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Tearaway Unfolded E3 Screenshots Arrive For PS4

Tearaway Unfolded E3 Screenshots Arrive For #PS4 | #E32015

Media Molecule released a batch of new screenshots for the upcoming game Tearaway Unfolded for the PS4. The original Tearaway was originally a sleeper hit for the PS Vita but the new game brings the paper-folding action to Sony’s prime-time console for the eighth-gen this September. (more…)

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Tearaway is coming to PS4?!

God is shining down on us.

LOVE the music in this game, too.

E3 2015: Unfold Your Adventure in Tearaway Unfolded

The characters in the game have a lot more details added to their animations. They realize there’s this fourth wall; that there’s someone sitting in front of the screen controlling them. Atoi and Iota will keep looking over their shoulder, waiting on your every move. They can even toss you objects to use on the backgrounds and give them a clearer pathway.

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Tearaway Unfolded Release Date And More!

Tearaway Unfolded Release Date And More!

PlayStation has announced on there official website that Tearaway Unfolded will be coming out September 8th of this year for $39.99. Along side this comes news of a pre-order bonus “Crafted Edition” which includes a Gold Leaf and Gold Stamp that you can put on your character to show to the world that you dress with style. That’s not all, though. (more…)

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Tearaway Unfolded Official HD E3 2015 trailer - PS4 

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytMv0KOOW00)

Tearaway Unfolded Official HD E3 2015 trailer - PS4

Midweeks have landed, so time to put your feet up and relax a little as we look through them, from the Third Party Developers we have a few to pick from such as Batman Arkham Knight and BATTLECRY.  In case you are a console specific gamer we have them set up for you to pick…

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Tearaway Unfolded - E3 2015: Gameplay Trailer (PS4)

Tearaway Unfolded Release Date Announced

#TearawayUnfolded migrates over to the PS4 in September. Will you be feeling crafty come this fall?

Media Molecule is bringing its standout PlayStation Vita game Tearaway over to the PlayStation 4 in the form of Tearaway Unfolded.  Now courtesy of the PlayStation Blog, a release date has been announced for the title.  (more…)

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E3 2015 - Sony Press Conference Live Stream

E3 2015 – Sony Press Conference Live Stream

As I head into the wee small hours of the morning, I find myself at the last press conference of the day. Technically, it’ll be the first of Tuesday’s but that’s timezone dependant. While I’m frantically working behind the scenes to catch up on all of the great game footage we’ve seen so far, this is officially the half way point in terms of press conference. So what does the year a head for Sony…

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Tearaway Unfolded gets release date and pre-order details!

We’ve got some super exciting news to share with you all today; Tearaway Unfolded has a release date! Hooray! We’re also sharing details on our fantastic pre-order packs, which are jam packed with exclusive costumes, decorations and more!

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