’s probably one of the most constant forces in his life that remind him that he’s a human being. 

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I don’t it’s possible for me to express my love for Pandora Hearts in words… [It’s just such a beautiful story, with both tearjerkers and amusing moments, as well as a plot that was really well done, with a variety of characters…]  
     –submitted by anonymous

The other night when I saw Tuck Everlasting, I was reminded of why I love the theatre. The show overall is quite emotional because of its focus on living forever versus living a full life, but especially in the last fifteen minutes or so, people (including me) were losing it. I could hear sniffles throughout the mezzanine, and I saw my friend sitting next to me wiping away tears. It just further goes to show me why I want to be in this business in the first place. Theatre can move hearts and minds and change lives. Not every show is meant to pull at your heart strings, but also not every show is meant to be a blockbuster that tourists will flock to. The medium has such a range which always stuns me. I think a lot of what makes it this way is the audience response. Unlike other forms of entertainment like film or television, there is a bond between the actors and the audience. Seeing something play out right there in front of your eyes makes the experience so much more visceral. It makes every emotion stronger, every joke more genuine, and every tearjerking moment cut deeper. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of having theatre experiences like this that have made a huge impact on my life, and I will never be able to repay the companies of these shows for shaping my life forever. When I saw the revival of Hair in 2009, I was so impacted by its themes of love, and the ending really touched me. I had loved musicals up until that point, but that show really made me realize that shows don’t have to just be big dance numbers with jazz hands (though I still do love a good dance break). Experiences like these are the reason that I am pursuing a career and life in this field, and I hope that others are as impacted by their experiences inside the walls of a theatre as I was.


Feb 16: Favorite Tearjerker Moment- Homeless

I cannot tell you how terribly painful it was for me watching this. How much I cried because of it. There has never be a scene on The Vampire Diaries that has ever affected me in such a way. It literally fucked me up. For months. That’s how powerful losing Damon Salvatore was for me. Me. A mere viewer of a fictional show with fictional characters in a fictional world. 

Which only made me think more about how powerful losing Damon Salvatore was for Elena Gilbert. Elena. An actual baby vampire that just lost the man, who after fighting it for so long, she finally had given her whole heart to. Who has been her everything for that same extent of time. Who made her feel safe, and free, and alive. The one person she ever saw a future with…was gone. And her whole world was torn apart.

“You lied to me….”

Is the first thing she lets out after knowing he is in her presence. He promised he’d make it back to her. He promised her forever. He promised her he’d never leave her again. He did none of those things. So, through her tears she lets her anger be known. But the anger fades quickly. Leaving her with only sadness and desperation. 

‘Please, don’t leave me.“

Said while remembering the first promise he made her. The promise that he never leave her again.

"Please, come back to me.”

Said while remembering his last. The promise that he’s make it back to her after she begged him not to go through with it.

And although Damon’s words were beautiful and lovely. It was more painful than anything else. Because she could not see him. She could not hear him.  The only thing she could do is feel the displacement of air as he moved back her hair. As he caressed her face. Which was the only upside to the other side unraveling. 

But what made this scene even more beautifully painful was the balance of it all. If as though Damon and Elena were some manifested form of a Ying Yang. Because as terribly distraught with sadness as Elena was. Damon was at peace in equal measure. 

With his life.

“And you are by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my 173 years on this earth. The fact that I get to die knowing that I was loved. Not just my anyone. By you. Elena Gilbert. That’s the epitome of a fulfilled life. It’s not going to get any better than this. I peaked.”

Which gave him the strength to be at peace with his death.

“I love you, Elena. Bye.”

The song leaving an undertone of what willed him the ability to let her go. He knew she’s was strong. He knew she’d survive without him. He knew she would be alright. 

But Elena knew different. Damon being gone meant her world was shattered. A devastation far worst then losing the town she lived in. Without Damon, the ability to set foot in Mystic Falls didn’t matter. Because with Damon gone…she’d only ever be left as one thing…



I want to take a moment to tell you guys about something really important to me, because it is important to some people here on tumblr who have more than once helped brighten my day in more ways than one with their art, their wonderful personality, their infectious good spirits, and their inspiring love for one another.

A while back, when I was new to tumblr, I stumbled upon this blog called “Ask Kon-elle”, which I knew from my days as a fan of DC Comics’ original Young Justice series to be a feminine version of Kon-El, the Kryptonian name of Superboy (Superman’s teenage clone). Out of curiosity, I opened the page and did some exploring. And then some more. And then some more. And soon, I was smiling and heading to DeviantART to find more pictures by the artist, a wonderful person by the name of Glasmond.

After that, I began to follow more of Glas’ work. Her other ask blog, “Ask Human Pinkie Pie,” was frequented at times daily, if only just to hear the soundtrack she had for it. It was thanks to her that I now have a separate playlist for Electro-Swing on my iPod, filled to bursting with songs by Caravan Palace and Tape Five. Hell, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even know this genre of swing existed! For that, I am eternally grateful, as few types of music make me want to dance like an idiot and unwind without a care in the world like Electro-Swing :D.

Human Pinkie Pie was (and still is) one of my favorite blogs here on tumblr. Granted, some art is NSFW and not for everyone, but regardless, the majority of it there captures the spirit of a fun-loving, upbeat, energetic person, full of life and love who shares it willingly with others, and makes the world brighter all the while. Several times, when I was feeling down, I would go to this blog and just let the music work it’s way into me, reread some of Pinkie’s adventures, and just let the combination of the two wash away my troubles.

Through this blog, I found “Ask Human Appledash,” run by Glas’ friend Schpog. This blog had so many wonderful, heartwarming, heartwrenching, tearjerking, human moments with two of the best people in the Mane 6 as they came to terms with their feelings for one another, and realized just how important they are to each other. I laughed, I cried, I hoped, I smiled, I frowned, I giggled like an idiot with pure glee at the cuteness and happy moments. I love this blog so much. Schpog’s artwork, just like Glas’, really sells it, and her work outside of the askblog is nothing short of phenomenal.

I felt really bad when they and their friend MissCherry had to leave tumblr for a while because some low-life was making their online lives hell. I wanted nothing more than to give that guy a sound thrashing for being so self-centered and just plain mean to these wonderful people. Routinely, I would log in and check to see if they had come back, to see if the ask sections were open so I could ask them (and the humanized ponies) so fun questions that had been nagging at the back of my mind that wanted to be answered. I checked their artblogs and DeviantART places for new updates, waiting for something new that I could smile at. And, from time to time, it would happen.

So, why am I gushing about these two so much?

Simple, because right now, they need as much support as we can give them. They’ve given us so many fun moments and artwork that has lifted us up when we were down, so now it is our turn to show them just how much they mean to us in this time, when things seem dark and lonely.

MissCherry, this sweet, wonderful person, is currently in an induced coma because of a previous illness, on top of some other physical and psychological stress she’s been under over the course of the past six months. It had gotten so bad that several of her organs had shut down by the time they had to put her in this state. Poor Glas didn’t even get to be there when she went under, and as you can guess, that’s something that’s weighting heavily on her soul right now,

And yet, she doesn’t want to give up on hope.

And neither should we. That’s why #prayformisscherry exists, here on tumblr, on FB, and on Twitter too. So that we can join together in creating positivity, sharing hope, uplifting one another in this time, and keeping the people closest to Miss Cherry in good spirits in their hour of need. If you guys create, be it art, words, music, videos, or whatever, see if you can draw something up for them to make them smile and remember they can pull through. If you dont’ view yourself as such, write a text post, find a motivational quote and post it with a smalle blurb about this, and send it out into the ‘net with the hashtag “#prayformisscherry” attatched, so that they know people out there care about them, about Miss Cherry, and that they aren’t going through this alone.

Let’s all make as many positive things as possible, so that Miss Cherry can see them all when she wakes up. :’)

You make me strong.

On 23, October 2008, Bethesda released a video game that rocked the gaming world as we knew it. This game, Fallout 3, created a massive following of gamers both young and old—”novices” and “experts” alike. Bethesda transformed the Fallout franchise—from a top-down RPG, to a first-person RPG with an even more expansive wasteland to explore. And, while many have criticized this game—criticized how it’s no longer the top-down RPG that many remember, it truly revolutionized the way we see games in the post-apocalyptic genre, as well as how these games are made.

And now, after seven long years of waiting—after numerous hoaxes and rumors that lead to nowhere (causing only rage and maybe a few frustrated tears)—we have finally been given the sequel that was promised: Fallout 4

With seven days left until the launch of this highly anticipated game, the Master’s Army is pleased to present—

Fallout 4 Week

What you create for this week is entirely up to you: graphics and edits, fan-fiction, analyses, gameplay videos, reviews, discussions—whatever strikes your fancy. We hope that you’ll join us in this festivity!

Make sure to tag your posts as “fallout4week”!


19, November — Favorite New Character/Companion

As expected, Fallout 4 has introduced a plethora of new characters that come with their newest wasteland setting. Who is your favorite out of the hundreds? Are they one of your companions, or are they another NPC that doesn’t travel with your Sole Survivor?

20, November — Favorite New Location

Fallout 4′s map is bigger than we could have ever anticipated, and it is brimming with new and strange areas to discover. Which is your favorite? Is it a standard location, or is it a settlement site?

21, November — Favorite/Most Horrifying Enemy

We all know that the new game’s enemies are better than ever. They’ve given us molerats and ghouls, raiders and radscorpions. They’ve even thrown the nastiest deathclaws we’ve ever seen into the mix, as well as horrifying supermutants. Which stands out the most to you?

22, November — Favorite New Perk & Free Day

There are 70 perks to choose from, and each of those perks comes with a tree of its own—making a grand total of 253 ranks (three for each perk). Out of all these perks and ranks, which happens to be your favorite? Is there a main perk you like, or is it one that’s tucked into a tree?

Day 4 is also a free day, so you may also venture into another topic if this one doesn’t suit you!

23, November — Favorite New Song/Radio Station

Without a doubt—Fallout’s music choices are one of the many highlights of the games. And, with a new game comes a new soundtrack. Is there a song that you like best? Or is there an entire radio station that you can’t get enough of?

24, November — Favorite Quote/Dialogue

We all have that one bit of dialogue from previous games that has just stuck with us.

    “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end …”
    “Truth is, game was rigged from the start.”
    “I have been baptized twice, once in water, once in flame.”
    “No need for bombs, when hate will do.”

And the most remembered quote of all—

    “War—war never changes.”

In Fallout 4, which quote or bit of dialogue found a new home in your head?

25, November — Favorite Moment/Quest & Free Day

There are bound to be many moments and quests that stick out in Fallout 4—whether they’re breathtaking or gut-wrenching—wondrous or tearjerking. Which moment or quest really just made you go, “Wow”? Which made you just have to sit and think for a second?

Day 7, our last day, also serves as another free day!

Again—do not forget to tag your posts with “fallout4week”. Admin will be tracking the tag and re-blogging your content to TMA!