tearing off shirt

“ I am a fucking dog. I have fantasies of just taking someone and fucking them hard and strong. Someone like (censored) were I pick her up, take her to my room, tear off her shirt and pants and just eat her out and fuck her hard. I love flesh… the smooth legs, the large breast, the innocent flawless body. the eyes, the hair. Jet black, blonde, white, brown. Ahhhh I just want to fuck”!!!

  Eric Harris Journal 11/17/98

you know the one thing that really gets me is when the music manager guy is pretending to be an evil scientist to get paul to help them or something(???)

and ringo doesnt believe him so he just straight up rips this dudes clothes off

like ringo man what were the odds that this guy would be wearing a suit under his shirt ….how could he has possibly known thats what was under there anyway like…does ringo go around randomly tearing peoples close off in wild hope of finding out their secret identity?? there was no clues that that guy was a fake

just letting you know but in the unlikely event that anything bayonetta related comes out of any of the switch programs happening in the next few days i WILL tear my shirt off and i WILL tattoo ‘property of madama butterfly’ on my INNER THIGH in ENOCHIAN

*punches the air* cant wait to be coerced into an arranged marriage as a brown woman
*kicks the wall* it’s even better cuz im gay *tears shirt off i cant finish this joke

*punches the air* two people who love each other get married!
*kicks the wall* happy marriages!
*tears shirt off* two people who lOVE EACH OTHER AND LIVE TOGETHER
*backflips out the window* HAPPINESS AND TRUE LOVE IN RELATIONSHIPS!!!

ZWEILOUS VARIATIONS nowhere as fancy as most pokemon variations out there lol ok.

STANDARD: your good ole run of the mill zweilous. their temperament is fit for either contests if you’re very patient, or battling. squabble with one another regularly.

SILKY: a man-made breed, bred for, you guessed it, their silky fur. their temperament is not fit at all for battling, as it would much rather be spoiled and doted on constantly. how un-dragon-like. if it’s raised to find strangers agreeable it might even preen in the attention contests bring.

STOCKY: bred for their sheer power. somehow, the aggressive behavior between the heads has been bred out… and instead it turns all that rage onto everyone else. only fit for battling. a trainer must be careful even in introducing it to its own teammates, and those and its trainer are the only individuals a stocky zweilous will ever trust. only proved veterans are allowed to adopt these from breeders.

WILD: not an example of all zweilous in the wild, but a happening amongst them. after enough years without the mediation of a trainer, possibly decades, a head becomes the dominant individual of the body, while the other head atrophies. if it ever reaches evolution, it is the taller head which becomes hydreigon, and the other is the one that splits into two. it’s not quite clear how this imbalance happens between the heads, as they both share the same stomach and thus receive the same nutrition. NOTE: it has been observed that the heads fuse together in trainer-raised zweilous as there’s no dominant head. this has also been observed to result in stronger hydreigon.