teardrop rhinestones


I have been getting a lot of people asking about the new headbands Camelia Rose is carrying, so I figured I would make a headband master post with info about them. 

Olivia (top) - This headband comes in AB and clear rhinestones in two different sizes. The small one is ideal for dancers that want a subtle addition to a bun wig look. The larger version has a similar effect as a barrel headband and looks great with bun or full wigs. Both can easily be stacked with other tiaras. 

Madeline (top left) - A beautiful arrangement of AB teardrop rhinestones that looks great with buns, younger dancers, or dancers with a full wig that don’t want a large tiara. It stacks really well with the Olivia band (like Karaleigh wore). 

Keeva (top right) - Smallest of the new headbands and was made primarily for younger dancers, but also looks great stacked on the Olivia for a taller look. The rhinestones on this tiara are smaller, creating a cute, dainty piece. 

Roisin (bottom left) - Similar feel as the Rosey headband we released at Worlds, but slightly smaller and a different arrangement of rhinestones. This tiara creates a very elegant effect for buns or full wigs. 

Brogan (bottom right) - A few years ago we made a headband named the Brogan that had a very similar look to this one, but it came to points instead of rounded off. This one looks great with full wigs or dancers wearing a bun that want to really catch the eye. 

Double Orla (bottom) - Our best selling Orla headband now comes in AB, clear, red, and blue in both the single and double versions. 

All of these headbands are made on a lightweight, foam backing. Unlike the metal tiaras, the stones do not pop out and weigh significantly less.