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Tearaway Unfolded Playstation 4 Review

Tearaway Unfolded Playstation 4 Review

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Nachdem Iota bereits 2013 in Tearaway für die Playstation Vita sein Debüt gefeiert hat, kommt er jetzt mit Dualshock 4 Controller Support und neuen Features auf die Playstation 4. Wir sind für euch wieder in die liebevoll gestaltete Papier-Welt eingestiegen und verraten euch im Test ob ihr euch den Titel am 9ten September zulegen solltet.


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I just ordered Tearaway Unfolded. And I watched some gameplay and the game looks like so much fun. It has some interesting features, and it actually uses the controllers functions. The best parts though are that you can draw stuff and add it to the world, and you can freely customize your character. I wonder how many people will just draw dicks everywhere, because there’s a part in the game where you need to draw a snowflake and it will start raining those. So, it’d be raining dick shaped snow… Amazing.

One thing that I am not looking forward to though, is that the touch pad on the PS4 controller is so small. There’s even an App to make your smartphone or tablet a bigger canvas to draw on. I’m thinking of getting that app on my iPhone so I’d have more room to be creative. By creative I mean draw dicks. Because I’m immature like that, don’t judge me.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this game next week when it releases.


Tearaway is coming to PS4?!

God is shining down on us.

LOVE the music in this game, too.

Tearaway Unfolded Will Arrive On PS4 Next Week

Tearaway Unfolded Will Arrive On #PS4 Next Week

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Fans of Tearaway Unfolded will only have one week until they can own the quirky game. In addition, for those that pre-ordered the game they will receive some pretty unique stuff like a list of decorations, costumes, headbands and much more.  (more…)

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E3 2015: Unfold Your Adventure in Tearaway Unfolded

The characters in the game have a lot more details added to their animations. They realize there’s this fourth wall; that there’s someone sitting in front of the screen controlling them. Atoi and Iota will keep looking over their shoulder, waiting on your every move. They can even toss you objects to use on the backgrounds and give them a clearer pathway.

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Tearaway Unfolded: Coming Sept. 9th

I just wanted to signal boost this wonderful game. It was amazing on Vita, and this re-imagining on PS4 looks to be just as beautiful!

Believe it or not, this game actually attempts to push the boundaries when it comes to video game storytelling, and understanding that part of the experience takes place outside of the TV screen.

Avance Festigame: Pasando a una nueva página con Tearaway Unfolded

Fue uno de los títulos en presentación en el booth de Playstation en el Festigame de este año, que me llamó la atención de manera casi inmediata al momento de acercarme a él. Con un mundo hecho completamente de papel, la posibilidad de interactuar de maneras muy creativas con el entorno y…