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Official TWRP Support For The Samsung Galaxy S6 Now Available

The twin Galaxy S6 devices have been highly publicized over the last few weeks, including their announcement and unveiling, their pre-order availability, delivery of those pre-orders and finally their general availability launch, which commenced on April 10th. Well, it seems that since then, developers have also been hard at work making sure that anyone who picks up either Galaxy S6 variant will be able to soon modify, flash and alter their device as much as they want.

For instance, it was only yesterday that the news came that the kernel source code for both variants of the Galaxy S6 device had been released. The kernel source code is essential for making sure developers are able to offer their modded offerings for the two devices. Now, to add to the ever-growing custom literature, it now looks as though the Galaxy S6 has received its first and proper TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project) support. With TWRP, owners of the Galaxy S6 will be able to install a custom recovery. As such, this will be the first real step in being able to flash and install various custom ROMs and the likes. A custom recovery is typically the first step in being able to do such modifications, although those interested will probably still have to wait until developers port over the ROMs ad OSes to be compatible with the Galaxy S6.

Either way, the addition of TWRP will at least, be able to offer users a much more effective way to back up their system and data. Which no doubt, would have been a feature missed by those moving from their previous TWRP-enabled device to their newly purchased Galaxy S6. In terms of the Edge, the TWRP listing does not specifically state that the Galaxy S6 installation will work or not. Therefore, if you own the Edge variant, it is up to you whether you give this a try. Although, do keep in mind that there is no guarantee of success (or of issues) if trying on the Edge version. However, if you own the standard Galaxy S6, then this looks to be good-to-go. While on the subject, if you want to know how to root your Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, then you might want to click here. Otherwise, to grab your copy of TWRP, click the source link below.

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