Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.

Japanese Proverbs

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs

Henry Ford

Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

- Andrew Carnegie

1 hour, 45 minutes

That’s how long my phone conversation with Relative T was last night - the out of town one who is behaving like an adult. The only one who is behaving like an adult really.

And that includes me, who broke down crying yesterday during a foster parent/CW leadership meeting about teamwork.

(Sample quote from my squall: “foster training is a bait and switch - they tell us we’re team mates and partners and instead we are totally in the dark on the case plan, the progress, everything!” I got lots of pitiful looks from all the grannies who’ve done fostering for 20+ years. And not like, the pitiful look without a tinge a judgment either.)

My white tears got some supervisor to talk to some other supervisors and schedule a meeting that apparently should’ve happened at the beginning of the placement.

I called Relative T to give her a heads up about the meeting and we commiserated for a bit.

Then it did the thing where she’s just belting out her life story and I’m carefully supportive, but like … I can’t be trying to steer her to insight or anything like that.

The major thing I did was suck it up and ask point blank whether she wanted us to adopt him or her to adopt him if reunification failed and it was up to her. She said she wants to, and then went on to say that she wants us in his life, at whatever level we’re comfortable with, forever.

My main fear - that the longer he’s in what might be a transitional foster home with us, the more traumatic the kinship placement will be - is very much calmed by her intent on that. Like, I kind of thought she had that attitude, but the words made all the difference.

We’re all fucked if Relative L, he of the W-E-I-R-D visit, gets placement. That dude isn’t going to expand his world to accommodate other relatives, much less former foster parents.

Right. Now, let’s have a day.

We love status. We want pins and medallions on our jackets. We want power and prestige in our titles. We want to be acknowledge, recognized, and praised. It’s too bad all of those make for hollow leaders. Great teams require great teammates. Nowhere is that more true that at the top. No leader ever became worse by thinking about their teammates more.
—  James Clear
i feel like i am swimming my way to salvation, and you’re making waves in my path.
—  Jasminehasbeen

Military combat positions are now open to women and as a Senior Drill Instructor, Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Britni Garcia Green has the unique opportunity to develop, mentor and mold the next generation of female Marines. Her passion for mentorship has helped her create strong and important relationships that have had a lasting impact on her life.

genuinely so proud and happy for BTS and their well-deserved award for album of the year. they truly embody their quote “teamwork makes the dream work”. they worked so hard to get to this point. it took 3 years of teamwork and effort to achieve this amazing goal and not once did they waver in their determination, forget their humble beginnings or fail to thank their fans for their achievements 

congrats BTS! you deserve this and so much more