every single scene of keith and lance being unnecessarily next to each other episode 6

(episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

this is a good fucking episode for klance…….Good Content…….. lots of bi flag coloured backgrounds……the good shit

I CRY EVERY DAY BC OF THIS SCENE keith is so pouty and relatable, look at him, i cant fucking get over this, he’s sulking

everyone is by lance here so its not super klancy but ask me if i give a motherfuck

ok i knOW this has been talked about 26456 times but im beside myself keith is the last one to leave lance’s pod i’m a mess i’m #moved

theyre not next to each other but look how cute keith looks :’)




The Klance Moment™ (theyre not next to each other but i cant not put this scene)

this doesnt even count but im really just reaching im an emotional mess leave me be

this is so funny bc literally when they exited the ship they were as far away from each other as possible but they end up beside each other anyway

dos this count

keith isnt even here but lance is like no ma’am he will not he hasn’t even given me a ride smh 

lance is shook

no offence but the bi flag colours in background on lance’s side is the reason i am alive and here today

i cant believe keith is flirting w lance and everyone can hear

ok so they arent in this shot however i  would enjoy to talk about the fact that lance is talking to keith and there is a rainbow there after the convenient bi flag colours in the background in the previous scene

like i know this has been pointed out 1,000,000 times but i cry every day.

that’s it for ep 6 thx for scrolling stay tuned for more


“it’s $20 for a photo right?”
“i only have $19 is that ok–”
“oh, stop! keep the money, sweetheart!!! we were all college students once, give her your phone.”

“hey, nice case” (i have a hamilton case im crying)
“i saw you when you were in In The Heights!!”
“oh my god what were you??? like 5???”


I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.


💙 ✨ 🍎 Holster and his amazing Technicolor toothbrush icons 🍎 ✨ 💙

Who knew Holster was a toothbrush model OMG!! 

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Credit to Ngozi for webcomic 


Side: Despair #01 // Side: Future #10
“When did… we go wrong?”