Honoured to have been given the opportunity to witness graffiti enthusiast @izmeqfenner work on this beautiful piece over the last few days. Solid outcome. // Live, Love and Appreciate. #TEAP


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Today I shall start on a magical journey to self love and a tiny Tea. I’ve already started losing weight due to the fact that there is very little food in my house and I’m too lazy to go out and eat. I’ve started running again, I’d like to run about 3-4 times a week, for about 20-60 minutes. Last sunday I was at 177lbs and today I’m at 173lbs. The dramatic decrease may be because of the amount of water I’ve been drinking. All there is to drink is water, which is quite different compared to the non-stop pop I was drinking before I moved away from home. It’s a good and healthy step in the right direction. Hopefully today I’ll be able to squeeze a run in. :D




Nationwide League final matches draw tension

*We need close scrutiny of Bauchi pairing – Learning FC By Mansur Abdullahi Nigeria’s largest football league, a pride and market of sponsors who know the size and depth of market, the nationwide league division one will come to an end next week 10th July, but before then some clubs already know their fate in terms of promotion to the Nigeria National league in 2016.

i wouldn;t be missed half as much as teaps is.

still, there’s motivation in knowing that i need to stick around to defend myself. if i leave now then most of my family will remember me as a girl and it will be easier for them to ignore the fact that i’m a mistake. they can pretend it never happened…

Malomo-Paris heads to Europe for FIFA refresher course

Malomo-Paris heads to Europe for FIFA refresher course

Francis Murphy and Michael Ferguson train under first team fitness coach Donald Malomo-Paris…seeking for more knowledge

By Olaoluwa Aro

Former coach of Mighty Jets FC of Jos, Teap FC of Abuja, Mr. Donald Malomo-Paris, has decided to take his game to next level by participating in this year’s Fifa re-validated programmes in the UK.

Malomo also spoke on the importance of this year’s Fifa programme…

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