Don’t forget about Tearaway please ⊟

This is a super charming and fun PS Vita game (I played it a lot at E3), but I’m convinced its November 22 release will go unnoticed because that’s the same day several huge things drop: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Super Mario 3D World, and the Xbox One.

Here’s a new trailer for the Media Molecule-developed game.

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Here are some neat Tearaway character creations. I started scrounging for these after seeing Neogaf member Donkey Show’s excellent Gurren Laggan papercraft. Under the expertly crafted mech is Old Snake, a Gundam, The Collosal Titan of Attack On Titan fame, some sassy dude, and a strong-man that looks kind of like Kratos without the pale, family-ash infused skin. I have to admit, I made the sassy dude. I just threw him in there because he’s like “hmph.” He’s probably disappointed in himself that he doesn’t look as fabulous as these other phenomenal characters.