“I can tear down the walls, storm them barricades
Run to the place where the frightened crawl
Desire lurks beyond good and evil
So dance on the graves where the hammer falls

Over this land, all over this wasteland”


I’ve been slaving away on this piece for a while now. I was just sketching in Photoshop and had no intention to continue beyond a simple pose practice and yet I just kept adding and adding… and here we are.

I hope you enjoy this piece. If you have any feedback about the piece (what you like, what you dislike) let me know, I’m always curious to know what people think about my stuff.

Thank you!


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My heart jumps into my throat and just like that the stars above us collapse, and I think “wow, it’s really been over a year now,” and I wonder, “why does it still hurt?” And I want to leave, I want to run from your hands that are covered in stardust, but I can’t move. And I can’t believe it’s so painful to stare at you, eyes as bright as the moon, smile as warming as the sun, but it is. It is it is it is. Your fingers trace constellations on my skin, scrape away the dust, tearing down the walls. And I shouldn’t give in, my heart shouldn’t jump into my throat, my bones shouldn’t shatter, my mouth shouldn’t go dry, my chest shouldn’t cave in, the stars shouldn’t collapse. But they do. They do they do they do.
—  And it’s our fault

Education reform – I mean true reform is going to begin as a grassroots movement. If we are going to change how we “do” school in this country we must all come together. Educators, district administrators, politicians, community members, and students need to make education a priority.

It’s Springtime – now go tear down those walls.

I am stoked that “Tear Down Walls” is going to be on the album (and that we now have confirmation of that). It’s easily one of my favorite tracks from The Reverb Junkie. Man, “All I Want” is really shaping up to be one of the best albums of the year, and there have been a lot of great albums this year.