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New Job

Chapter 3
“Not Too Insane For You“


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Summary: Sam’s big interview at the Mandrel Institute for Behavioral Health and Wellness is today and it goes down in an…interesting way.

A/N: The next two chapters are gonna be more insight to how Sam and Reader got to where they will eventually end up. Thanks for all the love and support everyone has sent me these last few days! I love y’all <3

Sam swore his heart rate was at least 200. He could hear the pumping of blood in his ears as his heartbeat refused to slow down. He also noticed he was starting to sweat a little bit. Why am I so damn nervous? He didn’t remember being this much of an internal wreck when he did his final interviews before graduation. He willed himself to take deep breaths to try and calm his pounding heart. He had to at least appear like he was collectively cool before meeting with these people. He needed this job.

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Mingyu’s love letter - drip coffee!

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Ruth | 18 | femme looking for femme| INFP | Northeast Indiana

going to be majoring in animation at Ball State in the fall, video games are my life (especially the late 90’s and 2000’s eras), my favorite music genre is witchhouse (Grimes, Crystal Castles, Salem, IC3PEAK) but I like trying different kinds of music, I still love Barbie/ Bratz movies, I love the Manhunt games, I love analyzing stories for symbolism, I hate small talk, I’m into atheistic paganism (witchy stuff but centered around energy rather than deities). I love anything cirque/harlequin. I cosplay and make digital art. I like the vaporwave aesthetic more than I probably should, I listen to too much ASMR, and I have a small collection of teapots.

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Les Amis + coffee

this is in honor of my url bc honestly i love to think about this

  • Everyone thinks Enjolras drinks straight up black coffee because how else does the guy manage to stay awake all the time, but he has the most ridiculously complicated Starbucks order of all time. It’s like 3 sentences long and he says it like he’s giving a speech or something, down to the type of milk they should use. He’s picky as hell and just wants his sweet and complex caffeinated desert in a cup u feel
  • Grantaire, on the other hand, drinks straight up black coffee. But it’s good coffee. When he can afford it. 
  • Courfeyrac is almost as bad as Enjolras with the complexity, but he always wants to try something new. On bad days, though, he has his favorite for comfort, and it’s simple enough: hazelnut.
  • Combeferre likes a little flavor in his, like caramal or mochas, but he’s not into flavoring coffee the way those two are.
  • Feuilly’s not really one for sweet drinks, but he can’t stand it black so he adds a dash of milk. Bonus: he likes watching the swirls.
  • Joly like his with enough sugar to poison a small child. When people ask him how he can drink that, especially being as into health as he is, he points out that sugar comes from a plant so how bad can it be, no combeferre i am not interested in logic right now.
  • Bossuet only drinks iced coffee since he’s burned his tongue one too many times. He likes pretty much any flavor. He’s not picky.
  • Musichetta drinks it black. She is into coffee and likes its natural taste. 
  • Bahorel is mocha guy. He’ll take it hot or iced and his choice for that day will in no way correspond with the weather. He’ll have a steaming cup of chocolatey-coffee goodness in the middle of August, because I just needed a pick-me-up leave me alone
  • Marius always wants to try some of the cool, complicated kinds, but gets too nervous to order them because he doesn’t actually know what half these words mean and why they’re important. He lives for pumpkin spice, though.
  • Eponine drinks her coffee black too, because she wants to intimidate people by appearing strong. She’s not bothered by the bitterness and also loves the caffeine kick.
  • Cosette and Jehan are unsurprisingly tea people. They swap sample bags and go out to try new types all the time. Jehan loves fruity teas and also knows exactly how long and at what temperature each tea needs to brew for; Cosette likes herbal ones more and has the nicest collection of teapots.

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I don't know if you're still taking buckynat prompts but what about Nat finding some old cap comics and teasing the hell out of Bucky for them? :D

When he reflects on it, Bucky really isn’t surprised that Peggy Carter chose the most inconvenient time possible to call it quits and check in permanently with the Good Lord. 

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