tear up the box

this podcast was a mistake -griffin probably
  • “No, this is one of those moments where you learn to take care of your shit.”
  • “ It’s a very tense situation" “That’s true. It’s almost like I’ve designed it to be like that.”
  • “Oh, a minus one. Then you die. God, Travis. In trying to discern his fanciness your nose just starts bleeding and you fall over-”
  • “You and the box both drink POSION. And you survive but the box has died.”
  • “There’s a stapler in here- does anyone want the fucking stapler?”
  • “You run up and tear the box open. It explodes. You die.”
  • “I can’t believe you all went with the red shirts, but fine- You’re all wearing different shades of red.”
  • “Now, Griffin, I need you to describe both scenes simultaneously.” “I won’t do that. I’m very very tired.”
  • “So the end of that sentence that you cut off was ‘and so I won’t be putting up with any shit today,’ but the problem is that I already have.”
  • “okay you give them the medicine of not being on fire anymore”
  • “i don’t remember giving you a GUN.”
  • *drops dice* *has a meltdown*
  • the total helpless exhaustion when justin texts him a descriptor of taako’s t-rex transmutation
  • the whole bit about the pillow exoskeleton suit
  • infinite bag of boys
signs as The Adventure Zone quotes

aries: i very flirtatiously hit it with my warhammer

taurus:  and instead of using castor sugar like i normally would, i went with uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰ splenda

gemini:  PERCEPTION CHECK i want to see if he wet his pants

cancer:  no dogs are allowed on the moon. they just run right off the goddamn thing

leo: “the second ruffian –” “give them names.” “ –……..craigory”

virgo:  it covers all of his essential, uh, oils, but it does say “juicy” where his butt would be

libra: “and when i take my hand away, i’ve stuck a ‘kick me’ sign on his back” ”i kick him”

scorpio:  i need to do a check to see if him being on fire gives me the idea for spicy food

saggitarius:  somewhere in the distance, ludacris smiles

capricorn: “you run up and tear the box open, it explodes, you die. no, you tear the box open, it DOESN’T explode, you DON’T die –” “i’m fine either way.”

aquarius: abracafuck you!

pisces: the three of you walk into this room singing showtunes, and everyone inside this building looks at you, and kills you


Requested By: @purelyparker

hi there :-) i love your writing sm so i was wondering if you could write a tom holland imagine based off of the song “give me love” by ed sheeran where the reader breaks up with tom bc of his hectic acting schedule but they both aren’t taking the breakup very well (however THERES A HAPPY ENDING?? HOPEFULLY???) but that’s just an idea; it’s totally up to you to put your own spin on it or go in a different direction !! thank you SOSO much🤗💛

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: Tom had been traveling a lot lately, so much to the point you rarely saw him at all, sure you’d call and text occasionally, but that wasn’t enough, you supported his acting career 100%, but you couldn’t take it anymore.

Warnings: Kinda sad, slight mention of alcohol, but then happiness :)

Word Count: 2,661

A/N: This actually turned out a lot better than I thought it was going to tbh, so I hope you enjoy it :)) Also, this gif has nothing to do with the imagine, I just thought it was a cute gif of Tom, oops.

Originally posted by ridreyrholland

It had been two months since you last seen Tom, he was off filming for Spider-Man Homecoming, which you totally understood, it took dedication and time, but so did your relationship with him.

Normally when he went off and filmed movies you two were okay, you didn’t normally have issues and you’d still see him and talk almost everyday, but this time it was different.

Tom just disappeared, you’d get an occasional text here and there, sometimes a phone call, but that was it.

You were left in the dark, just like a fan was.

It’s not that you didn’t love his fans, you did with all your heart, they were half the reason you were still sane, since they seemed to have more knowledge about Tom than you did yourself, and you were the one dating him.

You spent those long two months trying to decide on what to do, on what you thought was right and necessary, or more so healthy.

You knew deep down this relationship with Tom was fading, it was becoming stressful and making you more and more upset as the days went by.

‘Cause lately I’ve been waking up alone,

Pain splattered teardrops on my shirt.

Every morning you’d wake up, in hope of a good morning text, literally anything to show that maybe, just maybe he remembered you, but there was never anything.

This crushed your heart, everyday.

Until one day you had enough, you didn’t want to do this, but it was for the best, it was the right decision, it was the smart decision, this relationship wasn’t healthy for you anymore.

You started packing your belongings from Tom’s apartment, tears streaming down your face as you packed up boxes of your belongings.

You dreaded leaving his clothes behind that you always wore, but you knew if you took them you’d never let him go, and you needed to, it was for the best you would tell yourself.

You took one last look around his apartment, the one you had been living in for the past year, all the memories you two had created there were slowly being erased.

You let out a choked sob as you picked up the few boxes you had, before closing and locking the apartment door, and off to your new tiny little apartment your parents had gotten you a while back.

It was a few hours away from Tom’s which was good in a small sense, but at the same time your mind was moving at warp speed, unable to process you were moving back into your old apartment.

You arrived at nightfall, pulling your belongings out of your car before entering your tiny living space, you always had the feeling of comfort and safety in your apartment.

Maybe tonight I’ll call ya,

Maybe I should let you go.

You set your boxes on the counter of your kitchen, pulling out your phone, shakily dialing in Tom’s number.

You pressed the phone to your ear hesitantly, hearing it ring a few times before someone picked up.

“Hello?” A voice rung through your apartment, making your knees go weak.

“Hey Tom..” You murmured into the phone, biting your lip nervously, a bad habit you had gotten.

“Oh, hey Y/N! What’s up?” He questioned casually, as if he had no clue in the world how distant he had been with you these past few months.

“I-I uhm..” You stuttered, your heart beating rapidly, as you nervously swallowed, which Tom could hear through the phone.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Tom questioned worriedly, making you blink back tears that were daring to fall down your cheeks.

“No.. Tom.. Things aren’t okay.. They haven’t been for a while..” You spoke, voice barely above a whisper, but Tom heard you clear as day, his heart starting to beat quicker.

“Y-Y/N, you’re starting to scare me, what’s going on?” He stammered, he was now sitting down at a table on set.

“Tom..” You started, wiping your hand across your cheeks, tears continuing to fall down them.

“Do you realize how long it’s been since we’ve talked?” You asked, sitting down on a stool in your kitchen, waiting for his answer.

Tom sat there for a minute, puzzled at your question, until he started to realize how he’d been acting, as if you didn’t even exist.

“Y/N, o-oh my god, I’m s-so sorry.” Tom apologized, his eyes wide as he started to put pieces together.

“Tom, just stop, please?” You whimpered out, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“Y/N, p-please don’t do this..” Tom whispered, his voice cracking, he couldn’t bare lose you.

“Tom, this isn’t healthy, I can’t keep living like this..” You whispered, sniffling, your heart hurting the more you spoke.

“I can change, I can fix things, I-I promise..” Tom pleaded, tears starting to brim his eyes.

“Listen, I love you, but.. I-I can’t do this anymore.. I think.. W-We should b-break u-up..” You stuttered, your heart breaking into a million pieces as you spoke the most awful words.

“N-No, Y/N, p-please! N-No! I-I can’t l-lose you.” Tom cried out, tears now falling down his cheeks, but he didn’t even care anymore if anyone saw him.

“I-I’m so sorry..” You whispered, choking back sobs, as you heard Tom letting out his own.

“Y/N, d-don’t do this, p-please..” He continued to plead, only making it worse for the both of you.

“It’s for the best, I love you, goodbye Tom.” You whispered, hanging up before you could hear anymore of his plea’s.

You slowly slid down the stool, leaning back against your counter, letting out strangled sobs, your heart broken into small tiny fragments.

Tom on the other hand was staring at his phone, unable to process what had just happened.

His hands were shaking, tears were streaming down his red cheeks, his hair was a mess from running and tugging on it too many times.

“Hey Tom, we’re ready to shoot the next scene and, -oh, good lord what happened? Are you okay?” The producer asked, seeing Tom’s state wasn’t exactly stable at the current moment.

Tom just stared ahead of him, unable to produce words, all he could think about was you, and how he had let you down, made you feel like you were forgotten, not important to him, when you actually meant the entire world to him.

You were the reason he woke up every morning, the reason he was happy all the time, the reason he was as successful as he was, you were his light, but now you were gone, and now everything was dark.

“Tom, hey man, what’s going on?“ Jacob rushed over, after the producer told him how worried they were about his mental state.

"Buddy, it’s me, talk to me.” Jacob pleaded, looking over Tom and internally cringing at how much of a disaster he looked.

“Y-Y/n, she b-broke up with m-me.” Tom stammered out, looking up at his friend, who had a look of shock on his face.

“Dude, I’m so sorry. What happened?” Jacob asked carefully, not wanting Tom to have a emotional breakdown even worse.

“I became distant, without even realizing it, and it broke her.” Tom wiped his face, looking at the table sadly.

“You can win her back buddy, I know it.” Jacob tried to convince him, anything to make him lighten up just the tiniest bit.

“I really blew it Jacob, you should of heard her, she sounded so broken, and a-alone and it’s all m-my fault! I made the only person I loved leave me all because I was too much of an idiot.” Tom spoke furiously, hitting the table, startling Jacob.

“Alright, you know what lets just take a break today, you can chill and do what you need to, and we can figure this all out.” Jacob suggested, as Tom nodded slightly, before Jacob went to the producer, who agreed it was a good idea.

Two days passed and you were a total mess, you refused to leave your apartment, your friends tried calling and texting you, but you just ignored them, wanting to be alone.

You just laid in your bed, the curtains closed, a candle lit on your kitchen counter, making your apartment smell like crisp fall air.

‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more,

And it’s been a while, but I still feel the same,

After my blood turns into alcohol,

All I want is the taste that your lips allow.

Without Tom you didn’t know what to do with your life, he was such a huge part of you and now he was missing, a chunk of you was missing and you were lost.

You tried drinking, to numb the pain, but nothing worked, it just made you even more miserable than before.

You needed him.

And he needed you.

The producer had allowed Tom and Jacob to return back home for a few days to figure things out, once he got to his apartment he had expected you to still be there, but once he entered he noticed that none of your belongings were there anymore, and the shirts you once wore were folded on his bed.

In that moment he felt his heart drop, you really had left.

“Dude, where could she be?” Jacob questioned, as they set their belongings in his apartment.

“She returned back to her old one, she used to live there until she moved in with me.” Tom replied, grabbing his keys as they both headed out the door again.

They drove the few hours to your apartment, Tom was a nervous wreck, he wasn’t sure how you’d react to seeing him after all this time.

“Okay buddy, you got this, I’ll wait in the car.” Jacob gave a small smile, along with a thumbs up as Tom got out and walked up to your apartment door, hesitantly knocking.

When you didn’t answer he got nervous, but he saw your car parked in the driveway so he knew you were home.

This made him worry, he quickly fidgeted to find the spare key you had given him, he swiftly unlocked the door, noticing the darkness of the apartment, and the intense smell of alcohol and a fall scented candle.

“Y/N? Y/N where are you?” Tom shouted, before seeing you laying in your bed, staring blankly into space.

“Shit, Y/N.” Tom rushed over, pulling you into his arms tightly, kissing your head.

“T-Tom?” You mumbled out, blinking rapidly before realizing he wasn’t a figment of your imagination, that you weren’t actually hallucinating him.

“Yes, it’s me.” He whispered, now holding your face in his hands gently.

“It’s really you.” You whispered, tears slipping down your face, you couldn’t believe he came to see you.

“It’s really me babe, I’m so so sorry, for everything.” Tom whispered, caressing your cheek gently with his thumb.

“I missed you.” You whimpered, moving your face more into his hand, while placing your hands on his.

“I missed you too darling, I promise that’ll never happen again.” He kissed your forehead, causing you to close your eyes.

“Please, give me another chance.” He pleaded, making you lock eyes with him, before a small smile appeared on your lips as you gave a slight nod.

Tom’s eyes lit up, his heart racing before his lips met yours, the kiss passionate and full of pent up emotions.

“I love you so much, even when you’re an asshole sometimes.” You laughed slightly, your forehead pressed against his.

“I love you too darling, and I know I can be, but that’s why I have someone like you to keep me in place.” He chuckled, kissing your nose before wrapping his arms around you once again.

You both laid there for a bit, catching up, laughing, smiling, kissing, more talking, more kissing.

You knew you always loved this apartment of yours, because no matter what you always felt safe, and now you realized one of those reasons was because of Tom, he made you feel safe, he made you feel at home, because he was your home.

And always would be, no matter what.

You smiled at Tom who was watching you in amusement, before his phone started ringing.

“Hello?” Tom answered, before a smile formed on his face and laughter escaped his lips.

“Yes Jacob, you can come up now.” Tom laughed, making your eyes widen and laugh along with him.

“You didn’t tell me Jacob was here! Jacob I’m coming!” You shouted, sprinting off the bed and running down the hallway.

“But babe, what about me!” Tom shouted after you, a playful grin on his face as he watched you sprint down the hallway.

“Are you kidding? Jacob all the way!” You teased, a playful smile on your face as you tackled Jacob in a hug, making him loose his balance.

“Nooooo! My smoothie!”

Griffin: There is one present left underneath the Candlenight shrub and it has a tag on it and it says “For: Taako, Merle, and Magnus.” It’s wrapped up in a very ornate paper, very shiny, glossy, silver paper. And it doesn’t have a “from” name on it. Doesn’t say who it’s from, just says it’s to the three of you.

Clint: Hmm.

Travis: I open it!

Justin: Of course.

Griffin: You run up, tear the box open and it explodes, you die. You tear the box open, it doesn’t explode, you don’t die.

Travis: I’m fine either way.

Clint: So which is it?

Griffin: Uh no, it’s safe. It’s a safe box, you tear it open and inside is a small, sort of fine, velvet, almost like a jewelry gift box. And as you pop it open, and the three of you are sort of looking over into this uh, this package as you open it up, you see there are three iron-on badges inside of this box. They’re these dark blue circle like, iron-on emblems and inside of each of these blue fabric circles, there is, there are 12 more circles. All different colors sort of around the outside of each badge. And in the middle is a word that is written in a language that none of you recognize, you cannot read, you cannot make out what the word is, what these badges are for because you can’t seem to read this word in the middle. And tucked in between these three badges is a note that says “For your eyes only.”

Here’s a ficlet! Based on this post ! 

Target Selected: Lance

Lance knows; at least, he thinks he knows. Keith’s been acting weird for weeks now: shady, dodgy, and just generally un-Keith like. And, it helps that Lance maybe found a receipt for a very pricey ring hidden in Keith’s coat pocket a few days ago.

He wants to be excited when he wakes on the day that he’s sure Keith has it planned, but he’s struggling. His head hurts, bad. The pain is borderline numbing; he almost feels as if his head is floating, bobbing around in the ocean while water rushes into his ears and floods his vision.

But, he can’t get away with just a headache can he? No. While his head feels as if it may fly off his body, his limbs feel like massive weights constantly trying to pull his body to the ground, and they ache fiercely. Combine those with full body chills that keep running rampant across his slender frame and the coughing and sneezing he’s struggling as it is to hide from Keith, and Lance can easily say he’s fighting a very shitty bout of the flu.

But, that doesn’t matter because Keith has a big day planned, and he will be damned if he fucks up what could be the single best moment of his life.


From 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening, Lance has been running around town with Keith. They went to the movies, they window shopped, and they ate lunch at Lance’s favorite restaurant, even though he didn’t have an appetite and had to fake it.

Now, the two are strolling hand in hand through a garden just as the sun behind them dips below the horizon. Small lights are wrapped around the trees framing their walkway, and really, Lance thinks, the setting is calm yet beautiful, but he can’t find the energy to enjoy it. His entire focus is centered on putting one foot in front of the other. He’s having to mentally yell at himself to stay awake, and every few minutes, he’s forced to blink away the darkness that threatens to take hold.

Really, he’s quite impressed he’s made it this far. Even with his occasional coughing and sneezing, Keith has yet to pick up on his illness, and Lance isn’t sure if that’s a good thing or not.

But whatever, he thinks. He doesn’t care. All he cares about right now is Keith suddenly ushering him toward a bench placed in front of a large fountain. The second he sits, he breathes out a low sigh of relief that catches in his throat when Keith suddenly drops down to one knee in front of him.

Shit, he thinks. It’s really fucking happening.


Lance watches with wide eyes as Keith slides a small blue box out of his coat pocket. The ring!

“I hated you when I first met you…”

Lance chokes out a laugh in between tears. That, he thinks, is a fucking understatement.

“But you are so fucking persistent. You just kept appearing in my life, over and over until I couldn’t get your eyes from my mind or your laugh from my ears.”

Lance’s heart is swelling within his chest, and if Keith’s outer appearance is anything to go by, he’d say the latter feels the same.

“I would sometimes try to picture myself without you by my side, and it made me physically sick. That’s when I realized that I needed to do this.”

Lance blinks through tears when Keith pops the box lid up, revealing a glistening ring.

“I need you in my life, Lance. Will you marry me?”

Even though he was expecting it, Lance still let’s out a small sob as he nods and absently slides one glove off before holding his hand out.

Keith’s fingers are warm against his cold skin, and the ring slides onto his ring finger with ease. It’s stunning, but not as stunning as the man in front of him.

Lance’s eyes flutter closed when Keith leans forward to kiss him. Their lips meet, and Lance’s entire body goes warm from the gentle touch that serves as a comforting reminder of everything he’s ever wanted and everything he now has.

When they break the kiss, neither wants to lose the heat of the moment, so Keith drops his forehead against Lance’s, only to suddenly jerk away with a sharp frown moments later.

Lance’s brows furrow. “Keith, what-”

“You’ve got a fever.”

Shit. Fuck. Shit. “What?” Lance tries, voice tipping upward to mock an easy tone. “Because you just proposed to me.” He tries, but Keith only shakes his head and takes a step back, staring him down with narrow eyes.

“No. You’re so pale, and you look exhausted. You’re sick.”

Lance can’t pin Keith’s emotions. The latter’s tone is borderline accusing, but his face is surprised yet pinched with worry.

“I’m sorry,” Lance admits, unsure of what else to say while he mentally kicks himself for ruining the moment with his poor immune system.

He watches as Keith only shakes his head, and next thing he knows, he’s being gently pulled up from the bench then guided through the rest of the garden with a steady arm around his waist.

Everything is moving too fast, yet the silence between the two lingers, leaving Lance on edge. He suddenly grinds his feet to a halt, and clears his throat.

“Keith. I’m sorry,” he starts, voice shaking hard. “I didn’t… I wanted-” Whatever words to follow are cut off by Keith pressing a feather light kiss to his burning forehead.

“It’s okay. Just… I want to get you home. Your fever is worrying, and I hate seeing you sick.”

Lance nods, eyes brimming with tears as the two start walking once more. He drops his pounding, fuzzy head against Keith’s shoulder, illness catching up to him like a tidal wave.

“I love you,” he mutters.

“Love you too, idiot.”


I finally get the chance to watch this anime and let me tell you all, I was very satisfied on how they deliver it. Just for your information, I read the manga last year and when I found out that it’s going to have it’s own anime, I was so happy! I know there are some of you that are angry about the deleted ‘steamy scenes’, the editing and how we only saw like one or two kiss shared between Kousuke and Masahiro.

But guys, hear me out; why I think that the anime deliver it so well because it was relatable and it also showed the problems in a teacher-student relationship. Masahiro’s dilemma in trying to keep their relationship from tearing apart but he couldn’t help himself from drowning into his thoughts; asking the why’s, the ifs and would it really work out in the end? The way it was arranged, scene after scene made the audience felt his pain, his train of thoughts. It was believable. Kousuke, on the other hand; tried to be the strong one. If he wavers, then the other party will crumble. He wants to protect his person, telling himself that it will be okay but what he didn’t realized is that he will only hurt himself more. Especially when his job is on the line and it doesn’t help that the age gap is big between them. If they were to be find out, will he still hold on? They balance each other but what they lack right now is proper communication; Masahiro is scared of himself in facing his problems, Kousuke isn’t sure how to deal with his.When it comes in giving advice and push a person in the right direction, he could do it but when it comes from his own, he rather not to be caught up in it.    Why can’t we love in peace? Because having a relationship with your teacher is forbidden and society wouldn’t let you out from it. People will talk. Will stare. Will do anything to point how disgusting and not pure that relationship is. And it shows in Masahiro’s anxiety; his thoughts.

What I really love about their love is how consenting it was. There’s no forcing when that is an occurring thing in the yaoi world (and sometimes the M/F ones) and it was refreshing. The anime made their love pure. One is not overpowering the other and the other was shown to take the first move once in a while. Kousuke is not rushing their relationship. In fact, he was shown to be respecting Masahiro’s space and wishes. He isn’t pushing him either. Until Masahiro is comfortable, he will wait for him. Let me tell you, that’s rare. (in the manga, the love hotel suppose to have the sex scene but the anime shows that they are just snuggling and that’s okay!)

So for those who haven’t watch it or isn’t sure, I promise you it’s good. There might have some bad bumps in it but the good ones are worth it to watch.

P.S If anyone wanted to add more on this post, do it! ^^         

“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 5

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4



You felt like it was back when Harry was touring for months and you could hardly talk to him, let alone know where he was. But this time around, you were running a business and you knew that while you were slaving over paperwork and getting paper cuts and paint on more of your clothes, Harry was probably just sitting around writing or swimming in the ocean or drinking and that made you a little mad and jealous but also made you focus more.

Savie was over the fucking moon, of course, because she and Beau were together and he was visiting her for a little while and sticking around as he worked on his next exhibit.

“Artists really can live anywhere as long as they have space to work,” Savie told you as you flipped through some design books. Your office had never been more messy and stocked in your life as you surrounded yourself with work and threw yourself into it to fill the void in Harry’s absence. 

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Just for a Moment

(warning: suicide + depressing)

“Let me show you this one,” Mom said as she rolled up her sleeve with a devious smirk on her face. There was a crudely tattooed crab. “I’m a cancer. When I was little, the laundromat we went to had a fortune telling machine, you put the quarter in where your birthday fell. I didn’t know what gemini was or aries, nothin’ like that but I figured they had to be types of death, because CANCER is a death!” She started to laugh so hard she got caught up coughing on her cigarette smoke.

When she recovered from her coughing fit, she gave me a wink. “I’ll show you one of my other favs. See this?”

I nodded. “It’s a bird in a cage. Why is it locked up?”

“Well, I reckon I feel like my entire life people have tried to keep me locked up, kept me from being free. People just don’t really understand me. They get court orders to make me take meds or… or force me to get treatment, or like when they’ve taken you away from me. Fuck them, right?”

“Right. But Mom… have you?”

“Have I what?” She exhaled the last bit of smoke into the air of our tiny shack.

“Been taking your meds?”

“Hunny, don’t you worry your head ‘bout that.”

I could hear a car pull into the driveway. Maybe two.

“But this one is my absolute favorite.” She smiled at me as she pointed to her forearm.

“The one that has my name on it?”

“Yes, sweet baby. It is.”

Then there was banging on the door.

Mom began to tear up as she pulled out a box cutter.

More banging. “Open up, we know you have her in there!”

“You don’t want to leave me do you? You don’t want to go back to the foster home, do you? Leave me behind to be so lonely?”

I shook my head no.

“Child services is here with law enforcement, OPEN UP!”

She began to whisper. “Want me to give you your own type of tattoo, baby? And I’ll give myself a matching one.” Tears rolled down her cheeks.

“What will it be?”

“A straight line.”

“What does it mean?”

“That we have a linear connection to be together forever. It means no one will take you away from me ever again.”

“Where will you put it?”

“Right here.” She took her index finger and drew an imaginary line down my elbow to my wrist.

“Will it hurt?”

“Just for a moment.”


Title: Memories

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5,500

Warning: This is angsty, fluffy, soul touching and heart breaking all at once

A/N: Okay guys, this is my first ever soulmate piece and I worked really REALLY hard on this. It took a very long time to outline and smooth out so that it all flows right. PLEASE send feedback!! Major shout out to @mysteriouslyme81 for giving me the inspiration for this many months ago and helping me find the perfect song for the final part. 

The Beginning

Every single one of us would go to extremes for the one we love.

When the Alzheimer’s treatments stopped working and you couldn’t remember the simplest of things, Dean got desperate.

Shuffling his way into the familiar witch’s work room Dean grabbed a pen and paper and listened carefully.

“Only give her this on the worst of days”

“Remind her of a happy time, you will both be transported to that time, and upon return the memory will remain”

“This magic must be used carefully, only the strongest of loves will power it”

“I will give you enough for 7 memories to be restored to start”

“Remember though, giving her everything may cost you everything”

Dean Winchester never let warnings stop him. Eighty-five years old and watching the only true love of his life slip away he sure as hell wasn’t going to start listening to them now.

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Sherlock x Reader: Crying

Originally posted by benedictc


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All you had to do was pick up the tissues and get into your room without being noticed by Sherlock, who was at the kitchen table looking into his microscope. Luckily, Mrs Hudson and John were not in so you didn’t have to talk to them. You loved the pair of them dearly however now wasn’t the best time to speak to them. Today was an off day to you. You woke up not in the best of spirits. Nothing had triggered your bad mood, it was just one of those days. Work had been a bummer too. You had been given a lot of paperwork by your boss and your co-workers had not been pleasant to you. You had left your oyster card at home so you couldn’t catch the bus or tube. You had to walk back to the flat. Normally, you wouldn’t mind a walk but it was raining hard. You just broke down when you got to the door of the flat but had wiped away your tears as you climbed the stairs into the living room of 221B. Sherlock was engrossed in his work so you thought that he would not notice you because he normally does not when he is working. Oh how wrong you were.


“Y/N,” Sherlock said. “I’ve found out what poison…” He trailed off when he saw tears in your eyes as you picked up the box of tissues from the coffee table. “You’ve had a bad day. You tried to sneak in without me noticing your arrival. You had been gloomy this morning so your bad mood had starting this morning. Also, you were happy yesterday evening so nothing big had triggered this. Your mood has worsened throughout the day.” You cried after your boyfriend had finished his deduction. You were tired, drenched by the rain, and you just were not feeling up to anything. Sherlock cocked his head slightly. He had seen you cry before however it was not as bad as this. You were normally bright and happy whereas today you had just completely broke down in front of him. He could tell you felt weak and that you did not want to cry in front of him but you did. Sherlock himself felt a bit disappointed that you were scared to weep in front of him because he was your boyfriend. However he knew that he wasn’t the best person when it came to comforting crying women. He stood up and walked over to you. He wrapped his arms around you and you cried into his shoulder.


You found yourself lying in Sherlock’s arms on the sofa while he absentmindedly played with your hair. You were both drifting off to sleep when John walked through the door.

“Oh sorry!” He exclaimed. “I’ve woken you up! Um… tea?”

“Please,” You replied smiling. Sherlock had fallen asleep. Your mood had definitely lifted though.

BTS Reactions - You cry over nostalgia

You feel yourself tearing up over the box your mum sent you in the post - she’d cleared out a load of things and she sent you everything of yours from when you were a baby to see if you wanted nay of it. So that’s why your boyfriend finds you on the living room floor crying over pictures and small baby clothes at 8 in the morning on a Saturday.

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