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listen i got a rabbit when i was the ripe age of eight years old. originally named him button bc that was my old rabbits name and i was convinced if i just gave him that name the spirit of button would live on in him (rip in peace tiny friend) but after a while he chewed threw the fuckin lawn mower wire so my eight year old self called that sucker chompy. now i dont kno if you kno but rabbits are supposed to live like six to eight years as a pet, and before that button had kicked the proverbial fuckin bucket after a few months so we weren’t expecting the situation we’re currently in. chompy, as it turns out, gives absolutely 0 fucks what any rabbit website says. i am nearly twenty years old and this little dude just wont quit. you bet ur bottom dollar i go out every single mornin rain or shine to let his sorry ass out of the hutch so he can eat the grass, chase the birds and make my mum gnash her teeth and cry bc we cant plant shit bc he’ll straight up just devour any plant he finds. eleven years. this fucker is eleven years old. im pretty sure he’s just running on straight up spite at this point bc everyone i speak to in my family is like ‘is that rabbit still going?????’ you better FUCKIN believe that rabbit is tearin shit up in my back garden to this day. but now im in this situation where i tell ppl i have a rabbit and theyre like ‘ooo whats his name??’ and i, a nineteen year old, have to look them dead in the eye and say chompy. the ridiculous fuckin name i gave him eleven years ago. what a world 


Dylan in 2016: Dylan O’Brien was injured on the 17th of March while filming ‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ in Vancouver, Canada. He was immediately transferred to a local hospital for observation and treatment. Despite being seriously injured and absent from the limelight for months, he has achieved many things in this year. He was nominated for awards and won them all, was cast as “Mitch Rapp” in the upcoming action movie ‘American Assassin’ and finished filming it, was featured in a critically acclaimed movie ‘Deepwater Horizon’ (The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has unveiled the shortlist for the visual effects race and DWH is part of the list and could possibly be an Oscar nominated film) and still managed to be a part of Teen Wolf’s final season. We’re thankful for Dylan being safe and healthy. 

Niall Horan - “Marry Me”

This picture gave me wedding vibes so I was like .. gonna write it. Enjoy! 

Part one of two. Part two coming soon!

Niall was going to do it as soon as they had arrived at your friends party, but then one drink in he chickened out. Two drinks in, you were off dancing with friends and he used it as an excuse not to do it yet again. By drink three, he was feeling a bit more confident but still felt the nerves shaking his hands a bit. 

“What’s wrong, babe?” You ask him, picking up on his anxiousness. You eye him over the rim of your glass as you take a sip but he just smiles and takes the glass from your hands, placing it on the table beside him before pulling you into his arms as his lips find yours. You laugh against his mouth, tasting the beers he’d had on his lips. “Well okay.” You pull back to say, smiling at him. “Come dance with me?” 

“Sure,” He stands from the stool he was sat on. “Give me one second, though.” He leans down to press a gentle kiss to your lips before he heads off towards the person who was in control of the music. You watch as they discuss something, both of them grinning before he heads back over to you. “Shall we dance?” You smile and rest your hand in his, allowing him to pull you over and out to where everyone was dancing. 

The two of you danced to the song, and the one after that, both of you laughing and just having fun, much like you always had. Both of you were a little bit tipsy, his hands may have roamed a bit more than they would have otherwise but you didn’t mind at all. You could still pick up on his slight anxiety, especially as the song ended. Instead of being followed up by another one, the speakers grew silent. 

“What’s going on?” You question, pulling away from Niall who took a step back and looked more anxious than ever.

“We have someone who needs to say a few things before we continue on.” The person in charge of music calls, gesturing towards Niall who gives a little smile and a small wave of his hand before taking a deep breath. 

“Niall…?” You question, glancing around as everyone quiets down and turns to watch the two of you. You see his band mates standing off to the side, all of them grinning. As you turn back to Niall you frown at him as he takes your hands. 

“I’ve had maybe one drink more than I should ‘ave before doin’ this bu’ we’ll just go for it anyway.” He starts, giving a nervous and tipsy laugh. “Love,” You watch as he takes a deep breath, looking into your eyes. “We’ve been together for four marvelous years now. You’ve been by my side through so much and I wouldn’t be half as happy as I am if it weren’t for you.”

“Niall..” You whisper, thinking you knew where this was headed. You grip at his large hands tightly, staring into those blue eyes as he gives a small smile. 

“I’ve thought about this moment so many times the last year or so. Where I would do it, how I would do it. And then after I got the ring, I kept waking up every mornin’ beside you and just kept thinkin’ about how I could do it right then and there. How, watching you sleep so peacefully, just made me fall in love with you more and reassured me every mornin’ that you are who I want for the rest of me life.” You, at this point, at a couple of tears falling down your cheeks and no one in the entire room was making a sound. “I don’t really understand how I got so lucky to land such a beautiful, smart, loving, selfless and brave girl like you but I want to give you the world, for the rest of our lives. I want to give you the life that you deserve. So,” He releases one of your hands then and you give a small hiccup as he fishes around in his pocket a bit, a look of determination before his fingers finally clasp around the ring. “Y/N…” He sinks down to one knee. “Will you marry me?” 

“Oh, Niall…” You gasp, grinning down at him. “Of course I will.” You tell him and everyone breaks into cheers. “Now get off your bad knee before you hurt it again and kiss me.” You tug on his hands and he laughs, standing up. While everyone around you cheers and claps, he slides the ring onto your finger and then he meets your eye. He had a a tear or two sliding down his cheeks and his blue eyes were shining bright and glistening with more un-shed tears. “I love you, Niall.” He takes your face in his hands, clasping your cheeks in his palms and leans down to press a heated kiss to your lips. You wrap your arms around his torso, hugging yourself tightly against him. 

“Our little babies are engaged!” Suddenly there were three bodies enveloping the two of you, causing you to pull away from one another. “I can’ believe this. It’s abou’ time!” You laugh and look up at Harry who stood beside you, his arm across your shoulders, grinning at the two of you. 

“Great speech, lad.” Louis compliments from beside Niall, giving him a slap on the back. 

“Yeah, had me tearin’ up a bit, even.” Liam wipes at his eye a bit before everyone laughs and then leans in for one large group hug. The whole group then pulled away and began to laugh when Marry You by Bruno Mars began to play. 

“Shall we dance then, love?” The guys took a couple steps back from you as Niall grinned at you, holding his hand out towards you. You give a small, elated, laugh and rest your hand in his. He swings you around and pulls you into his chest. 

You had known for a long while, probably just a couple of months into the relationship, that Niall was who you were going to marry. It was always just an idea though, a far off and abstract thought that was now put into reality. Here you were planning your wedding to Niall and, while stressful, was the best time of your life. 

“Okay, but what about this one?” You ask, holding up a small square of fabric. The two of you were trying to decide on the tablecloths for the wedding reception but he was being no help. 

“It looks the same as this one.” He points towards the one you’d just put down on the table a second before and you sigh. 

“Niall, that one is cream, this one is eggshell.” 

“Aren’t they both just white?” He questions then, a look of pure confusion on his face. You actually give a small laugh at how adorable he looked before you grab for a third fabric swatch. 

“No,” You say, holding it up. “This is white.” He looked extremely confused then, his eyebrows creased together, his lips pursed together as he took in the three swatches. 

“Look the same to me.” He mutters but then looks up at you, and a small smile begins to creep up onto his handsome features. “Which one do you want? I like this one.” He points at the eggshell one and you can tell he simply chose that one to appease you. 

“Thank you.” You lean over, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. The entirety of wedding planning had been going like this. Picking out dishes for the reception was a similar affair. He had picked up and examined each plate and glass before stating they looked the same. You pointed out how some had a bit different gold detailing than the others, the glasses for one were crystallized while the others were not. He had given you the exact same confused look before pointing to one but ultimately agreeing with whichever you chose. 

“How come you don’t really want much of a say in what we do for our wedding?” You asked him one night as you laid in bed. The two of you had been wedding planning all day. He had to leave to do interviews and a couple of shows the next day and would be gone for two weeks. The wedding was two months away so the two of you tried to cram in as much as you could today. There was planning the menu, went and made a gift registry, planned the final touches on the cake and started picking out what flowers the corsages and bouquets were to be made of. He had given some input but mostly let you make the final decisions once again. “Do you not care?” 

“Of course I do, love.” He pulls you close against his chest, kissing at the top of your head. “I jus’ want it to be exactly how you want it. ’m not one much for caring what flowers there are or what color the tablecloth is. You know that. So whichever is going to make you happiest is what is goin’ to make me happiest. This day being exactly how you want it to be and how you imagined it will make it the perfect wedding day for me. You happy and beside me is all I need.” His words brought tears to your eyes. You couldn’t help but smile and press your lips to his. All conversation was over as he rolls over, his body pressing yours into the mattress and his tongue meets yours. 

“I feel like I’m forgetting something.” You say one day, sitting on the dining room table. You had papers strewn about before you. Plans, phone numbers, pictures, all sorts of things were placed upon them. The wedding was only a week away now and you were freaking out. You groan, pushing your fingers through your hair. 

“You didn’t forget anything, love.” Niall walks up behind you, his arms going around your shoulders and his nose pressing into your hair. He presses a soft and gentle kiss to your temple before pulling away. “Everythin’ is set to go and it’s goin’ to be perfect.” He assures you but when you still sigh and shake your head he begins pressing kiss after kiss to your cheek. They were sloppy, wet and loud kisses. 

“Niall!” You giggle, going to push him away from you but he continues for a few more moments before he pulls away, grinning. 

“You’ve done everything that needs to be done, I promise.” He assures you, taking a seat beside you. He takes your hand in his, squeezing it reassuringly. “Tomorrow you are goin’ to go get your hair and nails done, you’re gonna get all pampered and relax.” 

“I’m gonna miss you.” You grin over at him, seeing his matching grin. The two of you had decided to spend the week leading up to the wedding apart. The plans were finished now it was all about prep. He had one last fitting for his tux before he and the guys picked them up and he was going to have his hair trimmed. You had gotten your dress already, your bridesmaids had theirs. Everything was planned and in motion. 

“You’re the one who suggested this week apart.” He reminded you. “Somethin’ about building anticipation.” He playfully rolls his eyes but his grin remains. 

“It will make the moment we’re reunited that much sweeter.” You argue, reminding him of your reasons. 

“I know, love.” He leans forward, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips. “Jus’ gonna miss ya, is all.” He kisses you again. “Our wedding night sure will be somethin’ else though.” He gives you that smirk that almost always made you weak in the knees and you had to resist the urge to drag him to the bedroom right then. Last night and this morning you spent together, it sort of being a ‘one last time’ sort of thing. Much like the two of you did before he left for tour or something of the sort. You’d said your goodbyes in that manner already. 

“Don’t smirk at me like that.” You push his face away playfully as you both give a laugh. “I can tell what you’re thinking.” 

“Oh, you jus’ wait. It’s gonna be the perfect end to a perfect day.” He vows, kissing you again. 

Once he left that night, heading off to stay at Harry’s for the week, you packed a bag and headed off to your own friends house where you would be staying. The two of you were going to be having a girls week of relaxing pool side, getting your hair and nails done, a massage. After all of the stress of wedding planning, you needed this. Your wedding planner was on top of making sure everything was being done correctly and she assured you that it was okay to relax finally. 

You just wanted to marry Niall already. He was your perfect man and you couldn’t want to call him your husband. 

The Choi’s Birthday

Happy birthday Saeran and Saeyoung!! y’all im tearin up these tomato heads deserve all the love in the world, I hope you like this headcanon of how their party’ll go down ^^

  • MC knew the twin’s birthdays would be coming up soon so she decided to throw them a little birthday party
  • She called the RFA members to have a secret little meeting and they decided to have them take a little adventure
  • It was a quiet morning… until Saeyoung decided to wake Saeran up with his loud voice
  • “Brother! Wake up! Happy birthday!!”
  • Saeran grumbled and tried to shoo him away but he couldn’t as he practically shoved a small cupcake to his face
  • “Uh I couldn’t really bake you a cake and I didn’t have time to buy one so i’m sorry” 
  • Saeyoung chuckled nervously as he scratched the back of his neck
  • To be honest Saeran was touched but no way in hell he’d be able to say that straight to his face 
  • “You idiot it’s your birthday too you know” Saeran muttered
  • “Ohoho is this your way of greeting me?”
  • He pushed Saeyoung’s face away from his and made his way to the living room when he spotted a small envelope in the mouth of the robot dog Saeyoung made
  • “What’s this?” Saeyoung grabbed the envelope and opened it
  • Happy birthday Saeran and Saeyoung! This is a little trip the RFA planned for you both so dress up and meet Yoosung in his university :D - MC
  • “Our princess planned this for us? I’m touched, let’s go!”
  • Saeyoung excitedly dragged his brother to meet Yoosung in his university and when they both saw him, he waved up at the both of them
  • “Happy birthday to the both of you! Here are some ice cream coupons to this awesome ice cream parlor near here, sorry i couldn’t get you guys anything else but I hope you have fun. Text Zen if you guys are done, you’ll meet him in the park”
  • Saeran perked up when he heard ice cream was involved and Saeyoung was ecstastic thinking that it was an awesome birthday present and that Yoosung shouldn’t worry
  • He gave them the direction to the place and the twins excitedly made their way
  • “Mhm Yoosungie was right these ice creams are amazing, don’t you think?” 
  • Saeyoung gave him his to try the flavor but Saeran refused
  • “I can’t take yours” 
  • “Oh you know it’s alright, brothers share everything and… I’m willing to give you that everything to make up for all that i’ve lost on you”
  • “Stop being so dramatic” 
  • Saeran felt a slight squeeze in his chest as he looked at him, his face suddenly solemn as he frowned, grumbled and took a bite from Saeyoung’s spoon trying out the flavor
  • Saeyoung’s eyes lit up as they both ate their ice cream, a comfortable silence settled upon them as Saeyoung hummed in content
  • They soon found Zen under a tree as they both greeted him
  • “Happy birthday both of you. Right so MC may or may not have told me a little secret”
  • They quirked their eyebrows in confusion as Zen sighed and told them an item of Saeran was stolen and broken by Saeyoung
  • “MC you betrayed me!” Saeyoung screamed as Saeran started chasing him in all his fury, trying to grab at his hoodie whilst screaming profanities at him
  • “I don’t understand why MC had me do this” Zen sighed but seeing the sight before him, the twins running around the park like little children then he realized 
  • Saeyoung still continued to scream but Saeran was able to catch him as they both slipped and fell
  • On the ground with grass stuck on Saeran’s hair, Saeyoung let out a boisterous laugh 
  • Saeran’s eyebrow twitched but seeing Saeyoung so carefree and laughing eased him a bit
  • “Stop laughing you idiot”
  • “Hey you two! if you don’t mind, that trust fund kid and Jaehee are waiting for you in front of their company building” Zen shouted from afar
  • “Did you hear that? Our adventure apparently isn’t finished yet, let us go!”
  • Saeran grumbled as he was yet again dragged to the C&R building, a slick black van waiting for them with Jumin and Jaehee inside
  • “What’s this? a kidnap?” 
  • “No so if you please keep quiet i’d really appreciate that” Jumin buckled his seatbelt 
  • “Finally someone who understands” Saeran approved as Saeyoung sulked
  • Jaehee sighed but faced the both of them “Happy birthday”
  • Jumin also greeted them as they went on their way
  • And thank jumin han for leading them where?
  • a  c a t  s h e l t e r
  • Saeyoung was already jumping in his seat and immediately jumped into the cat pen once they all got out
  • Both Jumin and Jaehee pushed Saeran inside aswell as Saeyoung placed a kitten in his arms and took a photo
  • “Delete that you moron”
  • “Noooo its too cute”
  • Saeran admits to himself he thinks of these cats as cute but as he sees Saeyoung playing with them abusing them he took the kittens in his arms protectively
  • “You’re practically strangling them what the hell are you doing”
  • Saeyoung combusted from this protective cuteness and thanked both Jumin and Jaehee for letting him witness such a sight
  • Jumin also thanked saeran for saving those innocent kitties
  • When they were both done playing with the cats Jumin ushered them back to the car saying that they needed to send them off back to their place
  • And lo and behold once they came back, the lights opened revealing MC with a cake and Zen and Yoosung behind her
  • They all shouted happy birthday together and gave the twins friendly hugs
  • “How was the trip guys? I’m sorry I didn’t really have a proper gift to you both but I hope this sufficed”
  • Seeing her face the twins now realized that her gift was for them to spend more time with each other and they were incredibly touched
  • “Stupid… It was fun” Saeran mumbled as everyone stared at him in shock
  • Saeyoung’s tears pricked the corner of his eyes as he slings his arm around his brother’s shoulders and MC on the other
  • “Told you they’d love whatever you give them MC” Jumin commented as Saeyoung nodded
  • “Ah why am I crying? I’m so happy thank you guys so so much. All my life i’ve been in this dark world and you all helped me- helped us to find the light we were both desperately needing. This” He gestured to everyone
  • “…Is our family and we can never replace you guys with anything else. You saved the both of us and we are incredibly thankful”
  • Saeyoung was practically sobbing now and Saeran clutched at the hem of his sweater, not wanting to admit that his speech got to him a bit
  • MC sqeezed between the both of them and kissed both of their cheeks, making them red
  • “Happy birthday!” everyone greeted
  • They were both really happy staring at the faces of the members laughing, crying and smiling. They felt so at home because they know that with the RFA, they will always be loved.

“So you see you and me
We’re gettin close to the danger zone
Show me how tell me now
Should I stay or should i go
Cause I’m caught between yes and no

Cause when you kiss me
I feel everything that I been missing
I try to slow down but my heart won’t listen
And its tearin me all up inside
And when you touch me
I feel a rush but I’m afraid that it might crush me”

Kisses Don’t Lie, Rihanna

The young must grow old,
Whilst old ones grow older,
And cowards will shrink,
As the bold grow bolder.
Courage may blossom in quiet hearts,
For who can tell where bravery starts?
Truth is a song, oft lying unsung,
Some mother bird, protecting her young,
Those who lay down their lives for friends,
The echo rolls onward, it seldom ends.
Who never turned and ran, but stayed?
This is a warrior born, not made!
Living in peace, aye many a season,
Calm in life and sound in reason,
‘Til evil arrives, a wicked horde,
Driving a warrior to pick up his sword,
The challenger rings then, straight and fair,
Justice is with us, beware. Beware!
—  prologue from The Legend of Luke