So, like, I really never thought to actually look at Pearl’s teapot in “Serious Steven” but there was a gifset on my dash earlier today and I realized that there’s a rose design on the teapot. Like, an abstract-ish design but to me they definitely look like they’re meant to be roses

and now I feel extremely silly for never having noticed it before


Cuz I just loved these absolutely ridiculous moments featuring Guillermo Diaz & Tony Goldwyn from Jimmy Kimmel’s Scandal Dream [x]


Okay guys maybe I’m going too deep here, but:

In ASiB, after John has stopped dating women and dedicated his life to Sherlock, the two teapots are facing the same way, in sync. In TSoT, when John marries a woman, the tall skinny teapot is facing the same way, but the short squat teapot is facing the other direction. As in: the short squat teapot can “face both ways.” And one way goes with the tall skinny teapot and one way goes against the tall skinny teapot.