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Just for clarification, since cognitive functions appear at different stages of life for development, it is common to experience loops or grips until one learns to manage their cognitive function appropriately, right? I'm in my early 20's and I feel like I was experiencing an Fi-Si loop in the beginning of this year, but I slowly feel like i'm slowly gaining a practical perspective from Si and resetting my Ne creativity and brainstorm. Am I learning to manage my Si or getting out of my loop? (or

[con’t: is it basically both?)]

Getting out of a loop requires realigning the aux/tert functions. Functions work in pairs so, even though we talk about developing a particular function just to keep things simple, working on one function automatically influences the opposing function as well. The path is different for everyone because each person grows up under different circumstances and environmental conditions. For example, if your environment is very conducive to type development, you will quickly integrate the auxiliary function and be relatively well-adjusted but, if it isn’t, you will be more prone to loops/grips throughout the teenage years. Teenage brains are still developing and suffering hormonal fluctuations, so it’s natural for those years to be tumultuous in terms of displaying somewhat poor judgment. Early twenties is a good time for most people to begin establishing proper aux/tert balance simply because everything is more settled neurologically, producing psychological stability and the confidence that comes with it, assuming people can get over whatever negative things happened earlier in life. A lot of people are graduating college at that time or getting used to the notion of being an adult, so it’s a good time to turn a new page and open up new cognitive vistas. Type development is an ongoing lifelong thing, and the lower the function, the longer it takes to learn how to use it appropriately and even longer if you are determined to maximize its full potential.


I’m running an Introductory Animation Workshop with creative arts students this Saturday (August 20, 2016) for The School of Creative Arts Open Day at Melbourne Polytechnics Prahran Campus.
I’ve rotoscoped and broken down some of the greatest dance gifs to their basic poses and we’re going to collaboratively design characters then MAKE THEM DANCE!!

Come down, check out the campus and say HI!

I can’t wait to see the weird animated goofs that result from this workshop, I’ll post them in a couple of days so we can all be in awe of their hilarious spontaneity!