So, I know I promised Hazel next, but instead I’m posting an edited version of one of my drawings from Lia’s 100 days of Teen Wolf. Which I will get back to. Eventually. But why am I doing this? Because last night I was contacted by one of the mods from TeamWolfWithLove. They want to use this piece in their book to the cast, because they didn’t get any submissions for Ms Morrell and want to have something specifically for her actress.

(they want to give my art to the cast of Teen Wolf, basically. And I mean, it’ll be in a book with a bunch of other amazing artists work, but guys, they want to give my art to the cast of Teen Wolf. They want to give my art to Bianca Lawson, guys.)

My computer kept crashing last night, so I couldn’t reply then, but I’ll reply back as soon as I get back from the Fish Hatchery(I’m going to go watch the opening of the salmon latter), and one of the things I plan to ask is if they could use the above version instead of this one. Wish me luck, guys!

anonymous asked:

what do you guys think of this teamwolfwithlove[.]tumblr[.]com?

From their statement about the goal of the project, and a few of the asks they’ve answered, it seems like this is a book of fanworks strictly based on canon, so that’s definitely a much better idea and has a lot less potential to be embarrassing than other projects that are about breaking the fourth wall and showing fanon things to the cast. Speaking only for myself (Zani) if I were a showrunner I would be really curious to read meta and analysis about my show, even though I’m not sure if that’s covered under the can’t-read-fanfiction-for-legal-reasons thing or not, but yeah that aspect of it definitely appeals to me. And I think everyone involved with Teen Wolf and MTV has expressed that they appreciate the time and effort the fans put into making fanart. Since nothing in this book is going to be NSFW (or even very shippy, it seems more character-based which is good) and it’s all based on canon, I can’t see there being a negative reaction from the cast and crew at all. They’ll probably just tweet a bunch of stuff like “this is awesome, we love you guys so much” etc.

Personally I am still just a little uncomfortable with it if someone is directly going to hand the book to a cast member at a meet and greet or a convention or something, but that’s probably my own hangups about meeting “famous” people, like…when I’m in that situation I always want to just make small talk and make a genuine human connection where we’re on the same level, versus being like “hey dude nice to meet you, here look at this graphic of your face that I spent 6 hours editing in photoshop.” But I have respect for people who take the time to make art! (If I didn’t it would be pretty hypocritical of me considering how much time I spend making and editing this podcast haha) So if someone is comfortable with showing actors how obsessed with the show they are, more power to them. I’ve definitely written meta that I wish the cast would read, but I would probably still feel a little embarrassed going up and asking them to read it, because it would be like openly admitting how much I think about their show and that automatically puts me on like…a worshipper level in their eyes. And that’s not me saying other people should be embarrassed to be really enthusiastic fans! It’s just how I feel. Maybe I’ll get over it someday and be able to participate in stuff like this.

But more importantly, I think one of the reasons I’m more okay with this project than other ones is that they’ve specifically stated they want to feature all characters equally and will be deciding which submissions to include based on that. Of course, there’s always the potential to play favorites and have the works all be by the same people who are well-known and have a lot of followers (because that’s an ongoing issue in this fandom, a lot of people feel like their contributions are overlooked and wouldn’t even submit to a project like this in the first place because they know they’re not sitting at the cool kids table) but just taking a quick glance at the list of admins I’m seeing some of the BNFs who I follow myself and who I just respect a lot as people because I’ve seen them making an effort to make fandom a more inclusive place, so because there are such good people involved, I’m optimistic about this. Again this is just my personal opinion and you’ll have to ask Cloe what she thinks!