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Have you ever used Dr. Bronner pure castile soap? I just heard about it and am a bit confused on what exactly it is (just a body wash?) and I know it is all organic and such, will it still be effective? Can it be used as a face wash? (in that case, would the tea tree oil be best?) What is the difference between the liquid and bar soap? Haha, sorry for all the questions, I didn't want to be too vague.

Oooh, I love Castile soaps!!!!  And no- they’re not just body wash… they can be used for a million different things!  You can get them in solid bar soaps or in liquid versions at any health food store.  They’re not just an organic soap - the natural ingredients are designed to be effective for treating any skin condition (acne to eczema).  They are created from natural plant oils and extracts (olive oil, jojoba oil), so not only are they great cleansers, but they are also quite moisturizing.

They’re gentle enough to use on a baby’s skin; you can use them as bubble bath, shampoo.. even pet wash or laundry soap!  

Liquid soap is more universal because you can easily add it to water to dilute it and put it to many uses, as I listed above.  Solid bar soap would be best if you were intending to use Castile soap simply as a cleanser or body wash.  :)

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would the garnier ultra lift eye cream be comparable to clinique all about eyes, or is it better to splurge in this case.

If you have sensitive skin, go for the Clinique option.  But I’ve used both and personally got the same results.  However whereas the Garnier Ultralift eye cream is more anti-aging, All About Eyes is more geared towards anti-darkness.  :)

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After I wash my face (cetaphil) or get out of the shower my face is really really shiny and it makes it look like it is all greasy but in reality it is just "squeaky clean". Is there a certain cleanser I can use to avoid that or any special moisturizer that won't make me look greasy. I was looking at the clean&clear mattifying one but wasn't sure how well it worked. Throughout the day my skin does become greasy and oily because I am acne prone.

Actually, what you need isn’t a different cleanser, it’s a moisturizer.  That shininess to your skin after you wash means it’s in need of some hydration.  I don’t know if you regularly use a moisturizer, but from the sounds of it you don’t - and I highly recommend that you do.  You are on the right track with the Clean & Clear Mattifying line - I would just choose the moisturizer instead :)  The cleanser will definitely give you the same result that your Cetaphil cleanser is already doing.  Plus the C&C is oil free, and won’t make you break out.  I definitely recommend it.