“It looks like you’re using George Washington to further your anti-tax agenda, so I feel obligated to let you know that you left out a pretty significant part of the quote. Lookie here:

"Toward the payment of debts, there must be revenue, and to have revenue, there must be taxes. And no taxes can be devised which are not more or less inconvenient and unpleasant.”

It takes on a whole other meaning now that you have the full quote, doesn’t it? It would seem that Mr. Washington was PRO taxes. He *knew* that a government must have money to pay its debts, and that taxes are pretty much the only way to do this, even though paying them are no fun for the ordinary citizen.

Intelligent people know that in order for a society to function well, taxes must be paid towards the greater good, such as police officers, firefighters, roads, bridges etc. Something you conveniently ignore.

Have an ignorant day.

P.S. YOUR think tank invented Obamacare.“

Oh snap! As usual, Teapublicans only pick the parts that are most convenient to them.