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Reasons to love Ishida

33. Things you said in the back of the theater

The lights came up, and as the few other moviegoers filed out past them, Scully chanced a look to her left.  Mulder sat rigidly in his chair, a tub of popcorn sitting on his lap where it had been all but forgotten barely ten minutes into the movie.  Scully had hoped, upon noticing that Mulder was no longer fighting her for the popcorn, that it had been because he was too enraptured by what was transpiring on the screen, but the expression of abject horror on his face said otherwise.

For the past three months, Mulder’s desk had sported a homemade page-a-day calendar, each page featuring a different Star Wars quote and its corresponding character.  The calendar had been a gift from the Gunmen, with whom Mulder had planned on seeing “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” as soon as it opened tonight.  For weeks, Mulder had been gleefully tearing pages off of the calendar, counting down the days, making predictions, and, when Scully failed to catch his enthusiasm (and shot down Frohike’s invitation to join them, sit by him, and share an extra-large popcorn), he’d begun taping each day’s offering to her computer before she arrived in the morning.  For that reason alone, Scully had been looking forward to the movie’s premiere.  Mulder had been particularly incorrigible regarding any page featuring Princess Leia in her infamous gold bikini.

Then, three days ago, a last-minute case in Nebraska had floated across their desks, and even though there was an outside chance it could mean forfeiting his movie ticket if the case ran long, Mulder had had them on a plane almost immediately.  Initially it seemed like they’d be back in DC by Friday afternoon, no problem, and Mulder had been so overexcited on Thursday night that Scully had had a more difficult time than usual kicking him out of her hotel room so she could sleep.  

But then, early Friday morning, disaster had struck: the case had taken a sudden and unexpected turn, and by the time all was resolved, their 2:00 PM flight had come and gone.  Mulder had gone back to his motel room to pack looking so dejected that Scully had taken pity on him and, after some research, had knocked on his door with the news that the small town’s single-screen theater was showing “Phantom Menace” at 8:00.  Would Mulder like to take her to the movies?

The sheer delight in his answering smile was what had sustained her over the past two interminable hours… that, and the score had been pretty good, she had to admit.  Beyond that the film had not, in her opinion, had any other redeeming qualities.  

Next to her, Mulder finally dragged his eyes away from the screen to look at Scully, looking so completely brokenhearted that she nearly leaned over the armrest to hug him.  “Mulder…” she said bracingly.

“Scully… what was that?” Mulder burst out, nearly knocking over the popcorn as his arm flailed out to point at the screen, where the closing credits continued to roll.  

“Mulder, I’m sorry… I know you must be disappointed.”

Disappointed?” Mulder said.  “Midochlorians? That annoying little kid?  Jar Jar fucking BINKS?!”  He shook his head in disgust.  “Scully, ‘disappointed’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.”  Gently, she took his arm.

“Come on, let’s go,” she said, and he stood, following her out of the theater, grumbling all the way through the lobby, divesting himself of his mostly-uneaten popcorn at the front doors.  They exited into the warm May air, and Mulder reached into his pocket to turn his cell phone back on.

“The guys’ll be calling me any minute now, I guarantee it,” he said.  “Wouldn’t be shocked if they’re already making their way to Hollywood.  If we turn on the news tomorrow and hear George Lucas was involved in a mysterious accident in his home, we’ll know who to blame.”

“Something tells me you and the Gunmen aren’t the only severely disappointed fans out there, Mulder,” said Scully.  They walked down the town’s main street, past small businesses shuttered for the night, back towards their motel a few blocks away.

“Fans have been looking forward to tonight for years,” Mulder groused.  “Parents have been passing the original films on to their children, cherishing the idea of their kids having the same experience they did when they first sat in a theater to watch ‘The Empire Strikes back’… and instead… they get this.”

“All this build-up,” Scully mused.  “I know you never dreamed the movie would be this bad… but… in all honesty, could it ever have lived up to the hype?  Could anything ever live up to your expectations after waiting for it for that long?”  Mulder stopped, looking down at her with a little half smile that set her heart racing.  

“I’m sure some things could,” he said, holding her gaze, making her blush.  As she scrambled for something, anything, to say, Mulder’s attention was suddenly caught by something in the window behind her.  He jerked his chin towards it, and she turned to look.  In the bar they were passing, every television was tuned to “The Empire Strikes Back.”  She turned back to him, grinning, and took his arm.

“Come on, Partner,” she said, steering him into the bar.  “I’ll buy you a drink to drown your sorrows, and we can remind ourselves what a real Star Wars movie looks like.”

On Monday morning, when Scully arrived in the office, Mulder’s calendar, with its last few pages neglected while they’d been out of town, was gone from his desk.  Mulder was kicked back in his chair, munching sunflower seeds and flipping through his notes on the Nebraska case.  Scully set down her briefcase and saw, much to her annoyance, that one last calendar page was taped to her computer.

“Mulder,” she sighed, “aren’t we done with this now?”

“Last one, Scully, I promise,” he said… and was he blushing?  Scully reached out to tear the final calendar page from her computer… and caught her breath.  The scene on the little square of paper was from the end of “The Empire Strikes Back,” Princess Leia bidding a tearful farewell to Han Solo before he was frozen in carbonite.  The famous dialogue exchange was printed along the top.

“I love you.”
“I know.”

Ishida-sensei's replies to fans - part 2

Ishida-sensei is sweet, hard-working, and smart.

Fan: I made Kaneki-kun’s mask ^^ But I don’t know whether I made it correctly… I hope to see lots of him in future chapters! w

Ishida: Good job!

(This was actually Yokota Mamoru, from the anime team, responding to the 2016 Calendar previews)

Yokota: A tear-off calendar! You must have drawn a lot.

Ishida: I’m far from finished, and recently I’ve been in a daze… !

(These types of riddles are pretty much impossible to translate without explanation as they rely heavily on Japanese synonyms.)

Fan: Hello Sui-sensei! I’ve thought up of a riddle. What do you think? [Paper] What do Arima and twinned eggs have in common? Why, they are both “kishou.” (貴将 = (Arima’s given name) Kishou, 希少 = rare)

Ishida: What do Arima Kishou and a toupee-wearer have in common? They both avoid “tokutou kaigi.” (特等懐疑 = skepticism on Arima’s rank as Special Class, 禿頭懐疑 = suspicions of baldness)

Well crafted, sensei, well crafted. Appare.

Bonus: the same person replied with another riddle. What do Nishio Nishiki and mayonnaise have in common? Why, “kimi” is important to them both. (貴未 = Nishino Kimi, 黄身 = egg yolk)

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headcanon that Peter is the marauders go to guy when they're feeling down & they need cheering up bc he's basically a walking catalogue of really bad jokes but they always make his friends laugh & he's just like 'it's the way you tell 'em' & then everyone is happy

Oh gosh, Peter is pretty much the human equivalent of those jokes you find on the back of the tear-off calendar and he can just deadpan tell them without as much as a twitch of a lip.

Here’s the plan to help get Forever a Season 2. It doesn’t take much time or energy and only costs as many postage stamps as you want to buy.

Please send calendars to ABC with “Renew Forever” written on them. They can be any size, any year, any month. You can tear off months of old calendars.

One calendar per envelope please. We are going for volume.

Roswell has success getting their show renewed by sending Fox bottles of Tabasco sauce. Friday Night Lights sent lightbulbs and eye drops (clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose?). Forever is all about time. We are sending calendars.

If you have a twelve month calendar and want to tear the pages off and send twelve separate envelopes that’s amazing. If you want to send one calendar that is amazing. WHATEVER you can do helps. The point is to show the network we want to see more.

Please mail your calendars with “Renew Forever” written on them (in big bold letters) to the following address:

ABC Entertainment
C/O Forever
500 S. Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

And please spread the word. Tweet about it. You can tweet the link to this post if you like. Reblog this. Make your own post. Tell your family and friends who love the show. EVERY SINGLE CALENDAR that ends up in their mail room helps us.

The network has taken notice. Let’s turn some more heads.