teardrop plugs

Added some grey quartz druzy teardrop plugs to my collection. They are absolutely beautiful and so sparkly! This picture doesn’t do them any justice. These were made by AEOrganics on etsy if any of you were wondering (:


2-¾" El Blanco Agate Teardrop Plugs available HERE

This is a relatively new type of Mexican Agate that exhibits pure white coloring with hints of lavender and pale blue, this agate is truly astounding! The geodes are exquisitely clean surrounded by fine banding that exhibits a shadow effect in the light making for one STUNNING pair


This pair of 1-½" Double Concave Madagascar Dendritic Agate Teardrops is certainly hard to ignore! Double Concave Plugs are definitely one of my favorite styles for translucent agates, there’s nothing like showcasing that depth of material in the light!

Sweet mocha swirls and dashes of dendrites, this pair of plugs belong to an awesome customer who always happens to order the right thing at just the right time!


1-¼" (32 mm) Moctezuma Agate Geode Teardrop Plugs with matching 0g Oval Faced Conch Pegs. A really awesome set I had the opportunity of creating last year! This is some seriously fantastic material which I just can’t get enough of!

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