Honoured to have been given the opportunity to witness graffiti enthusiast @izmeqfenner work on this beautiful piece over the last few days. Solid outcome. // Live, Love and Appreciate. #TEAP


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Today I shall start on a magical journey to self love and a tiny Tea. I’ve already started losing weight due to the fact that there is very little food in my house and I’m too lazy to go out and eat. I’ve started running again, I’d like to run about 3-4 times a week, for about 20-60 minutes. Last sunday I was at 177lbs and today I’m at 173lbs. The dramatic decrease may be because of the amount of water I’ve been drinking. All there is to drink is water, which is quite different compared to the non-stop pop I was drinking before I moved away from home. It’s a good and healthy step in the right direction. Hopefully today I’ll be able to squeeze a run in. :D




Part 2

Pacster’s new friend, Kajli. She ants to teap up with Pacman. Kajli wants to kill all the ghost at the Pacworlders. Midnight, Leslie P.’s RC9GN ocs, she wants to help Kajli when she is in danger. “Kajli? What are you doing?” Midnight said. “Oh, Midnight, I want to help Celestyna when she is become a Pacworlders because of repository from the President,” Kajli said. “Yeah, how can this happen to Celesty…” Pac said with worries. “Yeah, we gonna save Tina from danger… because her father, Lord Betrayus, he is so furious than before and evil,” Cylindria said with worries to Kajli. When Midnight try to help them, Lord B wants her daughter back. “Celestyna!” Lord B said with shout voices. “LORD BETRAYUS?!” Celestyna said with worries. “Tina?! Why you become a pacworlders?! Because of REPOSITORY?! Grrrrrrr… that the President wants to trick me through…” Lord B said with the angry expression.

Midnight by Leslie P.

Kajli by DarknessDonnie(Linnea)

Celestyna by Me( iqmapacster)