teardrop diaries

Jess finished up polying the cabinets tonight! Going to be a busy next 2 weeks. I haven’t left yet and its already surreal. We have gone on cool adventures before but this is a little different. We built a camper with our hands and get to drive 10,000 miles around the United States together, immersing ourselves deep in Mother Nature’s arms. The highway is calling…


Last weekend we went to Glen Onoko Falls in Pennsylvania. Tahoe had his first sip of cold mountain water and took his first breath of fresh mountain air, a very important moment for an adventure dog. We had lunch together next to the waterfalls, he munched on his dog food and I had my peanut butter banana sandwich. We scrambled rocks, hopped across streams, howled at the trees and enjoyed the sounds and sights of the waterfalls together. Mans best friend. Although it was a shorter hike, it was refreshing to be in the woods again. This upcoming weekend Jess Tahoe and I with a few friends will be taking a camping trip to upstate New York. Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring.


We left The Great Smoky Mountains National Park around noon on Wednesday. As you can see our route changed a bit. Some of our reservations were cancelled in Arizona due to fires. So, we high tailed it to Colorado stopping only for fuel and food. I didn’t get any sleep and drove the entire day Wednesday, Wednesday night and most of Thursday. Jess hopped in for a few hours here and there giving me a few breaks. You also might notice there is a picture of Jess driving and not me. That’s because Jess slept most of the time :) . Luckily I had some good driving tunes and coffee to keep me awake. We did get to stop and check out Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, Texas which was a cool piece of art.

We got to the campsite late Thursday afternoon and went to sleep pretty early last night. We did get to meet our great camp neighbors who are from Minnesota and travel the U.S. every chance they get on their motorcycle while pulling a trailer tent. They have been doing it since 1990 and had some great tips and ideas for camping/the camper and cool recommendations for areas in the U.S.

Jess and I woke up at at 4am to hike around the Sand Dunes at Great Sand Dunes National Park. For the first hour as the sun was coming up we were the only people in the park, that we could see at least. The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado are the tallest dunes in North America. Such a surreal natural beauty.

Now to take a nap in the hammock…


Water tested = PASSED. Got the memory foam and the bedding all situated. Bought fabric for the curtains. Built a box on the tongue of the trailer for my battery. Strapped my tent, hammock and sleeping pads underneath the cabinets. New tires, new fenders and door installed. Accomplished week / weekend. One more piece of trim on its way for the back hatch. I leave Wednesday to “test camp” in it for a few nights on Lake Kerr in North Carolina with the fam.

Teardrops through the wall

Imagine person A sitting in their bedroom crying over something, trying to be quiet but person B hears anyway and slowly enters the room to see them on their bed with their arms around their knees and their head resting on their knees. Person B walks over to them and wrapping their arms around Person A. 

Remember that prompt? Well, I did a thing here. Hope you like it! x



He likes the silence. He’s glad of these short moments when he doesn’t have to communicate with anymore. It’s been a few months since he has come to England, although he has a terrible problem with the language. It’s sometimes hard to talk to Linda or her daughter, Rae. He can hardly make a whole sentence without any mistakes. 

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We had about a 4 hour drive from Great Sand Dunes National Park to Mesa Verde National Park. The directions took us down route 160, such a beautiful drive. The winding road takes you right through the Rio Grande And San Juan National Forests. About 2 hours into the drive we stopped at a local farmers market and got some delicious food and checked out some crafts made by the local artisans. Lots of beautiful hand made items.

We booked two tours at Mesa Verde National Park. The first tour we took “Balcony House” was incredible. Starting off the tour with a 30 foot wooden ladder that takes you right into the heart of the cave dwellings. The Puebloan’ s created these insanely beautiful seated dwellings in the 12th century. It’s pretty cool that 800 years later we can be blown away in awe by their creations. The second tour was called “Cliff Palace” which is the largest Native American cave dwelling in North America.

Needless to say Jess and I can’t get over how cool Mesa Verde is. Tomorrow we are off to Arches National Park. Which we didn’t plan on going to. I think that’s the best part of this trip, freedom. Rolling with the punches…

Feels nice that the weather cooled down as the sun dropped behind the mountains. Can’t wait to crawl into bed..


The first two days at Big Sur have been amazing. The morning fog washed away by the afternoon and Jess and I took a trail down the cliff and made our way to the water. We rock scrambled our way up and down and explored the coastline for a few hours. After we got some lunch in our stomachs, we headed to Pfeiffer beach for a few hours which is a cool sandy beach spot ( 10$ - ouch.) Today we will be exploring a few waterfalls and taking a couple of trails within our campground (Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park). The trails lead you through the big beautiful alluring coastline redwoods. The redwoods are unlike anything I have ever seen and truly make you feel pint sized. With the morning fog and the large redwoods rising up hundreds of feet surrounding you, it truly feels as if you are in a dreamland. 

The Pacific Coast Highway truly is America’s most beautiful scenic highway. The winding road along the cliff face overlooking the lightly colored greenish blue ocean is surreal. The landscape is so charming and I can safely say Big Sur has me lured in. The only downfall I see and I must write this because it really is unfortunate. I pulled up to a gas station yesterday at the price was 6.77$ a gallon! That’s highway robbery, no pun intended. French toast at a local restaurant that Jess and I went to check out was 19$! I understand raising prices because of the touristy area, but the prices here are absolutely disgusting. I don’t mind paying for good food and I never complain about gas prices, but that is ridiculous. Otherwise the natural beauty certainly makes up for any downfall. 

Tomorrow we head to Yosemite National Park, I am so excited.

Leaving this upcoming Tuesday for our first stop - The Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Lots of packing to take care of as well as double and triple checking the teardrop camper.

I’ll be sad leaving Richmond, such a cool city. Great people, great restaurants, great history and lots of fun outdoor stuff to do on the James.  It’s also in a great location being just a short drive from Shenandoah National Park as well as the beach. If you have never been to Richmond, I highly recommend checking it out. Pick up a copy of Colden Issue II for a breakdown of cool spots of Richmond by my homie Darren. http://colden.bigcartel.com

Shout out to my boy Tiny for making the last year and a half of work a bad motorgator.