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how would spencer be with his pregnant wife?

my gosh, he’d be so cute. he’d be fixated on you 24/7, making sure you’re comfy, bringing u food, painting ur toenails for you when you can no longer bend over your large belly. also: craving nutella at 3 am? spence got u. already on his way to the store.

when you get emotional he quickly wipes your tears away and just hugs you for a while, he knows that you’re just a little overwhelmed sometimes and you need to cry it out. when spencer isn’t away on a case, he’s home with you.

when you wake up in the middle of the night due to your discomfort, spencer being the light sleeper he is due to his job wakes as well. he frowns upon seeing the frustrated expression that your face holds and he rambles about a book he read that said sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs is the most comfortable position. you take his advice and sleep through the rest of the night.

he’s at most of the doctors appointments. he absolutely loathes missing them, of course he can’t help it but he’s only missed one so far and is thankful for that.

all in all, he’d be the cutest. always talking to your tummy or his hands instinctively going there, always reading and buying new books on pregnancy and parenting, and being determined to give his child the best damn life he possibly can.

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Do you have any head canons about the future in your touch-starvation 1988 fic? I've probably read it 5 times at this point, it just really hits me every time... it is so lovely and gentle and hot. and I'm curious how the team/media reacts to the news of the change in condition/relationship...

Ooh, what a good question! Actually, I’m not 100% sold on this, but someone (probably aohatsu) suggested back when I wrote it that it would be fun if Patrick’s touch actually cured Jonny of not being able to touch people. That seems a little too easy, but it would be fun if Jonny found out he could touch other people, but only while he’s also touching Patrick. Imagine the tearful scene with Jonny’s mom!! And Patrick would hold onto Jonny’s hand while the rest of the team gives him noogies and butt-pats and such. Lots of years go make up for. Ooh, and they could go into crowded spaces with Patrick holding Jonny’s hand, but only if they’re willing to out themselves, which would be a tough call – Patrick wants to do it for Jonny, but Jonny doesn’t want to be the reason Patrick has a non-hockey thing defining his career (Jonny knows what that’s like). But also it will really make Jonny’s life a lot better, and that’s something Patrick wants to give him, and maybe he doesn’t want to be in the closet anyway, so I think Patrick will win that negotiation.

(There’s also a thing where Patrick awkwardly offers a threesome – like, Jonny, shouldn’t only have to be with Patrick if he doesn’t want to – and Jonny laughs at him.)

Regardless of whether Patrick’s touch cures Jonny in some way, I think Jonny will find out in the next couple of years that there’s a little kid somewhere who has the same disorder. That galvanizes him into taking action to understand it, where before he just wanted to keep his head down and play hockey. But he has a public presence now, and money, and he wants to use that to investigate this condition so that no one else has to suffer through a decade and a half of not being touched like he did. So he starts a foundation and works with some of the best doctors in the country – maybe there’s a researcher at the University of Chicago Medical School he starts working with, and Jonny’s disorder turns out to be the jumping-off point for understanding all sorts of things about the human nervous system that were never understood before. So many exciting things could happen!

Bloodlines - 13 (Callum Lynch/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten  Part Eleven Part Twelve

Imagine being one of the escaped assassins from Abstergo. Things escalate quickly after a misunderstanding with the newbie…

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“You’re sure.” The scientist nodded, “Can you find this descendant?”

“I have my team working on something. It sounds promising.” The scientist pulled up a program, “We’ll use Lynch while he’s synched and hopefully be able triangulate the position of them. The numbers are looking very good.”

You took a deep breath sitting on the edge of your bed. You were terrified. Not of the fight that was going to happen but of leaving your children.

You wiped a tear away before standing to your feet slinging a backpack over your shoulder. You looked around the bedroom one last time making sure everything was laid out for everyone. You left notes for Ann and Risha explaining everything.

You stepped out into the hall shutting your door quietly behind you. As you turned to head for the back door, “Mom?”

You froze shutting your eyes before you turned looking at Risha, “What are you doing up? You have a lot to do tomorrow.”

She stared at you hugging herself, “You’re…you’re going for dad, aren’t you?”

You sighed, “You’re too bright…”

Risha teared up running forward throwing her arms around you tightly. She spoke into your shoulder, “Just…make sure you both come home, okay?”

You felt a hitch in your throat as you embraced her tightly, “I can’t…promise you that.”

“Just try.” She squeezed you.

You kissed her head before she let go, “Take care of your brother and sister.”

“I will.” She nodded as you turned to leave.

As you stepped out into the night slinking along the backs of the houses making your way toward the armory. You turned the corner to reach the door and jumped seeing Sam, “Jesus, Sam…”

He stared at you his arms crossed over his chest watching you put a hand over beating heart, “So you’re really doing this?”

You stood up straight staring at him, “I have to. Cal is my husband, and no one is going to stop me.”

He watched you shift your weight. His mouth dropped open slightly before he spoke, “Well if we’re going to do this then we’ll need a few more things then I packed.”

“We?” You looked at him suspiciously.

“Yes, we, and we don’t have much time so…we better get going.” He smirked a little before heading into the armory.

You followed him gathering tools and weapons into your own bag as he grabbed a few items, “Sam…”

“Step at a time Y/N.” He glanced at you, “Let’s just get out of here first…you can question my motives later.”

You felt a tightness in your chest before a wave a nausea. You shook it off chalking it up to nerves. You kept quiet and followed him to a beat-up jeep and you were off. There was no going back.

Sam was an experienced assassin and he wasn’t afraid to use his skills to sneak them onto a plane heading overseas.

“Sam…” You watched him as he adjusted against the belly of the plane trying to get comfortable against all the jammed luggage, “Why are you here?”

He stopped moving and sighed letting his head thunk against the wall, “Because I love you…I’ve always loved you and…I missed my chance.”

Your mouth dropped open slightly as he went on, “You’re the mother of my child and you have raised him a lone and alongside the only daughter of my best friend. I should have asked to bond with you when you found out you were pregnant with Elijah…but I was young and dumb.”

He looked at you and smiled, “Now you’re happy with another man and I have never seen you so happy…and I just want that for you. I see how Callum is with everyone…how he is with Elijah. He’s the father I should’ve been.”

“Sam…” You reached over touching his shoulder.

“Don’t…” He shook his head a little, “it’s the truth and you know it. I’m not angry about it anymore. I’m happy that Elijah has someone that he can look up to. Someone with compassion and understanding. A man who will teach him how to respect all aspects of the world, not because of a Creed he lives in…but because that’s just how it should be.”

He looked at you and smiled as he made room next to him, “Your family is what the entire creed should aspire to have.”

You teared up looking down to your hands, “Thank you…thank you so much…”

You felt him reach for your face brushing away the tears that fell in the dark, “We’re going to get him home, one way or another. This I promise you.”

He pulled you close to him rubbing your back. It was going to be a long ride with no space for anything. There was no room for error, but you felt better knowing Sam was there with you.

All It Takes (three)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Be happy Bucky is here to handle everything.

Word Count: 4116 | Rating: R

Warnings: SMUT. oral (f receiving), face riding, dirty talking, two nsfw gifs, UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap your wang, before you bang!)

A/N: I am just going to leave this for y’all thirsty hoes. But I’m baffled by the feedback I got on the first tow part, so just wanna say THANK YOU!

also sorry for any typos

Masterlist here

All It Takes Part One Part Two 

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“I had admired you from a far.
Felt butterflies every time I see you.
Blushed at the thought of your name.
And overthought every word you say to me.

It had taken me a year, which felt like an eternity.
To finally realize,
I was in what all humans fear,
What poets wrote about.
What could start wars and move mountains.
I was in love

We began to talk, and I felt light headed every time.
Felt my heart flutter every time you touched me.
Became happier as we got closer.
And nerves filled me when we flirted.

It took a while, but it felt like just a couple of hours for people to start noticing.
We were slowly becoming what young girls dreamed of.
What writers make up in fairytales.
What could make anyone the happiest or saddest person in the world.
We were in love.

Or so I thought.
Almost everyone thought…
I felt so pathetic.
I felt so broken.
I thought maybe we had something.
Something behind the jokes.
But I was wrong. I was so wrong.
And that’s when I realized.
I was in what people had nightmares about.
What left people in tears.
And turned the happiest people bitter.
I was hopelessly, pathetically in love with you.

—  A.P

I know you’re all waiting for content from the guidebooks, and I’ve admittedly been extremely slow with my translations. I’m going to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be finishing them any time soon- I’ve been working on translating another project, as well as my usual art and writing, and a cosplay I’ve got a month to make, and all in all the FMA guidebooks somehow wound up low on my priority list.

But I don’t want to just leave you guys hanging, so I’ll share what I’ve learned so far:

  • Den (The Rockbells’ dog) is named after Arakawa’s own dog, Densuke. Densuke in turn is named after Densuke melons, Hokkaido’s famous and extremely expensive black watermelons.
  • The Mustang vs. Lust fight was completely planned out since the beginning of the series, even to the point of taking into consideration the part where Roy’s gloves get soaked, so that’s why Arakawa made Havoc a smoker (so he could have a lighter on hand for Roy to borrow). Also, since that was going to be the Colonel’s shining moment, Arakawa intentionally downplayed him a bit in the early phases of the series.
  • The Maria Ross incident was also planned since Hughes’ death.
  • Barry the Chopper was originally intended to die at lab 5. But Arakawa really enjoyed drawing him, and as she thought about that, she realized that he could be useful for the later arcs with the military characters. Thus he wound up being the first character to survive longer than originally intended.
  • The reason Barry wants to chop up Lust so badly is because she resembles his wife.
  • Arakawa hates drawing scenes of people crying, since they make her feel sad too, but she doesn’t mind if it’s happy tears.
  • One of the important differences between Mustang and Bradley, which Arakawa tried to emphasize, is that Bradley has no problem casually throwing away any of his pawns, while Mustang never throws anyone away no matter what.
  • Arakawa sometimes uses lighting effects to give the illusion of tears on Al’s armor.
  • Arakawa is thankful for Winry, who can act as a buffering agent because she’s able to understand both Ed and Al’s feelings very well. Arakawa thinks the boys ought to talk to her more instead of shutting her out.
  • Winry’s reaction to meeting Truth (during the Fullmetal Honesty Hour: Truth-kun’s Room segment): “Hold on, Ed, why is this guy naked? And he’s saying stuff I really don’t get. Just what kind of weird friends do you guys have, anyway?”
  • Winry prefers guys who are taller than her because she thinks when she gets married, having a tall husband would look really nice in the wedding photos. Also because she saw a movie where the heroine stood on her tiptoes to kiss her tall boyfriend goodbye, and Winry thought it looked cool.

B99 + Apartment AU: in which Jake, Charles, Rosa, and Amy live together while attending the police academy.

  • They technically see each other every day at training, but they all still try to hang out together once a week. (Usually movie nights, occasionally game nights, sometimes with alcohol, always in pajamas.) 
  • Charles offers to make dinner for all of them some time during their first week together. – He makes a dish involving bull testicles and is never allowed to cook for them again. (He’s still allowed to make hot cocoa though, which Jake asks for every time he comes home with a bruise.) 
  • Amy dies a little on the inside every morning Jake sleepily pads into the kitchen, hair still messed up from sleep and voice still a bit hoarse. 
  • The smoke alarm goes off almost every time Amy attempts to cook something. 
  • The number of times Amy has thought about just walking over to Jake’s room and kissing him senseless is  r i d i c u l o u s.
  • Rosa has at least three extra locks on her door, and none of the others have seen the inside of her room. (After catching Gina sneak out of there the morning after their graduation, Jake bribes her into telling him exactly how it looks like.) 
  • Jake somehow manages to leave various articles of clothing everywhere, and this annoys Amy to no end. (Partly because each rumpled shirt just makes her think about what it would feel like to tear his clothes off herself.)
  • Amy puts a calendar on their fridge and implements a cleaning schedule, with the chores all divvied up between the four of them. Jake complains very loudly about this at first but later has a ton of fun dancing around their living room while vacuuming and scream-singing Taylor Swift songs.
  • Charles regularly helps Rosa with her texting game. (Amy tries to contribute at some point, but her offer to proofread messages is quickly shot down.) 
  • From her room, Amy hears the door slamming closed followed by the sound of muffled voices and giggling. She peaks her head out a bit, and her stomach lurches when she catches a blur of bodies making their way toward Jake’s room. She crashes at Kylie’s that night because the walls in their apartment are thin, and she doesn’t want to hear a thing. (It’s a drunken one night stand that doesn’t come to anything because the girl’s apparently in law school studying to be a defense attorney.) 
  • Charles and Rosa do yoga together on Sunday mornings. They try to get Jake and Amy into it, but Jake just makes a joke out of everything, and Amy becomes weirdly competitive about it. 
  • Jake once woke everyone up at an ungodly hour because he had been watching a nature documentary and yelling over the grossness of live births. He since then has been banned from watching nature documentaries past midnight. 
  • Every so often (more and more frequently as time passes), Jake and Amy find themselves sitting on the floor of their living room way past 2 am, just talking and laughing. (Charles and Rosa can hear them from their rooms, but neither of them say anything about it.)  
  • Through the wall between their rooms, Rosa can hear Amy creepily singing songs before each big test/evaluation at the academy. The third time this happens, Rosa knocks on Amy’s door and stays with her until she’s calmed down. (”You’ll do great. Stop stressing, dum-dum.”)
  • Jake runs out of shampoo and doesn’t want to dig through Charles’ erotic shampooing kit, so he sneaks into the girls’ bathroom and steals a bit from the first bottle he sees. (Turns out it’s Amy’s, and it drives him nuts that he smells like her the whole day. Amy somehow doesn’t notice, but Rosa threatens to castrate him if he ever enters their bathroom again.) 
  • Charles likes to blast show tunes while doing chores or cooking large meals (or doing anything, really). They’ve all had front row seats to his renditions of choice songs from Oliver, Annie, and Cats. 
  • Amy’s usually pretty neat, so Rosa is shocked to enter her room to find nuts all over the floor… and on her shirt, and in her hair, and somehow on her bed a few feet away. (”Jake said I couldn’t catch any of these with my mouth, so I’m just-” “Don’t care. Call me if you grab each other’s asses.”) 
  • Jake’s been thinking of asking Amy out for ages, but he’s too afraid of the potential fallout. Both Charles and Rosa try to talk him into doing something about his feelings.
  • Amy once catches Jake coming out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Needless to say, all work was forgotten that evening, and she had to take a long shower herself. 
  • It’s during one of their 3 am heart-to-heart convos that Jake and Amy finally kiss, and they don’t end up sleeping until the sun starts to rise. When Amy comes out of Jake’s room close to lunch time (donning one of his checkered shirts, because her pajama top is nowhere to be found), she finds a spread of various aphrodisiacs (courtesy of Charles) and a box of condoms (courtesy of Rosa) on their dining table. 

Shout out to @peraltiagoisland, @elsaclack, @dogworldchampion, @stardustsantiago, and @tiadorable for letting me yell about this AU and helping me come up with these headcanons!!!!!!!!

Draco wasn’t breathing. 

Why wasn’t he breathing?

Had Harry done something wrong?

He tightened his grip around Draco, hugging him closer, closer, closer, breathing soft words of encouragement in his ear. “Please, baby,” Harry whispered, his heart hammering in his chest because why wasn’t Draco breathing? “Talk to me.” 

Draco jerked in his arms, as if slapped, and he choked back a sob, “I - I can’t -”

“I’m sorry -” Harry immediately said, kissing the top of Draco’s head. “You don’t need to do anything, baby, I’m sorry.”

He stayed silent, burying himself deep against Harry’s chest. Draco kept jerking in Harry’s arms, as if in war with himself, not sure if he wanted to bolt or get closer, closer, closer

Why was Draco crying?

“Did I do something wrong?” Harry tried tentatively after a while, rocking them from side to side. 

(What? It seemed to calm toddlers down - there was no reason why it wouldn’t do the trick for Draco.)

“No,” Draco whispered into his chest, heaving. “I - it’s my fault - I -”

“Your fault?”

Draco nodded. “I - I’m - you’re gay and I’m… I’m not a real boy -”


So that was the problem. “Draco,” Harry started carefully, “you are. Just because you don’t have a cock -”

Draco giggled - hiccoughed a dry sob. “Vulgar.”

“Shut up,” Harry smiled. “I mean it, though. You’re a boy.”

“I’m not -”

“You are.” Harry said firmly, his grip on Draco so tight it might bruise. “I’m gay, you’re a boy -”

“Harry -”

“- and I am incredibly in love with you.”

“Oh,” Draco said, his breath hot on Harry’s neck. He was silent for a while, almost scarily still, until he slowly tilted his head to look up at Harry. His eyes were red, his cheeks wet with tears, and he had never looked more beautiful. “Oh,” he repeated, a smile breaking through. “I love you too.”

Harry kissed his nose. 

Partly because he knew it would make Draco giggle again.

Partly just because he could.

But mostly because, though still crying, Draco was breathing again. 

#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 18)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 954

‘#DateMeBuckyBarnes’ Masterlist

A/N: I’m sorry. 

Originally posted by ilovebeingjoyful

Almost two weeks have passed since Daisy told you the news about Bucky and his escapades in Los Angeles, days that were a blur to you. Bucky’s calls and texts piled up in your phone with him pleading you to call back, begging you to hear his side of the story. You didn’t bother to listen to his voicemails. You didn’t bother to read all of his texts. During the first couple of days after the incident, Bucky constantly called and texted you, your phone blowing up with notifications that you had to shut the device off.

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Rocky Road

Rocky Road
Jungkook | Reader
Description: After dumping your all too vanilla ex, you want to go back to your fuck buddy, who added a bit more flavor to your sex life.
Warning: Dom!Kook, Slapping, Spanking, Exhibitionism, Blowjob, Degrading Names, Master Kink, Hair Pulling, Choking, Intercourse
Word Count: 5,378
A/N: It’s 3:31 and I’m going to die. But I’ve been really craving dom!Kook and this idea seemed too good to pass up. Enjoy!

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some monster factory Feelings:

i wish there were more character designs like the final pam’s out there in mainstream media.

objectively speaking, pam is hideous. she’s a monster factory creation, that’s sort of the point. but from a design standpoint she’s actually a really brilliant-looking character. she’s immediately recognisable thanks to her weird facial structure and disfigurements, even if you change her hairstyle or partially cover her face. her face lends itself well to being really expressive - look at fanart for her, her mouth and eyebrows are just super easy to make really expressive. then there’s her main outfit - the dress is exactly what you’d expect of an apocalyptic woman, her shades are fucking awesome, and the wig is just the cherry on top.

idk, the final pam is just really aesthetically pleasing to me. she’s an utterly hideous woman who completely owns her appearance and dresses super fab while she’s tearing reality apart. i can see her in an animated show or movie as the overarching villain, maybe with a bombastic dynamic musical number to set up her character. i’d like to see more characters like her.

(there’s a few other monsters that fall into this category of “totally hideous but also really aesthetically pleasing”. pam exemplifies it, but think of like… toucan dan. or trullbus. or turbovicki.)

Where should I start?

With how Kaneki was completely amazed by the feel of her boobs and thus couldn’t stop touching it and apparently making a super lewd face to the point where Touka says it’s weirding her out? (Yes, it was just as hilarious and awkward as it sounds)

How Touka saw that Kaneki was feeling insecure about his scaly arms and apologized to her, so Touka wordless undressed herself as well so that he doesn’t feel awkward and also indirectly telling him that she doesn’t mind at all.
(Man, I can’t believe our hc of Kaneki touching her with his scaly hands became canon😂)

With Touka planting soft kisses all over his body to the point Kaneki isn’t sure himself if he’s ticklish 👌

Kaneki failing to undo her bra and making an adorably apologizing face. What a dork.

Kaneki caressing her face and Touka touching his hand as well.

The face Touka made when he put it in (Touka confirmed virgin btw xD)

Them whispering/groaning each other’s name❤️

Kaneki crying without him even realizing and Touka seems relieved that he let those pent up emotions out .

The symbolism of the last page is 👌👌👌(that giant ass reversed 6 tho)
The fetus position,
him resting his head on her lap,
the tears still flowing from his eyes
while she softly runs her hand over his hair with a soothing smile on her face…

My favs are those hugs and kisses.
Just Beautiful.

Harry Styles - “Confessions”

I completely left this open(and have already planned) for a part two. So… if you would like a part two let me know! Enjoy! And be ready to have your heart broken.

Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six

Harry sat on the edge of his bed in Los Angeles, his head in his hands, as he tried to hold back the tears and will his breathing to stay even and calm. His phone lay beside him, the screen still lit up to show him his recent calls - the last of which had just turned his world upside down. 

He eventually sits up, letting out a large sigh as his large ringed hands push through his short floppy hair, pushing it back from his forehead. His green eyes look across the room where on top of the chest of drawers sat a picture of the person he cared about most in the world. He stared at your smiling face, his own smiling face next to you and that’s when the tears came. He was going to lose you, he knew that he was. 

Just then his phone began to ring beside him. He dreaded it was her, the person who had called a few minutes before him and broke the news but instead he saw your face appear on the screen and that, in that moment, may have been worse. He picks up the phone, staring down at your picture as the phone continues to ring. 

He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t hear your voice, happy and still in love with him, when he now knew what he did. He couldn’t tell you over the phone. He had messed up, he knew that, and he had to say it to your face. After the phone finally stopped ringing he gave a sigh and pulled himself up and off the bed. 

He had things he needed to do in LA, meetings to attend, interviews to be done but he couldn’t. He needed to get to you and tell you as soon as he could so he called Jeff. He couldn’t say it though, he couldn’t tell him exactly the situation, just that he had to go home - and now. 

Once he landed in London the next day, his hands were shaking, his palms were sweaty and his breathing was shallow as he sat in the back of the car headed towards your house. He kept trying to play out and plan his words for this conversation. How would he go about it? Where could he possibly start? He had so many confessions to make and what he was most afraid of was the inevitable - losing you. He also knew he wouldn’t be able to handle that hurt, devastated, and heart-broken face that he was soon going to see before him. 

The idea brought tears to his eyes. He rubbed the back of his hand against his eyes, grinding away the tears harshly. He hated himself, his entire body was full of regret, remorse, and dread knowing that he could never take this back. 

“Hello?” Harry calls a few moments later as he enters your shared home. He knew you were home, it being your day off work and your car was parked out front but he heard nothing. “Love?” He calls out again. 

“Harry?” He finally hears from the kitchen. He couldn’t will himself to move towards your voice. He wanted to run back out the door to never have to face this situation, he wanted to pretend everything was okay. But it just wasn’t. And never would be again. “Harry!” You gasp once you see your tall, tattooed and handsome boyfriend standing in the entryway of the living room. 

“Hey.” He mutters, barely able to get his voice above a low gravel. He clears his throat and puts his bag down at his feet, sliding off his jacket. He was trying to delay this, anything to keep the truth from coming out. 

“What are you doing home? Why haven’t you answered my calls in two days?” You were full of questions but then in that moment you didn’t care. You had missed Harry so much and if he was home - that was all that mattered. So, you cross the room and burrow yourself into his chest. You wrap your arms tight around his torso, taking in that familiar scent of his cologne while his arms wrap around your shoulders. He buries his face in your hair, his eyes closing as the tears began to slide down his cheeks. This was surely the last moment he would hold you in his arms and he wanted it to last as long as possible. “What’s going on?” You question, looking up at him. You gasp when you take in his tears. “Harry, what is it?” Your mind was racing. What possibly could have happened to cause him to act like this? You reach up, brushing your thumbs under his eyes along the tracks his tears were making. 

“I messed up, love.” He finally says, his voice a quiet whisper as he stares down into your eyes. You frown, shaking your head a bit in confusion. 

“What do yo-” 

“I slept with someone.” The words were out before he could over think it. He watched the gears turn in your head as you processed this. As soon as he saw it click, you backed out of his arms, distancing yourself from him just as he knew that you would. “Please, love, i’ was while we were going through tha’ rough patch a few weeks ago. I was angry, you were angry, I didn’ know where we stood-” 

“So you fucked someone else and never told me?!” You interrupt as your blood began to boil. “You came back here acting like it was all okay?! As if nothing ever happened!” You also felt your heart break, a dull ache began in the center of your chest. Harry was the love of your life, the man you were going to spend forever with and yet .. he had hurt you in the way he always vowed he never would. 

“I jus’…” He scratches at the back of his neck, shaking his head a little as he gave a sigh. He looks at the floor, anywhere but at the hurt and angry face before him. He also noted the fact that your eyes, those gorgeous eyes of yours that he loved so much, had begun to well up with tears. “I don’ know how to make up for this bu’ tha’ isn’t all.” He knew he had to say it, he had to get everything out so just maybe, maybe, the two of you could start trying to work it out. 

“What else is there?” You cross your arms over your chest as the tears slide down your cheeks. What else could there be? Had he slept with her again? Was he leaving you for her? Your mind was racing and you weren’t sure you would be able to handle anymore of this. Harry was your life and even with him standing in front of you still you felt it might not be for too much longer and you already felt lost. 

“She called me yesterday mornin’,” He began, his eyes peaking at you through his lashes as he kept his head slightly down. 

“Okay?” You urged but felt that sense of dread begin to creep up in your head as you surely knew what was coming next. Why would you contact the man you slept with weeks before? There was really only two reasons - wanting to get together again or being pregnant. Your blood ran cold at the latter possibility. It couldn’t be that, it just couldn’t. 

“She’s… she’s pregnan’.” The words pained him to say out loud. He hadn’t spoken it since he heard her mumble it through her sobs on the other end of the phone the morning before. He saw your face crumble then. Your eyebrows furrowed together, your eyes swimming with tears, and he saw your breath hitch in your throat. 

“You got another girl pregnant.” It wasn’t a question, it wasn’t accusatory, it was just a statement as you took to trying to process this. Harry was going to be a father, and it wasn’t with you. This just couldn’t possibly be happening. 

“I don’ know what I’m goin’ to do, bu’ what I wan’ first is to try and make things work with you. Please, love…” He trailed off when you shook your head vigorously, the tears now falling freely down your cheeks. 

“You expect me to just forgive you for this?” You give another shake of your head. “Would you forgive me if I got pregnant by another man? If I cheated on you and got knocked up? Would you be willing to move past that?” Harry bit at his lower lip and stared at the carpet under your feet. He knew you were right, he would probably never be able to move past it if you had someone else’s child. 

“You won’ even try? For us? We’ve been together for-”

“I don’t need you to remind me how long we’ve been together, Harry! I don’t need you telling me about the life we’ve started here together because I remember, I know!” You felt your anger begin to flare up. “It was you that seems to have forgotten the life we have together while you were busy fucking someone else!” He cringes at your choice of wording as well as your now raised voice but he knew he deserved it all. You were of course right, after all. 

“Please,” He takes a step towards you, holding his large hands out towards you, his cheeks wet with his still falling tears. He felt a sob building in his chest as he felt this was it, knowing you would most likely never forgive him. “I made a mistake, I will pay for tha’ for the rest of my life but I need you.” His voice dropped off to a whisper. “Don’ give up on me.” It was then that the sob finally fell from his lips and he felt his knees give out. 

“Harry,” You whisper as you watch the man you loved fall to his knees right there in front of you, his face pressing into his hands as large gasping sobs fell from his mouth. You feel a sob of your own and you take a step closer to Harry. You fall to your knees in front of him and bring a hand up to brush through his brown hair. He lifts his head up, his breath catching in his throat as his eyes meet yours. “I don’t think I can ever forgive you.” You watch his face crumble even more as he takes in your words. 

“I’m so sorry.” He whispers and the sobs resume. He then falls into your chest, his cheek burrowing into your t-shirt and his arms wrap tightly around your waist. You support his weight, your arms going around his shoulders, your fingers brushing at the hair on the back of his neck. “I’ll never forgive myself either.” He whispers through his sobs. 

You sat and held Harry, both of you crying and clinging to one another, knowing that this was it, for a good while until finally you pried him off of you and both of you stood up. 

“I think it’s best if you left.” You whisper as the two of you stood awkwardly facing each other. Harry gives a small nod, closing his eyes for a second. His eyes burned, the tears drying his eyes out but he knew he would probably spend the entire night crying. 

“Can I do somethin’, one las’ time?” You frown at him but he then takes a step closer to you and as his hand comes up to rest on your cheek you understood what he wanted. You don’t move as his face dips towards yours. You try not to return the pressure his lips press into yours but you couldn’t help it. As if by reflex you were kissing him back and bowing your body against his as your arms wrap around each other. It was as the kiss intensified and his tongue slid against yours that the reason this was to be your last kiss together reared back into your mind and you pulled away from him, breaking all contact together. 

“I can’t. I can’t do this, Harry.” You mutter, seeing that hurt and aching look in his green eyes as his chest heaved. He had hoped there for a second as he held you close again, your lips melded together perfectly like they always had, that just maybe you could forgive him. “I can’t be with you, I’m just going to picture you with her every time and I just can’t.” 

“I understand.” He gives a nod, hanging his head a bit. He pushes his fingers through his hair and looks back up at you. “I’m so sorry that I hur’ you.” He stares at you for a few seconds before backing towards the door. “I’ll always be jus’ a phone call away. I love you, with every piece of my soul.” You ignore the fresh tears sliding down your cheeks and simply give a nod. You look away from his heartbroken face and look anywhere but at him as he reaches for his bags and then a minute later was gone from the house. 

You fall to your knees right there where you stood and begin to cry into your hands, feeling like a piece of your heart had just walked out that door with Harry. 

Harry meanwhile had gone into the garage and got into his Range Rover but as soon as he was behind the wheel he rested his forehead against the steering while and let the sobs return. They were loud, chest heaving, sobs. Not only had he just lost the love of his life but he also now had to decide what he was going to do about his child on the way.