teapot house

Herbal ginger tea with lemon is my drink of the day to help soothe my poor throat and chest. I’m admiring my beautiful new print by Charlotte’s Woodland that I won in her recent instagram giveaway. All it needs is a frame :)


at some point, it’d be super cool if the fandom did a whole “hi i’m a giant/tiny/shifter and welcome to my crib” type event. like basically drawing or writing about what your house would look like and where you’d live as a giant or tiny or shifter!

i’ve seen some super cool ideas for houses, like birdhouses, hollowed out trees, mountain caves, on a datemate

and peoples’ houses show so much about them, especially the interiors and decorations and all

it’d be super cool to see what everyone’s g/t house would look like, or even the houses of their ocs!

Witch House
  • Glass teapot with floral scented tea, with three glass teacups
  • Mismatched floral teacups, some half full of tea
  • Rain spattered windowpanes
  • Candles placed haphazardly around a cluttered space
  • Bird skulls neatly arranged by size on a dark wooden shelf
  • Immense books with well-thumbed pages with cracked leather covers and several silk bookmarks filling a bookshelf
  • Small green shoots sprouting from glass jars and bottles, budding
  • The scent of herbs drying as the hang from the ceiling
  • Tiny bottles and flasks labeled absinthe in elaborate but unsteady handwriting
  • Minutely detailed renderings of human anatomy plastered to one wall
  • Dusty and faded lace curtains tied back with a length of ribbon
  • A closet that presents outfits depending on your mood
  • The scent of wood smoke and wax
  • Books laying half open and scattered across the room
  • A worn oval rug that retains its bright colors
  • Crystals clustered on a desk, some rough, some polished

    Note: This is not meant to be dismissive of pagan culture or modern magic practitioners! Please feel free to let me know if there’s a way I can be more respectful!